Candidates for the National Council

Here is my proposal for how we win this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism. In short, we unite under our freedom army that is led by a National Council. This blog post identifies the candidates being considered for the National Council.

The following people have been contacted and asked to sit on the National Council. Their response, to accept or decline the position, will be posted on this website.

  • Donald Best
  • Jason Lavigne
  • Jeremy Mackenzie
  • Ken Drysdale
  • Tom Marazzo

Other people being considered as potential candidates for the National Council are as follow:

  • Gloriane Blais
  • Kari Simpson
  • Marco Van Huigenbos
  • Ryan Penn
  • Vincent Gircy

All candidates listed above have demonstrated their capabilities and our rank-and-file will recognize most, if not all, of them. This is not the final list and other candidates will be considered as required.

Let it be clear that I will be on the National Council.

As explained in my proposal, unity will only come when there is an overwhelming demand for it from our rank-and-file. That will not occur until our rank-and-file see a real and significant change in our freedom movement that convinces them that our unity is possible. That changes starts with the creation of the National Council.

The purpose of the National Council is to bring leadership, structure and organization to our freedom movement across Canada. As explained in the proposal, the responsibilities of the National Council will be as follows:

  1. Build our freedom army.
  2. Define, prioritize and/or act on objectives and strategies for winning this war, for defeating and eliminating the cabal and it’s global network.
  3. Organize, train and mobilize our rank-and-file to engage in actions across Canada.
  4. Organize and coordinate our actions with the National Councils in all other countries.

My name is Ian Bell. I live in Montreal, Quebec. I am a nobody and only a handful of people in the freedom movement know anything about me. Why then would the people listed above accept to be on the National Council here in Canada, a position that is just an empty title right now?

Uniting with our large scale numbers is a timeless strategy. No one owns the idea and all of us understand it. Uniting with our large scale numbers under our freedom army is the only way we win this war. Our army is about the leadership, structure and organization we must have to win this war. It does not matter whether we build our freedom army under my proposal or someone elses proposal. Our freedom army must be built. If the intention of the above people is actually to fight and win this war then leading our freedom army will be their most important contribution.

If you have read any of my recent blog posts then you will know I am highly critical of our freedom leaders and freedom groups. Unity is something they talk about. Talk is cheap. It’s time to see and judge who is serious about winning this war. Those that are serious will unite us by building, leading and/or joining our freedom army. Those that are not serious will just keep flapping their gums, going nowhere.