Winning this war – part 3

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Part 3 describes the process for building a freedom army that unites us.

Our unity will never be achieved through a consensus from the leaders of our many freedom groups. It is only through the sheer force of will from the National Council (see step 1 below) and an overwhelming demand for unity from our rank-and-file that we will be able to unite all our freedom groups across Canada.

The question is, how do we start that process, how do we motivate our rank-and-file to push for and to unite us across Canada? The answer is we must build our freedom army. Our unity will only come about under the umbrella of our freedom army. We already have the large numbers in our rank-and-file needed to build and lay the foundation of our freedom army. What is lacking is vision and commitment to do that. So uniting is really about the process of creating the National Council and building our freedom army. Here are the key steps for making that happen:

  1. Select the leaders for our freedom army. Create the National Council.
  2. Make our Canada wide broadcasting network operational.
  3. Create an expectation for unity among our rank and file, all across Canada.
  4. Create a demand for unity from all our rank-and-file, all across Canada.
  5. Define the organizational infrastructure needed to support our freedom army.
  6. Build our freedom army.

Step 1 – Select the leaders for our freedom army

The majority of us need leadership and direction to fight this war of T&T. That leadership and direction will come from our freedom army. But who gives our freedom army its guiding vision, direction and priorities? That is done by the top commanding unit in our freedom army that this proposal names the National Council.

This proposal structures our freedom army by nation, province, region, district and community. There are leaders/councils at each level with the top being the National Council. The councils and the number of members on each council are addressed in step 5.

All businesses, organizations and armies are led/directed by a top group of people. Our freedom army will be no different. Our strength is our large scale numbers and we must give the responsibility of organizing and mobilizing our numbers to capable people. The National Council is a small group of Canadians who are selected on the basis of merit to lead our freedom army.

An initial list of candidates for the National Council has been identified. These candidates have been contacted and asked to sit on the National Council. Their response, to accept or decline, will be posted here on this website.

The ultimate or primary objective of the National Council must be to make very clear who our enemy is, with the goal of defeating and eliminating our enemy. The primary strategy used by the National Council to achieve this objective must be unity with our large scale numbers, in Canada and across the world. This objective and strategy must be the same for every National Council in every country of the world.

Step 2 – Make our Canada wide broadcasting network operational

How do we get that our unity message out to our rank-and-file? We already have a Canada wide broadcasting network at our fingertips. The concept is simple enough. It is about harnessing the collective power of all our websites and social media channels to create an improvised broadcasting network that can broadcast our messaging 24/7. It does not require additional resources on our part. The challenge will be in getting from our freedom leaders the commitment and discipline to make this network operational. Our broadcasting network is critical to the success of this unity project.

We have hundreds of freedom groups in Canada. All have websites and/or social media channels to get their own messaging out. These websites and social media channels are already up and running. What we need is to get them working together so they broadcast the same/identical unity messaging. For example, all websites must create a new web page named UNITY and the unity messaging/contents of that new web page will be identical for all our websites. In addition, all social media channels from these groups will begin broadcasting the same unity messaging. The National Council is responsible for issuing the information/content to be broadcast.

This unity proposal will contact all our freedom groups, hundreds of them, and demand they join our broadcasting network. We are here to win a war. Those freedom groups that are truly committed to winning this war will join and make their websites and social media channels part of our broadcasting network.

Making this broadcasting network operational serves two purposes: 1) to broadcast unity messaging across Canada and 2) to identify who is and who is not our ally. We consider those that join our ally. Those that that do not join are not our ally.

A broadcasting network is different from a communication network. In a communication network, communication is bi-directional, being sent and received. In a broadcasting network, communication is uni-directional, being sent sent but never received. Ideally, this unity proposal would be better served by a communication network. Unfortunately, we don’t have a communication network just yet. However, this proposal can easily make do with a makeshift broadcasting network that harnesses the collective power of all our websites and social media channels.

If you think about it, this makeshift broadcasting network effectively becomes a decentralized network and the only way for our enemy to shut it down is to literally shut down the internet.

Step 3 – Create an expectation for unity

The first step is to create an expectation of unity in our rank-and-file across Canada. The key to doing this is to make our broadcasting network operational and to begin broadcasting 24/7 unity messaging to our rank-and-file. We begin by directly contacting hundreds of our freedom groups in Canada. The Freedom Rising website lists the name of about 450 different websites, the majority of which are Canadian. This will provide us with the initial list of freedom groups that are expected to join our broadcasting network. The end goal is to contact every one of our freedom groups. Each group that joins is expected to help recruit the remaining groups in Canada. During this recruitment phase, the aim of broadcasting unity messaging 24/7 is to get our rank-and-file to start thinking about our unity in everything they do. We want them to think, talk and preach unity!

As more of our freedom groups join our broadcasting network, this will increase the coverage of our unity messaging across Canada. Expectations for unity among our rank-and-file will increase in direct relationship to the number of our groups joining this network. When hundreds of our freedom groups are broadcasting the same unity message then we can be absolutely certain our rank-and-file will take notice and expect us to unite.

Step 4 – Create a demand for unity

This step, transitioning from an expectation to creating a demand for unity from our rank-and-file will begin once a to-be-determined number of our freedom groups have become part of our broadcasting network. This will be the challenge, changing an expectation into a demand for unity from our rank-and-file. The National Council will be tasked with the messaging that creates a demand for unity. This is critical because it is this demand for unity coming from all our rank-and-file that will create the pressure needed to commit all our freedom leaders/groups to unite. Unity will not come by politely asking our freedom leaders/groups. Unity will only happen when there is unrelenting pressure from our rank-and-file that obligates or forces our freedom leaders/groups to unite.

Our progress can easily be charted by counting the number of freedom groups that become part of our broadcasting network and build our freedom army. The ones that join are our allies. The ones that do not join are not our allies. Both expectation and demand for unity in our rank-and-file will increase in direct relationship to the number of our groups that join our broadcasting network.

Step 5 – Define the organizational infrastructure for our freedom army

The organizational infrastructure to be defined for our freedom army will reflect the initial types of operations it will be involved in. Initially, they will be limited to Canada. International operations with other countries will be something done at a later stage.

Our freedom army boils down to organizing and mobilizing large numbers of our rank and file. The organizational infrastructure we need must be able to support and sustain this type of action. Our freedom army must have structure and organization that is centered on the fact we currently have few resources for fighting this war. Our rank-and-file cannot afford to go running around Canada, the US and South America like Chris Sky. They will be most effective fighting in their own community. By using the community as a core unit, our freedom army can be structured according to country, province, region, district/city and community. In other words, we use the structure our rank-and-file already understand and we avoid using unfamiliar military terms like platoon, division and company.

I propose our rank-and-file in each community are directed and led by a Community Council (CC). All communities (CCS) within a district or city will be directed and led by a district/city council (DC). All District Councils (DCS) within a region will be directed and led by a Regional Council (RC). All Regional Councils (RCS) within a province will be directed and led by a Provincial Council. All Provincial Councils (PCS) in Canada will be directed and lead by a National Council (NC). This structure will reflect the chain of command. Orders issued by the National Council are transmitted from the Provincial Councils down to the Community Councils which then issue the orders to our rank-and-file.

We must know how many of our rank-and-file we can organize and mobilize. This means our rank-and-file must register with our freedom army. This is how every business and national army operates. We are in a war and our freedom army cannot mobilize if we have no clue who our rank-and-file are and how many they are.

Currently, this proposal recommends registration takes place at the community level, by the Community Council. The Community Council then reports to higher councils only the total number that have registered, but not their names or contact information.

Many of you will suspiciously ask why must you register? If we don’t know who and where you are then how can you be called upon to mobilize with Street Army Canada. If you don’t register then you will not be part of Street Army Canada. Suit yourself. In that case, you can continue to fight alone with no resources and with no results to show for it.

The structure of our freedom army reflects how Canada is structured with provinces and regions. Other countries can substitute the names they use to structure themselves.

It is suggested the National Council should have 9 or 11 members while all other councils should have 5 or 7 members. Odd numbers ensure there will be a majority in making decisions.

This proposal will select the members on the National Council. The National Council will be tasked with selecting members to the Provincial Councils. In turn, the National Council and the Provincial Councils will be tasked with selecting members to the lower councils. The chain of command in our councils and the means to reach our rank-and-file means we must create a Canada wide communication network. Just as this proposal is about establishing a broadcasting network so too is about establishing a communication network using multiple existing technologies.

Step 6 – Build our freedom army

It is the National Council and Provincial Councils that will be tasked with actually building our freedom army. The National Council provides the guidance/direction and then works with the Provincial Councils to implement that guidance/direction. As such, building our freedom army is about registering our rank-and-file from across Canada and starting the process of training our rank-and-file to engage in common actions across Canada.

Street Army Canada

You cannot fight a war without an army. One of the key objectives to this proposal is to start the process of uniting us, which in turn means starting the process of building our own freedom army, an army made of us little people from the street. I refer to our freedom army as “Street Army Canada” but the actual name will be decided by the National Council that leads our army.

Street Army Canada is about discipline, infrastructure, leadership, logistics, objectives, organization, recruitment, registration, strategies and everything else an army needs to mobilize and sustain its operations. You cannot fight a war if you do not have an army or the organizational infrastructure to support that army.

As is explained in part 4, STREET ARMY CANADA WILL NOT PROMOTE, SUPPORT OR ENGAGE IN VIOLENCE! Nevertheless we adopt the vocabulary of war to make it very clear that we are fighting in this war of T&T. The word “army” is significant in the vocabulary of war and reflects our motivations and intentions in fighting this war of T&T.

Street Army World

This global war of T&T makes clear that we will never be safe if we do not eliminate the cabal and it’s global network. A united Canada cannot win this war on it’s own. Street Army Canada is just a first step in building the global freedom army and global organizational infrastructure we must have to sustain our fight in this war of T&T.

This war requires we unite ourselves across the world. What we do here with Street Army Canada is to lead by example, to demonstrate what must be done in all countries of the world. If we are to defeat and eliminate our enemy, each country must create it’s own street army (e.g. Street Army France, Street Army Germany, Street Army USA). Street Army Canada must ally with all our street armies and together we will create Street Army World. We must coordinate and mobilize together as one, with a common vision and direction. This is the only way we are guaranteed to have future.

Funding Street Army Canada

This proposal establishes 6 steps to building unity under Street Army Canada. Street Army Canada itself only occurs in step 6 and this is where our rank-and-file make a financial commitment.

Initially, our only source of funding will be what we can give ourselves. So when our freedom fighters register and join Street Army Canada then each agrees to fund it. Our rank-and-file will be expected to commit a to-be-determined monthly contribution (e.g. $1, $5, $10 or $20). Assuming one million of our rank-and-file contribute $1 a month then that amounts to one million dollars a month. To defeat and eliminate the cabal, our rank-and-file in Canada alone must be over 10 million strong.

The members on our National Council must commit themselves to Street Army Canada on a full time basis. They can only do that if we pay them a salary. The salary will not be high and it is to-be-determined. But it must be a livable salary that can readily support a family.

Different ways of conducting financial transactions will be considered because our government has demonstrated it will will break our laws and our freeze bank accounts.

The catch

There is a catch to this unity proposal. It requires a commitment from a majority of our freedom websites. Our freedom websites are managed by our freedom leaders. This proposal openly states many of our freedom leaders do not want unity. So why then would they consent to their websites being used to promote and build unity as is demanded by this unity proposal?

There will be freedom leaders who will join and commit to this unity initiative. The question is how many? These are the one who have begun to recognize or have already recognized there is little they can accomplish when they fight alone and with no resources. They understand we must drastically change our tactics. This proposal is giving them that change and they will accept this offer. These are the ones we focus our time and energy on, who will form the core of our freedom army. Their websites are the key to getting our unity messaging out across Canada to our rank-and-file. In turn, we will get our rank-and-file to apply unrelenting pressure on all our freedom leaders that remain uncommitted to our unity.

The metrics

We can monitor the progress of this proposal by counting the number of our freedom web sites that commit to it. This will be a strong indicator of who is truly committed to winning this war.

What if the majority of our freedom leaders reject this proposal? The answer is simple. We can then definitively conclude our freedom leaders are not committed to winning this war of T&T and that their priority is their petty turf wars.

For this unity initiative to succeed, an overwhelming majority of our freedom leaders/groups must commit to it. If this unity proposal is successful, we will have created our very own powerful broadcasting network that covers all of Canada, from coast to coast. We will also have created our own freedom army, Street Army Canada.

We will maintain a list of all groups that join our network and Street Army Canada as well as the groups that refuse to join. Those that join are our allies. Those who do not join are not our allies. We are fighting a war. At the least, we give our time and money to those who fight with us and deny it to those that do not fight by our side.

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