Unity, oh unity, where art thou?

The small group of people I am working with are getting our unity proposal out to our “freedom fighters” here is Canada. In mid April, we asked an initial group of 5 people to sit on the National Council, to lead our freedom army. Donald Best declined. Tom Marazzo said he would take a look at our proposal but did not get back to us. We’ve had no response from the other three. We will contact other people to sit on the National Council but so far, we are batting zero. We sent our proposal to 208 Canadian “freedom groups”. Five rejected our proposal, one is non-committal and we’ve had no response yet from the rest of you. Hardly a glowing endorsement of our unity proposal, right?

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Winning this war – update #1

This is a status update of our Winning This War proposal. We have contacted and sent a letter about our proposal to all active Canadian groups listed on the Freedom Rising website. This blog post shares and discusses information about the groups we have contacted. It does not discuss the National Council, the people we have asked to be on the National Council and their responses. That will be addressed in a separate blog post soon.

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