Winning this war – part 6

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Final words

With horror and revulsion, I looked at a picture of a young woman who had stitches across the width of her chest. She was mutilated and sterilized. She is brainwashed, a victim of transgender indoctrination and clueless about what she had done to herself. There was a separate picture of a slab of flesh sliced from her body, with stitches along it’s the full length, to form a nonfunctional, mock penis. This is depraved in every sense of the word. What society stands by and lets this depravity be inflicted upon it’s youth? What sick and twisted fuck would willing do this to a young woman? That is not the work of a surgeon. That is the work of an unethical and immoral butcher that must be stripped of his/her medical license and jailed for a life.

I read with horror and revulsion of a pedophile claiming to be a woman and getting his rocks off by “breast feeding” a defenseless and helpless baby. I am filled with rage at the state sanctioned depravity of this filthy fucking pedophile.

This is the reality of the cabal’s new world order of One World Government under the ugly, evil and depraved ideology of Technocracy and Transhumanism.

The cabal has everything in this world, a world where the majority of the population is forced to live on $10 or less a day. But that is still not enough for the cabal. It wants absolute control and ownership over everything – literally everything – in our world, including you and me. There is no future where we coexist with the cabal. It’s the cabal or us, one of us will be eliminated. We know what we must do. There is only one way forward for us – unity with our large scale numbers.

I am highly critical of our freedom leaders and freedom groups. Unity is something they talk about. But talk is cheap. It’s time to see and judge who is serious about winning this war. Those that are serious will unite us by building, leading and/or joining our freedom army. Those that are not serious will just keep flapping their gums, going nowhere.

Ian Bell
April 13, 2024

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