Winning this war – part 5

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Part 5 looks at a number of issues I feel must be addressed in any proposal that unites us.

Turf wars

Any attempt to unite our freedom groups must immediately tackle an insidious problem.1 We are not united, even after four years of this tyranny of T&T in Canada. Strange that, isn’t it? Unity with our large scale numbers is the only thing that can defeat this tyranny and our enemy. So what is stopping us from uniting? That problem is summed up in three words: petty turf wars.

Each of our freedom leaders imagines they have carved out their own piece of turf in our war against T&T and each leader zealously protects that imagined speck of dirt. That speck of dirt has become their objective and priority. Unity is a dirty word to our freedom leaders because it threatens their speck of dirt.

We have freedom leaders that claim they want to unite us. But their actions betray their words. If our freedom leaders had wanted unity then we would have had it by now.


Here are a few freedom groups that are fighting petty turf wars: The Accountability Project, Action4Canada, Awake Canada, BC Rising, Canada Health Alliance, Canadian Front Line Nurses, Children’s Health Defense Canada, Constitutional Rights Center, Covid Care Care Alliance, Democracy Fund, Druthers, Freedom Rising, Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance, Mama Bears, Manitoba Stronger Together, National Citizens Inquiry, Police On Guard For Thee, Stand4Thee, Vaccine Choice Canada and Veterans4Freedom.

Here are a few freedom leaders that are fighting petty turf wars: Benita Pedersen, Chris Sky, Jason Christoff, Jeremy Mackenzie, Kari Simpson, Ken Drysdale, Kelly Ann Wolfe, Maxime Bernier, Maggie Hope Braun, Mark Trozzi, Randy Hillier, Ryan Penn, Shawn Buckley, Tanya Gaw, Ted Kuntz, and Vincent Gircy.

It might surprise you that a few of these people and the people in these groups are being considered as potential candidates for the National Council.

What these groups and people all have in common is no vision, no reach, no muscle and no interest in ending this war of T&T. They cannot identify who our real enemy is that we must defeat to win this war. They don’t promote unity with our large scale numbers. They don’t want to build our freedom army. They don’t offer any solutions to end this war. They don’t even think about how to end this war. They fight alone with few resources. It is a joke to claim our freedom groups are part of a “decentralized freedom movement” when the reality is what they amount to is less than fragmented and disorganized. For these reasons, anything our freedom leaders are doing is therefore meaningless and pointless. Unity shines a spotlight on the fact their petty turf wars do not get us any closer to winning this global war of T&T.

Marcus Ray

Do you remember the Marcus Ray and Christopher James initiative to take back Canada? The essence of this initiative was to hold our own people’s law court in one of Canada’s legal court rooms. The goal was to hold accountable traitors such as Trudeau and Freeland because our own legal system has been subverted by foreign interests and protects these traitors.

Marcus worked hard to bring us all together to support this initiative. I remember the hope, the excitement and inspiration in our social media channels covering this initiative. Marcus got a lot, and I mean a LOT, of positive attention. That did not go down well with more than a few of our freedom leaders and they sabotaged this initiative by falsely claiming Marcus and Christopher were planning violence. It did not matter that Marcus went to extraordinary lengths to say no one wanted violence, was planning violence or would use violence. While I did not agree with Christopher’s approach to law, I agreed with the intention behind the initiative.

The planned peoples court was to be surrounded and protected by patriots who understood justice and accountability will only come from us. This initiative had good reason to believe Canadian law enforcement would be ordered by the traitors, Trudeau and Freeland, to use violent means to disrupt and cancel our people’s court. If there was violence then it would come from government. This is indeed what we saw on Parliament Hill in Ottawa after Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergency Act. Many among our freedom leaders twisted this around and falsely accused Marcus and Christopher of planning violence. I listened to one particular freedom leader spew this flat-out lie and I was disgusted. But that reflects the nature of our turf wars.

Just as the Marcus Ray initiative was sabotaged by petty jealousies and turf wars from our freedom leaders, so too can we expect the same for this unity proposal.

Jason Christoff

Jason illustrates our turf war problem. Jason charges $2,000 US for his “mind control” workshops. He depends upon our division for his livelihood. You will not hear Jason promoting our unity or our large scale numbers. He cannot afford that because if we unite under our freedom army then that means our rank-and-file will redirect their attention and money to support nation-wide actions under Street Army Canada, actions that are guaranteed to produce real change. That will take a big chunk out of any money Jason currently gets from our freedom fighters in Canada. So as long as our freedom groups remain divided and disorganized, Jason can masquerade as a freedom fighter and protect his pocket book at the same time.


If I am correct, our rank-and-file are disappointed and disillusioned with our freedom leaders. My sense is this is why our freedom leaders have so few followers in their actions and meetings and why our freedom leaders are constantly begging for donations and volunteers.

No initiative to build unity will succeed without directly and aggressively confronting the reality of our petty turf wars. The point is many of our freedom leaders are not going to come willingly along on this unity project. They will have to be “nudged” into unity and that nudge must come, and can only come, from our rank-and-file.

No surprises

And yet, none of this is surprising.

As a general statement, it needs be said our freedom leaders are the same as you and me. The only difference is they have an idea or two and have set about trying to implement them. It is very likely none of our freedom leaders have had any leadership training or experience. Doctors, engineers and lawyers are no more natural leaders than electricians, plumbers and truck drivers. Our current freedom leaders may have the best of intentions but most have demonstrated they are just not up to the challenge of leading.

It is with this understanding that many of our freedom leaders are not experienced enough to lead that we can find the answers for why we have not identified our enemy, why we are not even thinking about building our freedom army, why we are not united and why we do not have a common vision and direction to guide us in this war of T&T. It is understandable why so many of our freedom leaders have succumbed to the lure of the spotlight and have therefore prioritized their petty turf wars over winning this global war of T&T.

After four years, what is blatantly clear is that none of our freedom leaders in Canada are even thinking about how to win this global war of T&T. This is why I now refer to our freedom leaders and even our rank-and-file as toothless chihuahuas; they are as ineffective in fighting this war of T&T as a toothless chihuahua.

Our freedom leaders will sneer at me and sarcastically ask how can this be a unity proposal when it openly mocks and ridicules them? Here’s my response to you. War is unforgiving, it does not reward failure. You are failing us. You are not doing anything that can win this war for us. You will not acknowledge your incompetence and impotence in fighting this war. Your ego keeps you from committing to the only course of action that can win this war for us. You must be called out and this unity proposal calls you out.

This is not a request. It is an expectation and a demand!

Unity with our large scale numbers is the only way we defeat our enemy and win this war. Anything less and we lose this war.

We are not united. Let me make very clear what this means.

Whatever it is you are doing or think you are doing right now, you are wasting your time. Worse, you are wasting the time and money of those who support you. This is true of every single one of our freedom leaders and groups here in Canada. That makes every one of you that is selling merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, coffee mugs) grifters and scammers. You claim to be fighting this war, all the while nothing you do can win this war or contribute to our fight. You are alone, with no resources.

This proposal is not asking you to join our freedom army. This proposal is expecting and demanding you join our freedom army! This is a test that will prove to all of us where your priorities, principles and loyalties lie. How you respond will show us what side of this war you are on. If you refuse to be part of our freedom army then you are not fighting for our freedom, you are not a freedom fighter and you are not our ally.

This is a global war

Canada’s population is about 40 million. The world’s population is about 8 billion. That means our population in Canada is about 0.50% of the worlds total population. What that means is even if every single adult and child in Canada was committed to fighting against this tyranny of T&T, by ourselves, we cannot defeat our enemy and win this war.

Our freedom leaders in Canada are divided and disorganized. What exactly do our freedom leaders think they can accomplish when each fights alone as they do now? The answer is nothing. Our rank-and-file here in Canada need to step back and look at this bigger picture because it provides another perspective that illustrates just how ineffective and impotent our freedom leaders are when they fight alone.

To win this war, we must unite not only our freedom fighters here in Canada, but we must also unite and coordinate with freedom fighters in all countries in the world.

The vocabulary of war

We are in a war. You cannot fight a war with a peace-time mindset and a peace-time vocabulary. The vocabulary of war includes words like army, defeat, eliminate, fight, firing squad, might-is-right, orders, sacrifice, treason and war. Adopting a wartime mindset to fight a war requires using the vocabulary of war. We must adopt a war-time mindset and the vocabulary of war.

Our freedom leaders are afraid to use the vocabulary of war. Our freedom leaders fear if we use the vocabulary of war then our governments will twist and misrepresent our intentions as being violent and extremist. As was explained in part 3, all our actions are peaceful and nonviolent. STREET ARMY CANADA WILL NOT PROMOTE, SUPPORT OR ENGAGE IN VIOLENCE! We are using our rights-by-law to engage in nonviolent, peaceful actions against this tyranny of T&T.

Our governments have declared us to be the enemy and fight against us. Our governments have a war-time mindset where might-is-right. Our governments twist and misrepresent everything and anything we say, regardless of whether we use a peace-time vocabulary or a war-time vocabulary.

The problem is not the vocabulary of war. The problem is our feckless freedom leaders who are afraid to use the vocabulary of war. Our freedom leaders are fearful and that fear restricts them to a peace-time mindset and a peace-time vocabulary. Their fear severely handicaps our fight.

Might is right

What does the ruthless slaughter of Ukrainians, the ruthless slaughter of Palestinians and the covid fraud have in common? These are horrific crises engineered by the cabal against us, the little people. In our world, nothing of any significance happens by chance. All crises in our world are engineered by the cabal. Their rule of law is might-is-right, the strongest wins.

ANTIFA and Black-Lives-Matter were created, nurtured, funded and mobilized by the cabal to create division and conflict in our western countries. Immigration policies across Europe and North America are flooding our countries with non-whites for the purpose of making whites a minority in our own country. This is white ethnocide and it has been engineered by the cabal. Their rule of law is might-is-right, the strongest wins.

The deadly covid mandates caused more economic and financial destruction than both world wars. They were forcibly imposed on us by all levels of our governments, law enforcement agencies, our legal system and our medical system in Canada and across the world. This was done by illegal and criminal means including state sponsored assault, coercion and lawfare where our legal system is weaponized against us. The clot/kill shots (i.e. the “vaccines”) have killed 17 million of us across the world and that number will continue to climb as these deadly shots take their toll. This is murder and it is criminal. The clot/kill shots have severely injured hundreds of millions of us. The covid fraud was engineered by the cabal. Their rule of law is might-is-right.

Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergency Act and illegally imprisoned the Coutts men along with other people under false charges. We now have political prisoners in Canada. The “Online Harms Act” Bill C-63 amounts to arbitrary government sanctioned censorship with penalties that includes life imprisonment. It does not matter that Canadians do not want or need this bill. Trudeau is the cabal’s puppet and Klaus Schwab was very open about this. Their rule of law is might-is-right.

The pandemic treaty is just another example of the cabal’s unelected and unaccountable puppets using deceit and deception to subvert national sovereignty and impose the cabal’s domination over us. Their rule of law is might-is-right.

Everywhere we look, the cabal is creating global conflict and crises in order to bring about it’s tyrannical new world order of One World Government (OWG) under the depraved ideology of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T). Their rule of law is might-is-right.

We cannot win this war if we fail to recognize and counter the cabal’s tactical advantage with it’s might-is-right rule of law. The cabal ignores and will never abide by our rules and laws. So we apply the same principle of might-is-right. What we say goes! That only happens if we are united with our large scale numbers.

What we need from our rank-and-file

Our rank-and-file are followers. They are looking for leadership to provide them with guidance, vision and direction in fighting this war of T&T. There is no fault or shame in this admission. Street Army Canada will provide the guidance, vision and direction our rank-and-file need.

We must build unity with our large scale numbers. We must build our freedom army. What is needed and demanded from our rank-and-file is for them to recognize the absolute necessity of and to support our unity, our large scale numbers and Street Army Canada.

It is time for our freedom leaders as well as our rank-and-file to make a decision. Will you commit to building and being a part of our freedom army, Street Army Canada? To be frank, this proposal is not actually giving you a choice, to be in or out. It is a test that will prove to all of us where your priorities, principles and loyalty lies. How you respond will show us what side of this war you are on. If you refuse to be part of our freedom army then you are not fighting for our freedom, you are not a freedom fighter and you are not our ally.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

For us, the little people, this war of T&T is a numbers war. Our only strength is our numbers. We can only win this war by playing to our one strength. First, we must have unity. We fight as one, or not at all. Second, we must fight with our large scale numbers, working together with a common vision and direction.

What comes first, action or numbers? Do you first start an action with a handful of people and hope it snowballs into millions of people? I refer to this as the “snowball approach”. Or do you first bring together millions of Canadians before engaging in any action? I refer to this as the “ant approach”.

The “snowball” approach is what our freedom leaders have been using for the past four years and continue using now. It has not snowballed and, for inherent reasons, it will never snowball.

The “ant” approach is to first bring together and organize millions of Canadians with the understanding that a large number of people, a critical mass, must be attained before any action is initiated. Once those large scale numbers have been reached then these people are to be simultaneously engaged in a common action across Canada, from coast to coast. For many reasons, a big part being egos and turf wars, our freedom leaders avoid this approach like the plague.

This proposal adopts the second “ant approach”.

Before going into detail, we must first ask a specific question because the answer to that question dictates whether we commit ourselves to fighting this war or if we should throw in the towel and do nothing at all. The question is, do we really have the numbers in Canada?

Do we really have the numbers in Canada?

In Canada, do we the numbers (of people) needed to make a meaningful contribution to fighting this global war of T&T? The short answer is yes.

As a very general statement, there are three groups of people in Canada. The first group are the freedom fighters, those who claim to be “awake”. The second group are the sheep and zombies who willingly swallow whatever dogma and lies our puppet governments spit out. The third group are those sitting on the fence, neither in the first group or the second group.

For now, the only group I target is the first group, our freedom fighters. Yes, I disparage them as toothless chihuahuas but that can be turned around. For now, I ignore the second group (the sheep and zombies) and the third group (the fence sitters) . My reasoning is straightforward. If we cannot bring unity to the first group, our freedom fighters, then what can we hope to do with the other two groups.

The Ottawa Freedom Convoy showed there is nation wide support against the tyranny of T&T here in Canada. There were tens of thousands of Canadians lining our highways as convoys, from the east and from the west, made their way to Ottawa. A call for donations in support of the convoy raised $10 million in about a month. A second call raised a similar amount, again in about a month. I have seen and heard estimates, ranging from 5% to 30%, as to what percent of Canada’s population is “awake” and against this tyranny of T&T. Canada’s population is about 40 million people so 5% represents about two million people. I can readily argue there are millions more Canadians who supported the convoy in their hearts and minds. There is a real and significant part of the Canadian population that is against the tyranny of T&T, especially given the outrage over the depraved child sexual indoctrination policies and programs that now infest and pollute our children’s education system.

But let’s play the devils advocate and ask what if these estimates are wrong with even two million being much too high? For better or worse we must know how many people in Canada (as wells as across the world) we can call upon to fight this war. If it turns how we only have a few ten’s of thousands of freedom fighters in Canada then we might as well throw in the towel because we simply do not have numbers to make a meaningful contribution to this war. Having said this, I am certain we have the numbers.


  1. I have developed an aversion to terms like “freedom fighter” and “freedom movement”. Freedom is something you have earned AFTER having fought for and won it. We have not earned our freedom. Instead, we use such terms to flatter ourselves. ↩︎
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