Unity, oh unity, where art thou?

The small group of people I am working with are getting our unity proposal out to our “freedom fighters” here is Canada. In mid April, we asked an initial group of 5 people to sit on the National Council, to lead our freedom army. Donald Best declined. Tom Marazzo said he would take a look at our proposal but did not get back to us. We’ve had no response from the other three. We will contact other people to sit on the National Council but so far, we are batting zero. We sent our proposal to 208 Canadian “freedom groups”. Five rejected our proposal, one is non-committal and we’ve had no response yet from the rest of you. Hardly a glowing endorsement of our unity proposal, right?

This the first round. We will contact all these people a 2nd time and a 3rd time. We are expanding the people/groups we contact beyond those listed on the Freedom Rising website. We will keep hammering away at all our “freedom fighters” and “freedom groups”, even as they continue to ignore us. Why? If we don’t unite then we have lost this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism that is being waged against us.

When I put “freedom” in quotation marks, I am referring to our toothless chihuahuas, our fake freedom fighters in Canada.

How many times have our toothless chihuahuas said no one coming to save us, the only one who will save us is ourselves? How many times have our toothless chihuahuas pointed their finger at the sheep and covid zombies and asked how can they be so unaware and unengaged? How many times have our toothless chihuahuas thought they are different, they are special, they are “awake”, they are real freedom fighters?

We are now 4 years into this war. You are a toothless chihuahua. You fight alone and with no resources. You have no reach and no muscle. You have no discipline, no structure and no organization. You are constantly begging for donations and volunteers. You cannot identify the enemy we must defeat to win this war. You focus on the symptoms of this war but never it’s cause. You have been been overwhelmed on all fronts in this war. After 4 years, you still will not commit to the only course of action that will win this war for us – unity with our large scale numbers fighting as one with a common vision and direction. Nothing you do can win this war for us. That is true of all our toothless chihuahuas including the Accountability Project, Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms, National Citizens Inquiry and Vaccine Choice Canada.

I personally have run out of patience with you. I no longer care if your intentions are good. I no longer care you claim to be doing good work and helping people. I no longer care you claim to be taking the high moral ground and are only trying to serve as an example for others to follow. Let me be very, very clear why I no longer care. You refuse to take the only course of action that can win this war for us – UNITY! Without unity, nothing you do matters, everything you do is pointless and meaningless, all you have to offer us is our defeat! Every single one of you who refuses to unite completely undermines and thwarts our fight against this tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism. War is unforgiving, it does not reward failure. You have failed us because you refuse to unite.

I’m a nobody and the small group of people I work with are nobodies. Who are we to expect and demand we all unite? Chuckle! Take a look in the mirror. All of you are nobodies. Over the past 4 years all your actions have been underwhelming and you are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, that can win this war for us. You have nothing to crow about!

Soon after I finished writing our unity proposal I learned there are two other unity projects on the table, one from Manitoba Stronger Together in Manitoba and the other from WeUnify in British Columbia. Except they not about uniting us. Both groups have scheduled their conferences at the same time in June. Is this a joke? I thought unity was about working together, not competing against each other. Both are pay-to-play events, if you pay then you get to play, if not you’re shit out of luck. These are another example of our turf wars. It is worthwhile taking a look at each conference because, as you will see, when it comes to unity, both are shooting blanks.


WeUnify has already had been up to bat twice with it’s unity plans, in 2022 and in 2023. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed they are batting zero when it comes to building unity? What makes them think their conference this June will be any different? It won’t be!

Check out it’s roster of speakers for June 2024. What can these speakers tell us that we haven’t heard before. Nail me to a cross if I am wrong, but aside from possibly Tamara, who among these people is promoting unity or has ever talked about unity? Unity is the furthest thing from their minds. All they are going to do is to add to the glut of useless information we already have. We don’t need more of this crap from these speakers.

Since when did unity become a pay-to-play event? Full VIP access is $640. But for you peons who can’t afford that, WeUnify generously grants you access for a paltry $465, that is, assuming you can afford the travel and accommodation costs. If you can’t pay, you can’t play.

There are 4 criteria that must be defined/addressed for every one of our actions/initiatives: 1) objectives, 2) strategies, 3) metrics and 4) results.

1) What is the objective of the conference?
2) What is the strategy for meeting that objective?
3) What metrics will be used to determine if the conference succeeds or fails?
4) What are the final results, once everything is over and done? Did the conference succeed or fail?

The answers are, 1) we don’t know, 2) we don’t know, 3) we don’t know and 4) we won’t know. I’m not guessing or speculating because, as mentioned, WeUnify has already had two conferences and no results to show for its efforts. From the little information on the WeUnify website, this 2024 conference has nothing to do with uniting us and has nothing to do with reclaiming democracy.

Check out the mission statement on WeUnify’s website. You won’t find anything there about unity and uniting us. It’s mission statement is a vague and vacuous word-smith that can mean anything and nothing at the same time.

The Q&A webpage has nothing to do with questions & answers. If you sign in then you will see the Q&A page is just a chronologically ordered comment section where most comments have less than 5 views.

WeUnify’s website is devoid of content. Check it out for yourself. There is nothing there.

Like so many of our toothless chihuahuas, WeUnify is all smoke-and-mirrors. I’m constantly laughing at the crap our toothless chihuahuas keep shoveling at us. Seriously, who in their right minds would sign up for this conference given they have no idea what this conference is about, what the speakers will talk about and that the conferences in the past 2 years have nothing to show for the effort? WeUnified gamed us in 2022 and 2023. It is gaming us next month in June. We have much better odds in a crap shoot then building unity with WeUnify. It reminds me of an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Manitoba Stronger Together

This is Ken Drysdale’s first time up to bat for unity. He is trying to leverage his role as a leading member of the National Citizen’s Inquiry to promote his June conference about “Uniting All Canada For Freedom and Strength”. If we take the name of the conference at face value then its primary objective is to unite all of Canada. But take a closer look. The stated purpose is: “Our goal is to foster a spirit of unity while preserving the autonomy and individuality of each group“. So this is not really about building unity, it is only about “fostering” the appearance of unity. Cute. As far as building unity goes, this conference is dead in the water.

Ken has extensive contacts in our “freedom movement” so he will already know all about WeUnify? So why did Ken schedule his conference at the same time as WeUnify? Is this coincidence or competition? Regardless, the optics of two different “unity” conferences held at two different locations at the same time does not inspire confidence that our toothless chihuahuas are actually building unity.

Ken’s conference is another pay-to-play event. If you pay, you play, that is, assuming you can afford travel and hotel costs. Yes, Manitoba is “central” but travel and hotel costs means most of us will not have our voices heard. The idea of using conferences to build unity is simply bad.

Hmmm, seating capacity is 875 and the remaining number of tickets is 825. The maximum number of booths is 20, 18 are still available. That information was last updated 3 weeks ago on April 11. That’s odd. This conference is held next month. Given ticket information has not been updated in 3 weeks, is this an indication ticket sales are slow, as in dead?

Now then, what is Ken’s agenda for the conference? Friday, June 21 is a meet-and-greet session. So nothing is happening there. Looking at the agenda for Saturday, June 22…nope, nothing there about unity, you know, about getting down to brass tacks and starting the process of uniting us. What about Sunday, June 23? Nope, nothing there about our unity either. Take a look at any one of the panel subject topics and find one that we have not already flogged to death. Talk, talk, talk and more talk, talk talk. This is another example of our toothless chihuahuas flapping their gums but doing nothing to generate real results.

We will not unite by talking about it. We will not unite by asking our toothless chihuahuas for their permission to unite. We will only forge unity through sheer force of will.

Ken’s promotion for his conference is: “We believe that there is power and strength in numbers. We believe that by coming together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone.“ I’m amused. There is nothing on the agenda about “coming together”. As for “power and strenght in numbers”, Ken is doing exactly what I have been harshly criticizing so many of our other toothless chihuahuas of doing; ”unity…but only under my banner”. Want some examples? Check out Ken’s website:

  • By volunteering with Manitoba Stronger Together… “
  • Join Us in Shaping Manitoba’s Future At MST
  • Description of MST Federal Riding Representative’s Duties
  • As a Content Creation and Social Media Volunteer, you will play a crucial role in shaping the online presence and communication efforts of Manitoba Stronger Together (MST)
  • Event Volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring the success of MST’s events “
  • As an Events Photographer / Videographer with Manitoba Stronger Together (MST)

These are all classic examples of “unity…but only under my banner”. Keep in mind the name of Ken’s group, “Manitoba Stronger Together”. This name is a misnomer and a more appropriate and telling name would be, “Stronger Together Under Ken’s Group”.

I’ve heard Ken speak many times. I want to believe Ken’s heart and intentions are in the right place. I want to believe he is sincere about uniting us. Unfortunately, I don’t see Ken doing anything that will actually build unity. Ken is about to learn the hard way that “unity…but only under my banner” is a recipe for failure.

I still want Ken to sit on the National Council and to help lead our freedom army. But he needs to learn that unity does not belong to one particular group and that we will never unite as long as we keep asking our toothless chihuahuas for their permission to unite us.

You are the problem!

Unity is a dirty word for our toothless chihuahuas. They don’t talk about unity. They don’t work to build unity. They don’t want unity.

In the April 26 Freedom Rising meeting, Ryan Penn bemoaned the fact that donations have fallen to zero. He blamed this on the likes of government freezing of bank accounts and that this “spooked people out”. I can always depend up Freedom Rising for a good laugh. I have another explanation. Donations and volunteers have dropped because our toothless chihuahuas do not provide any return on investment. Our toothless chihuahuas keep coming up with hare-brained petitions, protests, letter writing campaigns, websites, poorly organized workshops and talks, movie promotions, yada, yada, yada. The message from donors and volunteers is clear – what our toothless chihuahuas are offering is shit and there is no point throwing good money and time after bad.

Our problem is not tyrannical governments. Our problem is not the sheep and covid zombies. If you want to see what our problem is then look in the mirror. You are the problem. You are alone and have no resources. You have no reach and no muscle. You refuse to commit to the only course of action that can win this war for us – unity with our large scale numbers. You are not trying to win this war. You do not want to win this war. You are working to lose this war. You have failed us. You are a fake freedom fighter. You are a toothless chihuahua!