Winning this war – update #1

This is a status update of our Winning This War proposal. We have contacted and sent a letter about our proposal to all active Canadian groups listed on the Freedom Rising website. This blog post shares and discusses information about the groups we have contacted. It does not discuss the National Council, the people we have asked to be on the National Council and their responses. That will be addressed in a separate blog post soon.

Canadian groups

There are 500 groups listed at Freedom Rising with 298 being Canadian and 202 being non-Canadian. We have sent a first contact letter (see Appendix A) to all active Canadian groups. We have not contacted any of the non-Canadian groups.

Of the 298 Canadian groups listed on the Freedom Rising website, 68 (23%) have shut down and are no longer active. We were unable to find contact information for 22 groups (7%). We did not send a contact letter to Pastor Artur Pawoloski; he has already fulfilled and honored his commitment and duty to Canada. We did not contact the group “Project Free The World” because it’s purpose is to make money, not fight for freedom. The total number of active groups we were able to find contact information for and send our first contact letter to was 208 (70%).

We sent our contact letter to the 208 Canadian groups between April 20 and April 30. Currently, we have responses from 6 groups – 5 groups rejected our demand for unity and 1 is noncommittal. Our contact letter made clear that responses from some or all groups will be published. This blog post presents and comments on the responses from the 5 groups that rejected our demand for unity. As will be shown, these 5 groups fight alone and have nothing to offer us in this fight against T&T. As such, they are fake freedom fighters.

Who is reading our proposal?

We sent our first contact letter out to 208 Canadian groups. While it is still early, only 6 groups have responded and we are waiting for responses from 202 groups. If we do not get a response from a group then we will send it a 2nd and 3rd contact letter. But what if these groups do not respond even after the 3rd contact letter? It could be argued a non-response means our proposal was simply ignored and not even read. So the question is, is our proposal being read by the groups we contacted? The short answer is yes.

Our contact letter is only targeting the website administrators and the leaders of the 208 Canadian groups. We can get a good idea if these people read our proposal by monitoring one specific measure of website traffic that is referred to as unique visitors. A unique visitor to a website “shows the total number of visitors to a site; counting only their first visit. If they return to the site at a later time, any additional visits are not counted in this number”.

The Virus Fraud website gets very little traffic. So any change in traffic stands out. We began monitoring website traffic on April 13. We started sending our first contact letter out on April 20.

From April 13 to April 20, the number of unique visitors to our web site was 290. From April 21 to April 30, the number of unique visitors to our website increased by 552. So the total number of unique visitors from April 13 to April 30 was 842. From April 21 to 30, we had an average of 2.65 unique visitors (552 visitors / 208 groups) for each group we contacted, which is well within the range we would expect if only the website administrators and/or group leaders are reading our proposal. So it is reasonable to state our proposal is being read by the administrators and/or leaders of the groups we have contacted.

Freedom fighter or business opportunist?

While our primary focus was on getting contact information for the Canadian groups, we had the distinct impression that a large number of these groups are not really “allies” or “freedom fighters”. Instead, they appear to be using Freedom Rising for free advertising purposes to sell services and/or merchandise. A few of what we consider to be questionable websites are even soliciting donations.

One example is the group “100 million moms” which is still listed on Freedom Rising. The website for this group has been shut down but you can find it here on the wayback machine. It claims to be dedicated “to helping moms stand up for their rights in any capacity that makes sense for them“. No where on it’s website does it do this. It offers no content of it’s own. The home page (scroll to the center/middle of the home page) is about getting donations. Most of the effort in this website went into trying to sell merchandise. This group seemed more intent on making a few dollars then actual freedom fighting.

Another example of a site that is still active, has no content and exists only to sell merchandise is Canada Rising Up. This site uses “freedom fighting” as a pretext to pawn it’s merchandise.

If you want an-in-your-face example of a group that is blatantly exploiting the freedom concept for business purposes then check out RedBubble.

Responses To Our Demand For Unity

This section provides an overview of the responses we have received to date.

We sent our first contact letter (see Appendix A) to 208 active Canadian groups listed on the Freedom Rising website. A PDF copy of our proposal can be downloaded from our website. The PDF copy is 32 pages. If any groups wants to critique and find fault with our demand for unity then they have ample material to work with. We expect, or at least hope for, reviews, commentaries and/or criticisms of our proposal.

I review the responses from the 5 groups that refused to unite. I then provide my commentary on their responses. These groups are: 1) Police for Freedom, 2) Take Action Canada, 3) Liberty Club, 4) Save Canada and 5) Gather Your Wits. Appendices A to F looks at each of these groups separately.

Each of the 5 groups appear to be little more than one man shows operating on a shoe string budget. It appears each works alone with limited to no resources. A few groups indicate or imply they are working with other groups, but we found nothing on their websites to support this. It is not clear what any of these groups hope to accomplish but it is clear there is not much they can accomplish because they have no reach and no muscle. It appears that Police For Freedom and Take Action Canada are no longer active as they have not been updated for about two years.

I have nothing positive to say about these 5 groups and am harsh in my assessment of them. They refuse to commit to the only thing that will win this war for us. As far as providing information goes, none of what these groups offer on their websites can be used for informative/investigative/research purposes. Most of the information is presented in chronological order, effectively rendering it useless. None of these 5 groups offer meaningful actions/initiatives, that is, if they offer any at all. I also found content on their websites that appears to serve no purpose other than filler, to give their websites the appearance that there is more to it then there really is. To be frank, I found little purpose to these groups and their websites. My conclusion is that these groups are not doing anything that can win this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism that is being waged against us.

We are demanding that all our Canadian freedom groups help build and unite under a freedom army. Unlike more than a few of our “freedom leaders”, we don’t believe in, advocate for or practice the policy of “we must unite….but only under my banner”. Our freedom army belongs to all of us. Unity belongs to all of us!

The only meaningful action these 5 groups can make is to help build and unite under our freedom army. They refuse to do that. As such, they have nothing to offer us in our fight against T&T. They are fake freedom fighters, what I disparage as our toothless chihuahuas of Canada. They are not our ally and this is how we judge them.

Ian Bell
Montreal, Canada

Appendix A – The First Contact Letter

The following is the letter we sent out to all active Canadian groups between April 20 to April 30.

We have contacted you because you are listed on the Freedom Rising website as an ally in the freedom community here in Canada.

We have prepared a proposal for how to win this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism that is being waged against us. This proposal drastically changes our strategy in the freedom movement, unites us under a freedom army and has nothing to do with violence.

You are being asked and expected to build, join and unite under our freedom army here in Canada.

Our proposal to win this war can be read online at:

A PDF copy of the proposal can be downloaded at:

Freedom Rising is not involved in any way with this proposal. But we will be contacting Freedom Rising to unite under our freedom army just as we are now contacting you.

As explained in the proposal, the only way we can win this war is by uniting with our large scale numbers under our freedom army. Our freedom army is about bringing desperately needed leadership, organization and structure to our freedom movement. We must build our freedom army and the organizational infrastructure to support it.

Our freedom army will be led/directed by a National Council made up of Canadians in the freedom community that have demonstrated their capabilities. The initial list of candidates that has just been asked to sit on the National Council are Donald Best, Jason Lavigne, Jeremy Mackenzie, Ken Drysdale and Tom Marazzo. This does not mean these people have or will agree to sit on the council. Indeed, Donald Best has declined. We will post responses from the others on our website. This is not a complete and final list of candidates, others are to be identified and contacted.

As explained in the proposal, there are two immediate expectations when you join and unite under our freedom army. First, you agree to make your website and/or social media channels part of our collective broadcasting network. Second, you understand our freedom army is led by the National Council and agree to prioritize and follow orders and instructions issued by the National Council. This does not mean you stop what you are currently doing. But it does mean you recognize that collectively we start organizing and working together as one.

This unity proposal was written by Ian Bell, the owner of the Virus Fraud website. We are a small group of people working to implement this proposal. Currently all information about the proposal is on the Virus Fraud website; this is a temporary measure. Once the National Council has been formed then it will assume all responsibility for driving this unity project forward. At that point, all information about this unity proposal will be transferred to the National Council and it’s own website.

We expect there will be resistance from our freedom leaders to any and all proposals to unite us. Nevertheless, we expect all our freedom groups to help build, join and unite under our freedom army. This is what our unity looks like. This is how we unite ourselves. We unite by doing it, not by flapping our gums and continuing to talk about it. No more talking. Your response to this letter will show us what your true intentions are. We will list on our website all groups that unite under our freedom army – they are our allies. We will also list every group that refuses to unite – they are not our allies. Which are you, friend or foe?

This is an open/public letter. You are free to share it. Your response to this letter will also be open/public and it will be posted on our website. We look forward to receiving your response. If you do not respond then you will be contacted a second and third time. If you do not respond after the third time then it will be understood you refuse to unite under our freedom army.

Ian Bell
Montreal, Quebec
online proposal:

Appendix B – Police For Freedom

Here is the email response I received from Vincent Gircys at Police for Freedom Canada on 2024-04-27.

Response 2024-04-27

I am declining this request for a number of issues stated in your contact email.

Vincent Gircys

Police for Freedom Canada

My Comment

Police For Freedom refused to help build and unite under our freedom army, it’s justification being there is something in our contact letter it did not like. Really, that’s it? Can you be a little more vague? If the statements and claims in our letter and proposal are so wrong and false then it should take no effort to criticize and shred them. Perhaps there is more here then what we get from Vincent’s terse response.

What is Police For Freedom doing to help us win this war? Let’s see if we can glean any information from it’s website.

The Police For Freedom website looks like a mom-and-pop operation working on a shoe string budget. The website design suggests this is just a handful of people from different countries trying to make a difference, the operative word being “trying”. The content in the news and video web pages are from 2021, indicating this group is not very active. Police For Freedom does not offer much in the way of content or meaningful action. If I had to guess again, I would say this group is effectively dead in the water. If that is true, then this offers a more plausible explanation as to why Vincent rejected our demand for unity. Better to save face then acknowledge your group is dead.

Any group that does not commit to uniting us under our freedom army is not our ally. Police for Freedom is not our ally.

Appendix C – Take Action Canada

Response 2024-04-27

Here is the email response I received from Take Action Canada on 2024-04-27.

Declined for a number of reasons.


My Comment

Take Action Canada refused to help build and unite under our freedom army. Why? We don’t know. But that doesn’t matter. All that matters is it will not unite.

Let’s check out the website of this group to see what it might be doing to help us win this war.

For a toothless chihuahua, the Take Action Canada website is better structured and organized than most. That does not mean the content is good but only that the website developer put some thought into trying to organize the content.

Take Action Canada appears to have fallen by the roadside, it’s website has not been updated since some time in 2022. All content is related to or about the covid fraud. There is nothing on this site about more recent issues such as SOGI and 15 minute cities.

As far as offering covid fraud information/content, this site is biased and only supports the pro-virus narrative. For example, you can find articles about/from/on Mark Trozzi, Peter McCullough and Ryan Cole. But you won’t find anything about/from/on Andrew Kaufman, Christine Massey, Mark/Sam Bailey, Mike Stone or Tom Cowan. The information on this website is therefore slanted and of limited use; I would say no use at all.

The actions/initiatives on this website are simply lame. They include Notices of Liability and writing letters to public authority officials. This group has no means to assess the effectiveness of it’s actions/initiatives, making them little more than feel-good actions.

The RESOURCES web pages are of limited use and value. To me, they look like filler.

To it’s credit, Take Action Canada does not pretend, like so many of our other toothless chihuahaus, to work with other groups. However, like most of our toothless chihuahuas, this website pawns it merchandise and begs for donations and volunteers. I often wonder who wastes their money buying this junk.

I honestly don’t know what purpose the Take Action Canada website is meant to serve. It’s a mishmash of things, most of which is of little practical use.

I would venture this site was initially developed by a highly motivated person, or perhaps a few people, who subsequently lost interest some time in 2022. He/she/they probably had their ideals but things quickly petered out for lack of practical content, reach and muscle. This group could disappear and no one would notice.

Take Action Canada refuses to unite under our freedom army. It is a toothless chihuahua posturing as a freedom fighter. Take Action Canada is not our ally.

Appendix D – Liberty Club

Response 2024-04-27

Here is the email response I received from Danna Bresciani at Liberty Club on 2024-04-27.


Thank you for reaching out to The Liberty Club, and we appreciate your passion for Freedom and Uniting. This has been our goal as well. The Liberty Club has travelled across BC, worked in alliance with many Freedom organizations in Canada, as well as in the USA.

Due to the tone and nature of your email, we will respectfully decline. We work with organizations that respect one another and work together as a team. We align with unity, love and respect in our fight for Freedom. It’s not an easy battle but we believe that we need to lead and unite with organizations that set positive examples, and with those that have similar values.

I personally don’t know anything about your organization in the 4 years we have been working with other teams.

Due to this, we will respectfully decline but will continue to work in coordination with the organizations we are involved with both in Canada and the USA.

Wishing you much success in the fight for freedom!!


Danna Bresciani,

The Liberty Club, Founder

My Comment

I laughed when I read Danna’s response. We are in a war. We are not just losing this war, we are being overwhelmed on every single front. If we do not drastically change what we are doing then we have already lost this war. The only way we can turn the tide is to unite with our large scale numbers.

So why did Danna reject our demand for unity? It is because she is offended by the “tone and nature” of my email. Are you fucking kidding? We are badly losing this war and this princess refuses to commit to the only thing that will win this war for us because of “tone and nature”! Give your head a shake Danna.

Now then, what is Danna and Liberty Club are all about? Let’s take a look at the Liberty Club website.

If I had to guess, I would say this is a mom-and-pop operation working on a shoe string budget. This is a group, or rather a one woman show, that has no reach and no muscle. There is no shame in being a mom-and-pop operation on a shoe string budget. The shame is in pretending you are more then you really are and expecting respect that you have not earned.

Danna wrote, “We work with organizations that respect one another…” Bullshit! Liberty Club lists on its GROUPS WE SUPPORT web page an underwhelming 18 groups it “supports”, including the now-dead and questionable 100 Million Moms group I mentioned earlier. Aside from the possible occasional fling, there is nothing on the Libery Club website to indicate it works with any group. Liberty Club has all the hallmarks of a solitary group struggling to protect it’s puny piece of turf.

Check out it’s resource web pages – the DOCUMENT web page and the VIDEOS web page (the RESOURCES USA web page has no content). These two web pages are what I refer to as useless filler. Actually I refer to them as a vomit list of useless information, but I want to be polite here. Nothing on these web pages can be used for informative and research purposes. Besides, few visitors if any, will look at it. The only real purpose behind these two web pages is to give the appearance that there is more to the website then there really is. As you will see, there is very little else.

For comparision purposes, take a look at Mike Stone’s website Viroliegy. The website purpose is focused, comprehensive and clear about it’s purpose. It can be used as a very valuable source of information.

Let’s get back to Danna’s website and take a look at the EVENTS web page. There are two events. A rally on April 4 in Scarborough Ontario and a Stand United event on April 13. Here is the web page for the April 4 rally. The bottom of the page reads, “For Event Info, please visit: the”. Here we have Liberty Club telling us to look for information about the event on its own website. However, that information is not to be found on it’s website. I’m amused. What is this Stand United -Save Canada event on April 13, what is that about? We don’t know other than it is in Vancouver BC. It looks like calendar filler, which in turn looks like web page filler, which in turn looks like website filler. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!

Let’s take a look at the WHAT WE DO web pages. The IN THE MEDIA web page is not about fighting for freedom, it is about Danna showcasing herself and burnishing her lackluster credentials. Whoopee, she gets her 15 seconds of spotlight! So what? Funny thing though, she offers no solutions for winning this war. She is all bluster and show. Go ahead and watch, the videos are short and you can judge for yourself. I’ve already covered the GROUPS WE SUPPORT web page, it is underwhelming and deceptively misleading – more filler. The PHOTOS AND GRAPHCS web page is another meaningless list of god-only-knows what photos. More filler, smoke and mirrors meant to impress the inexperienced and uninitiated.

Here’s the funny thing about all the WHAT WE DO web pages. These web pages all feature an image with the logo “UNITE FOR FREEDOM”. I can’t stop laughing. Seriously Danna? There is nothing, absolutely fuck all, on your website about uniting.

We are 4 years into this war and, if the Liberty Club website is any indication, Danna has not done anything and is not doing anything that can win this war for us. She works alone with no resources. She has no reach and no muscle. Danna is just another toothless chihuahua that prances around masquerading as a freedom fighter. But hey, she refuses to commit to the only thing that can win this war for us because I did not stroke her ego and flatter her for what turns out to be her doing nothing meaningful. Liberty Club could disappear and no one would notice.

Any group that does not commit to uniting us under our freedom army is not our ally. Liberty Club is not our ally.

Appendix E – Save Canada

Response 2024-04-28

Here is the email response I received from Geoff at Save Canada on 2024-04-28.

My response is I scanned to the bottom where you say “we’ll list all the groups that refuse to unite as our enemies” or some nonsense Yea… that’s a losing strategy. Good luck with that. Let me help you out – Go ahead and put me #1 on the list in giant bold letters “Man in BC refuses to “unite” with random person from Quebec who sends run on unhinged emails”

I’m Ok with that



My Comment

Geoff makes it clear on his ABOUT web page that he considers himself a “freedom fighter”. Great, let’s see how he and his website measures up. Spoiler alert, he doesn’t!

Geoff’s claim to fame is a snazzy pickup truck which he showcases on the home page of his website, SAVE CANADA. That’s about all we get from Goeff.

The MEDIA web page features 3 videos, all about 15 minute cites. What do we make of this? We are being overwhelmed on all fronts in this war. But Geoff is only focused on 15 minute cities. Perhaps he thinks that if we focus only on 15 minutes cities then we can somehow win this war. A more plausible explanation is Geoff is only using this web page to showcase himself and get his sliver of the spotlight, 15 minute cities simply being the means to shine the spotlight on him. If his website is any indication, no one is looking and no one cares.

I only scanned through these 3 videos of Geoff so I probably missed some of his talking points. To summarize, Geoff talks about the problems of 15 minute cities as they pertain to his neck of the woods, British Columbia. Other than the fact Geoff is in BC, his information appears to be no different from than the many other presentations on 15 minute cities I’ve watched. Geoff’s presentation focuses on the problem. Unfortunately, he really comes up short when it comes to solution. He offers nothing more than a few vague and meaningless statements. That’s the problem with our toothless chihuahuas like Geoff. They keep flapping their gums but nothing comes out. Go ahead, watch his videos and judge for yourself.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian Action web page. This is a website filler, existing only to give the website the appearance there is more to it than there really is. Two videos are referenced, one about the Freedom Convoy and the other about the National Citizen’s Inquiry, neither of which Geoff produced. There are many videos to be found on both topics on the internet. What is the relevance of these two particular videos Geoff references? The answer is – filler.

Onto the Political Prisioners web page. This is more useless filler. This web page makes a short one paragraph reference about the Coutts 4. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to put this blurp on my own website.

Seriously Geoff, you need to stop focusing attention on your snazzy pickup truck and start focusing on content.

I was going to by pass the Contact page, but my, my, my, what do I see at the bottom of it? A DONATE button with a picture of a gas can beside it. Yup, I imagine that snazzy pickup truck guzzles a lot of gas, especially when Geoff drives it “across half of North America”. This is Geoff’s real contribution to Saving Canada, driving his snazzy pick up truck. How does Geoff spell the word “unity”? He spells it D-O-N-A-T-E. Please help Geoff save canada, send him your donations to fill up his snazzy truck.

Well, there you have it. That’s Geoff’s website, supposedly about Saving Canada but really having nothing to do with saving Canada.

Let me repeat. We are in a war. We are losing this war and losing it badly. The only thing that can win this war is what Geoff refuses to do. This wall flower refuses to unite under our freedom army because his delicate senses were offended by our demand for unity. We are 4 years into this war and Geoff has not done anything and is not doing anything that can win this war for us. He works alone with no resources. Like Danna, Geoff is another toothless chihuahua that prances around masquerading as a freedom fighter. Save Canada is another group that could disappear and no one would notice.

Any group that does not commit to uniting us under our freedom army is not our ally. Save Canada is not our ally.

Appendix F – Gather Your Wits

Response 2024-04-25 to 2024-04-30

Here is the email exchange I had with with Michelle Leduc Calin from Gather Your Wits. Michelle asks to meet with me, gets cold feet and backs out.

2024-04-25, 10:30 – email from Michelle to Ian

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your commitment to uniting freedom fighters and truth tellers in Canada.

I am participating in The Geneva Project, which aims to do the same on an international scale, but with a focus on peaceful creation rather than on war-time resistance.

There is much about your proposal that I am intrigued about, and I will review it properly over the next few days. I will be in Montreal next week and would like to meet in person. We are, after all, human beings, and I want to know who it is I’m being asked to align with.

Please let me know your availability to meet for a coffee and a chat.

All the best,


Michelle Leduc Catlin

Chief Executive Gatherer

2024-04-25, 18:10 – email from Ian to Michelle

Hello Michelle,

My time is flexible and I should be able to work around your schedule. I look forward to meeting with you.


2024-04-28, 09:42 – email from Ian to Michelle

Hello Michelle,

Can you let me know when and where you would like to meet with me this week here in Montreal?


2024-04-28, 20:26 – email from Michelle to Ian

Hi Ian,

My computer died on Friday and I’m now nearly 3 days behind in my work and having to do all email on my phone until I get a new computer tomorrow.

I want to be upfront with you and not waste your time. I have looked over your proposal and am impressed by the work you’ve done. That said, you are working in a binary paradigm that I am not aligned with. I don’t believe in the idea that people are either with us or against us. I also don’t believe in the effectiveness of the war model or a top-down model in general. These are the methods and tactics of our opponents and only serve to perpetuate the problem-reaction-solution paradigm. Put another way, the more things change the more they remain the same.

If you check out the link to the Geneva Project that I sent you, you will see the kind of unity I’m aligned with. It is consistent with Buckminster Fuller’s advice. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” This is my belief. This is where I stand.

I hope this makes sense to you. As I said, I don’t want to waste your time – and I am now playing catch-up!

I wish you all the best in your commitment to end this madness through a peaceful means. We do share that goal.

All the best,


2024-04-28, 23:21 – email from Ian to Michelle

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for responding.

Despite what you think and claim, you have been operating in a binary paradigm for the past 4 years and continue doing so now. Who is our ally and who is our enemy? What makes them our ally or our enemy? You understand with absolute certainly that we face widespread controlled opposition. The problem for us is we don’t know who that is. As for a top down model and a war time model, it is impossible for us to win this war with anything other. Yes, they are the methods and tactics used by our enemy. But no one can claim ownership of these methods and tactics and the fact our enemy uses them does not make them wrong. They have stood the test of time and proven their worth/value. Indeed, they have been adopted by every successful business today as well as every national army. Tactically, for us to ignore them is a colossal strategic mistake on our part that reflects our inexperience, naivety and ideology. On the other hand, we have repeatedly demonstrated how ineffective and impotent we are by persisting with a peacetime mindset where everyone does what they want, when they want, how they want and, more to the point, if they want. If we continue this way then, with 100% certainty, we have already lost this war.

I checked out your link to the Geneva Project. I suggest you review this website, but this time do so with a critical eye and mind. It has no content or substance! It makes reference to 4 components but provides no details. It is entirely left to the viewers imagination to speculate and that is a very, very bad sign. My sense is this website is not new and is not under construction. Am I right? The Geneva Project website is underwhelming! It offers no vision, no direction and no details. This leads me to conclude the Geneva Project is little more than wishful thinking. If this is the best the organizers of this project have to offer then they have nothing to offer. This is not my first rodeo.

I am a rare dissenting voice in our freedom community. I tried being patient and understanding with our “freedom leaders”. But no longer. To be blunt, our freedom leaders in Canada are bankrupt of ideas for how to fight and win this war. They cannot even identify who it is we must defeat to win it. Consider the full implications of that fact!

I would like to meet and talk with you. What do you say?


2024-04-30, 19:44 – email from Ian to Michelle

Hello Michelle,

I was reviewing information on your website and it led me to this interview you did with Dale. I’ve seen him in Freedom Rising meetings but know nothing about him. Out of curiosity, I watched the first 7 minutes of your interview and then went straight to Dale’s website to get firsthand information.

This webpage on Dale’s site contains the PDF file labelled “Alabama.pdf”. There are other PDF file with filenames of different states in the USA. I checked a few and they all contain more or less the same information.

I did not continue watching your interview with Dale. Based on the contents of the “Alabama.pdf” file, I will not watch your interview with him nor will I bother doing any further research on Dale.

The “Alabama.pdf” file has 1,760 pages. What I would encourage you to do is to set aside 2 hours of your time, make a strong cup of coffee, and then see if you can make any sense of Dale’s document. I found this document to be a completely disorganized and incoherent mess. Again, I know nothing about Dale and, after reviewing his document, I don’t want to know anything more about him.

You wrote to me, “I want to know who it is I’m being asked to align with.” Well, you should do the same with Dale. From what I’ve seen in Dale’s document, you have your work cut out. Share Dale’s document with your colleagues and ask for their opinion.

I am not requesting or expecting you to respond to this email.



2024-04-30, 20:29 email from Michelle to Ian

Hi Ian,

I am just in the process of setting up my new computer, which has set me back even further with the tasks I need to get done this week.

You and I have different perspectives on what needs to happen in the freedom movement, or at least how it needs to happen. I’m not going to get into a back and forth with you because I see that you are committed to the means that you have outlined, and that’s fine. I don’t agree with you but I’m not even saying that you should change your strategy. It’s just not for me.

In terms of the Geneva Project, you’re right. There’s nothing there yet. It is the beginning of a creative process that aims to build something new while others are taking down the old. My point in sending you the link was simply to give you a sense of where I’m standing and where I see my role. There are those whose skills are best suited to taking down the old and there are those who are creatives inventing the new. I am in the latter.

In fact, if you’d watched the whole interview with Dale and Kaysha Richardson, you’d know why I interviewed them (though they were my most challenging guests because they’re both quite reserved). It is their willingness to speak out after horrific challenges, as well as their grounding in a deep faith that had me ask to speak with them. If you watched any of the other interviews all the way through, you’d know that my podcast is not about agreeing with everything my guests say. I choose my guests based on their stand for truth and freedom, but more importantly for their courage, their fortitude, their way of being. I want my audience to identity with the humanity in these leaders and to find their own resources as a result.

TruedUp is about exploring why some people see what’s happening and others don’t, and why some people stand up and others don’t. It is an ontological inquiry, not a political show. I’m interested in who people are being, what sources them, and why they choose to stand up even, and especially, when the cost can be so high. At the end of each show, I highlight the life lessons I’m taking away from my conversation and ask people what they are taking away. Ultimately, it is a call for people to rise up to be their greatest selves.

As a Montreal psychic once told me, I am a spiritual warrior. My part is in the spiritual or ontological realm. I know my strengths and purpose. I am here to build bridges, not to knock them down. But I wish you Godspeed. You are obviously committed to making a difference. If you want to unite with other freedom leaders, I suggest you look into the event happening in Winnipeg in June. I’ve attached a flyer.

All the best,


2024-04-30, 22:54 – email from Ian to Michelle

Hello Michelle,

This will be my last email to you.

If the little information gleaned from the Geneva Project website is any indication, that project will predictably fall flat on its face and go nowhere. Take for example the June rally/march. I presume that is a primary action. If that is true then the rally/march will not achieve anything other than inconvenience and annoy motorists who will be forced to find alternative routes. If this is indeed a primary action then the organizers have learned nothing from the past 4 years. I suggest you invest your creative energy in something else that will at least provide some return on investment.

I’ve only quickly reviewed Dale’s document but I already see more than a few big red flags. Something is not right. This has nothing to do with politics or whether or not you agree with him, that’s a strawman argument. My sense is you have taken Dale at face value. If so, that’s a mistake. I suggest you go where the data leads. That data is to be found somewhere in Dale’s document.

I recently became aware of Ken’s unity conference. WeUnify is also hosting a competing conference. For inherent reasons, both will fail to unite us. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Both are pay-to-play. The optics on that are significant and bad. This reeks of turf wars.

2) Both are about hosting speakers, the majority we have already heard before. What can they possibility tell us that we don’t already know? We already have a glut of useless information, we don’t need more. We must unite, period. Do it! None of the organizers and speakers have proven themselves up to that task and they will prove so here again. WeUnity intends to drag this on until at least 2026.

3) Both are, at their core, begging our leaders and rank-and-file for permission to unite. This is a guaranteed recipe for failure. We have already proven that does not work.

I hope the irony is not lost on you that these are two competing groups, who know about each other, but nevertheless are vying for unity under their own banner.

I’m direct and frank. I’m not here to make friends and be liked. I’m here to win a war. Our toothless chihuahua in Canada are not doing anything that can win this war for us. They fight alone with no resources, prioritizing their petty turf wars. You call this knocking down bridges but those bridges were never built. From what I have observed of you at NCI and now your website, you are not building bridges that can win this war for us. There is only one way we can win it. We must unite with our large scale numbers, working together as one with a common vision and direction. It will only happen by sheer force of will, something our toothless chihuahuas have yet to understand.

Thanks for this exchange. I will not attempt to contact you again.



My Comment

I was amused by my email exchange with Michelle.

Michelle rejected our demand for unity because we have a “binary paradigm” and advocate for a top-down leadership with a wartime mindset. OK, what then does she offer as an alternative? Michelle says she is “aligned” with the Geneva Project, only to later acknowledge “there’s nothing there yet. It is the beginning of a creative process…”. That’s pretty flaky stuff especially coming from a very prominent member of our so call freedom community here in Canada and one who has extensive ties with most, if not all, of our prominent freedom leaders. You would think that one so well connected and well aware of our state of affairs would at least be able to offer and elaborate on one or two high level strategies for winning this war. The fact she can’t does not bode well for us.

As to our unity proposal, she wrote, “These are the methods and tactics of our opponents and only serve to perpetuate the problem-reaction-solution paradigm”. I call bullshit. This is a logical fallacy. Top down leadership with a wartime mindset is a completely unrelated and separate issue from the “problem-reaction-solution paradigm”. For Michelle to conflate the two is deceptive, misleading and invalidates her argument.

Michelle objects to a “binary paradigm” where you are either our ally or you are not our ally. Let me explain this binary. We have been overwhelmed on all fronts in this war. If you claim to be a freedom fighter and yet refuse to do the only thing that can win this war for us – uniting us – then you ARE undermining our unity and our fight. You may not be controlled opposition but you effectively serve as such. This makes you one or the other, an ally or not an ally. This is the “binary paradigm” and Michelle has been actively operating under it for the past 4 years. She just refuses to admit it.

I can’t resist adding this in. Michelle, psychics are a dime a dozen. My experience as young man is the good ones paraphrase national statistics, the bad ones don’t. That will probably leave you scratching your head. You’ll figure it out.

Now then, let’s see what we can learn about Michelle from her website?

The ubiquitous DONATE button stands out like a sore thumb. Maybe that’s just me. The purpose or mission statement in the middle of the home page is interrupted with “If you see value please consider making a DONATION.” Maybe that’s just me again. The mission statement then continues on and ends with, “It’s time for a new paradigm. A non-partisan, non-dualistic, fresh approach to our opinions, beliefs, views, and even values“. Golly gee whiz, no one has ever said that before. I guess that’s what Michelle thinks is being being creative.

Let’s go to the ABOUT web page. There are 5 points to the mission statement, all of which are fairly broad objectives, a few being rather wishy-washy. That’s not unexpected. After all, this is a one woman show operating on a shoe string budget. So I have little in the way of expectations and am not surprised to see yet another “please consider even a small monthly or one-time donation to support this website‘. There must be some pretty good content here to justify all this begging for donations. Let’s take a look.

Onto the Blog web page. I click on the first blog post “Friday food for thought” and here is what I see:

“Please consider making even a small donation to Gather Your Wits through the button in the upper right hand corner of this site.

I’m roaring with laughter!

Next, I read Trued Up with Dale & Kaysha Richardson. I’ve heard of Dale, seen him at Freedom Rising meetings and decided to see what he has to say. What I found raised more than a few red flags. So I sent Michelle two emails on April 30. She showed no interest and was not concerned. Michelle, that is not the right answer.

The next post I read was Trued Up with Jason Christoff. I’m not a fan of Jason. Having read and listened to Jason on numerous occasions, including this interview with him by Michelle, I have yet to see him demonstrate what I would consider to be expertise in mind control. What I do see is Jason exploiting the freedom community for his own personal gain. If indeed Jason has valuable information that can help us win this war then we can’t get it unless each of us drops a few thousand US dollars into his pocket and make our way down to Mexico at our own expense. I have pointed out that Jason does not talk about unity, does not want unity and can’t afford to unity. Jason is not our ally.

That was enough of Michelle’s blog for me. After that, I scanned through the titles of the blog posts and noted the subject topics are covered in other of our websites, substack spaces and even shows.

Being a blog, the subject matter Michelle posts is chronologically ordered thereby making it fairly useless as an information/research source. About the only thing I found of interest in Michelle’s blog is that it confirms she has extensive contacts in our so called freedom community here in Canada.

I quickly checked out her PODCAST web page. Of the few podcasts there are, I’ve heard half of these people and have no interest in hearing what the other half has to say. Again, there does not appear anything unique.

So that’s it for Michelle’s website. There is nothing special in it. If it provides Michelle with cathartic release then that is a good thing. But from the perspective of helping us win this war, it has nothing to offer. Michelle’s website could disappear and no one would notice.

Michelle will not commit to the only thing that can win this war for us – our unity under our freedom army. Michelle is another princess that wants unity, but only under her terms and alignment. Sorry my princess, wars are not fought and won that way. Like the other groups presented in this blog post, Michelle is not doing anything that can win this war for us. For the most part, she works alone or in small numbers, with no resources. This makes her yet another of our toothless chihuahuas that masquerades as a freedom fighter.

Any group that does not commit to uniting us under our freedom army is not our ally. Michelle is not our ally.