Canada’s biggest megaphone and we are not using it!

What do you get when you combine Street Army Canada with Freedom Rising? You know what I see? I see Canada’s biggest fucking megaphone that can broadcast across Canada, from coast to coast.

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Coutts, showcasing might-is-right

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Who is our real enemy in this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism?

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The toothless chihuahuas of Canada

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There are no freedom fighters in Canada!

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The last post

This is my last blog post.  I am leaving this fight.  Why?  Because I can and I want to.  Because the people I expected to be fighting alongside with, against this tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism, are too busy fighting amongst themselves, stuck in their petty turf wars and echo chambers.   

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We must engage our rank-and-file!

An army has generals, elite troops and then the regular rank-and-file soldier.  A war cannot be fought by just the generals and the elite troops alone.  The elite troops might be able to win a few skirmishes by themselves but the real strength in an army is in the regular rank-and-file soldier.  No war can be won without committing and engaging the regular rank-and-file soldier.

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Seeing is believing.

All of you understand we are in a long-term war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  We are under attack by our governments and leading political, health, business and law enforcement officials.  We are being injured, killed and murdered.  Our rights, liberties and freedoms are being systematically crushed.  We are witnessing mass formation psychosis where those we think of as good people – our family members, friends and coworkers – do bad things. 

There are two events I placed my hopes in.  The first is the Reclaiming Canada Conference that was recently held in British Columbia, Canada.  The second is the initiative that Marcus Ray is a spokesperson for, something I will refer to here as the Marcus Initiative. 

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It is time to forge Street Army Canada, a nationwide alliance!

I am recruiting people to form a core team that is dedicated to building Street Army CanadaIf you recognize our unity is the only solution to our winning this war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism and you are prepared to actively commit to building our unity across Canada then contact me by email ( or on my Telegram group (   I am recruiting 15 to 30 fervent and tenacious people to form the core group that starts the process of building Street Army Canada.  If there are more than that is all the better.

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