Winning this war

A global war of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T) is being waged against us little people. This is World War III. There is only one way for us to win this war. This proposal is about how we do that.

There are 6 parts to this proposal:
Part 1 – introduction
Part 2 – an assessment of what we have done so far
Part 3 – the process of how we unite
Part 4 – what we do when we are united
Part 5 – issues related to uniting us
Part 6 – Final words

Click the following link to download the proposal in PDF format.

This is a working proposal that will evolve and change as we implement it.

Progress report

The progress of this initiative to unite under our freedom army will be reported in a series of blog posts. Currently, we have contacted 5 candidates and asked them to sit on the National Council.

Friends and foes

All freedom groups in Canada will be asked and expected to become part of our freedom army. Those that join are our ally. Those that do not join are not our ally. A list of our friends and foes will be maintained and updated as these groups are contacted and their responses are confirmed. To view these lists, click on the following link.

Friends and foes