Winning this war – part 2

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Part 2 is an assessment of what our freedom fighters have accomplished up to now.

The report card

The covid fraud began at then end of 2019 and marks the onset of this war of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T) the cabal is waging against us. We have now been fighting that war for four years. What have our freedom fighters in Canada accomplished? The answer is nothing meaningful and this includes the Ottawa Freedom Convoy (OFC) and the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI).

We don’t know our enemy, we have no army, we have no unity. We react to the symptoms of this war (e.g. digital currency, digital identity, SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify), 15 minute cities) but never target its cause (i.e. the cabal). We have no leadership, no discipline, no organization and no infrastructure. We fight alone and with few resources. We are always on the defense, never on the offense. We are not decentralized, we are disorganized. We have no common vision or direction. In this war, we have crippled ourselves from the start. The fact we pay no attention to such matters explains why nothing we have done, are doing or will do makes a meaningful contribution in this global war of T&T.

Unity without large scale numbers loses this war for us. Large scale numbers without unity loses this war for us. We must have unity with our large scale numbers to win this war of T&T. It is obvious what we must do to win this war. It is obvious we are not doing that. All of this leads to only one conclusion. If we continue this way then we have already lost this war. We are not fighting this war now and we have not been fighting it since we first imagined we were.

Our enemy and governments fight us with a wartime mindset and the principle of might-is-right. We feebly counter with a peace-time mindset where everyone does what they want, when they want, how they want and worse, if they want. This makes it impossible for us to win this war.

If we are to win this war then we must regroup, unite, drastically change our objectives and strategies, and then fight on our own terms. Our enemy consists of the most powerful people, families, businesses, institutions, agencies and states in this world. If we are to defeat and eliminate them, which is the only way we can win this war, then we have no choice but to unite ourselves with our large scale numbers across the world and to fight together as one with a common vision and direction. Anything less and we have lost this war.

We know what we must do to win this war. The question is will we do it?

Everything seems remarkable…when your expectations are zero

On Friday evening of March 1, I joined my first Brassballs Zoom meeting. Brassballs is a feisty group out of New Brunswick. But this meeting had less than 25 people and I left after about 20 minutes. I jumped into a Maggie Braun meeting that was scheduled at the same time. After about 25 minutes, I left it because there were less than 20 people. Earlier on that day, the Freedom Rising meeting only had about 150 people. And no, these are not leaders, most are followers. The Stand4Thee Zoom meetings held each Friday night only gets around 150 people. I recently joined, out of curiosity, two Vaccine Choice Canada Tuesday night open session meetings. Both had less than 25 people. I stopped attending the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Zoom meetings hosted by Kari Simpson each Friday because the numbers had dwindled from a high of about 60 to less than 25 after a few meetings.

I watch our alternative media shows such as The Lavigne Show and The Shadoe Davis Show. They get between 1,000 to 6,000 views per show. For a media source, these numbers are very low. Jeremy Mackenzie gets a “relatively respectable” over 10K views on Rumble. But in absolute terms, those numbers are nothing to brag about. Check out the number of views NCI has on Rumble. A large number of NCI videos have only 1k to 10k views. Some of its videos have 10k to 100K views and a scattering few videos with numbers above that. For an action considered so highly significant by our freedom community, those numbers are awfully low.

I use Telegram, a social media platform. Most of our channels/groups have a few thousand members at best. Where members are allowed to post, less than 1% of member are active. Of those that are active, the majority are parrots parroting what a thousand other parrots have parroted in a thousand other channels. There a glut of information and nothing about meaningful actions. I occasionally use Twitter and Facebook and they too have a glut of information and no meaningful action.

The BC Rising group held a Zoom meeting on Thursday, February 29, about UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples). It had about 2,200 people. The next day, in Friday’s Freedom Rising meeting, Ted Kuntz cheered by saying this “an incredible response”. Ted would definitely know, given his standing in the freedom community. I found this so comical and laughed to myself. Yes, 2,200 is considered an unusually large number for a Zoom meeting organized by our freedom fighters. But there are 40 million Canadians of which we have varying estimates of 5% to 30% being “awake”, “freedom fighters” or “freedom supporters”. So the reality of a beggarly 2,200 people from across Canada is very underwhelming!

Here is the point. Our freedom leaders do not create expectations and have no expectations. The inherent nature of how our freedom movement is structured and operates produces no meaningful results. This is why Ottawa Freedom Convoy (OFC) and the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) are considered remarkable accomplishments; we have zero expectations. If our freedom movement in Canada had been united with our large scale numbers then OFC and NCI would be considered just a normal part of our operations.

The nationwide protest against the carbon tax

A nationwide protest against the carbon tax began on April 1. This protest is another example of how we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Let’s look at this protest in terms of objectives, strategies, metrics and results. It is never a good sign when we are left to speculate about any of these four criteria and yet that is what we are forced to do here.

Here are a few sources of information (see here, here and here).


The objective is the “immediate removal of the Carbon Tax, without replacement by any other form of taxation”.

Protests and petitions that constitute the primary action always fail. Protests and petitions might only be effective if they are a secondary or tertiary action in support of a primary action.1 In the past 4 years, all our protests have been primary actions and all failed to reach their objectives.

This carbon tax protest is the primary action with writing to members of parliament being a secondary action. On its own, the protest cannot achieve its objective.


There is a four point strategy in the mission statement. I have many questions about the strategy and no answers. Here are a few:

  • The third point is “continue the peaceful event until goals are achieved, regardless of duration”. Apparently there are multiple goals. Aside from getting the carbon tax canceled, what are the other goals. We don’t know.
  • The protest is to go on indefinitely “until the goals are achieved”. What and where is the organization and organizational infrastructure (e.g. logistics, communication, food, shelter) needed to sustain this protest for the long term. We don’t know.
  • For this protest to be successful, it must have hundreds of thousands of people at a minimum. How many people did the organizers expect to man the protest lines? We don’t know. How many showed up? The pictures I am seeing indicate there are no more than a few hundred people.
  • Other than show up and stand around, what are protesters supposed to do? We don’t know.
  • The protest will certainly inconvenience and anger drivers but how will it apply pressure on our government leaders so that they take action? We don’t know.


How will the success or failure of this protest be measured? We don’t know. The organizers have not defined the metric(s), we are left to speculate.


The ‘result’ criteria has two parts to it: 1) before any action is commenced, what results do the organizers expect and 2) when the action is over, what are the actual results? Having answers to both parts is normally how we learn about what works and what does not work. If we want to improve then we must assess and learn from our mistakes. This is common sense.

What expected results do the organizers have for this carbon tax protest? Is the protest based on little more than wishful thinking and hope? Or do the organizers have a comprehensive plan of action? We don’t know.

When the dust has settled and we know the fate of the carbon tax, what role will the protest have played? We won’t know. Well, that is not entirely true.


The intention behind the carbon tax protest is good but, based on what I understand, the implementation is terrible. This is a pattern we have seen in the overwhelming majority of our initiatives/actions to date. For these reasons, I personally will not participate in this protest and I cannot support it. It is a poor use of our people, precious resources and good will. If the carbon tax is eventually canceled then it will not be because of this protest.

This proposal offers a much more effective way to counter the carbon tax and that is by mobilizing our rank-and-file in their own community, with every community in Canada fighting against this tax. As a simple example, we order our rank-and-file to flood the riding/community office of every single federally elected member of parliament with rotating member sit-in and broadcast this nationwide action 24/7. This will become clearer once you have read this proposal.

The cabal

Who is our real enemy we must defeat and eliminate to win this war of T&T? Let’s try to put a face to the cabal.

It is the State of London, the Vatican State and the State of Washington DC. It is the central banks of the world and the Bank of International Settlements. It is the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the United Nations. It is Google, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Palantir, Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street. It is the hundreds of companies listed as supporters on the World Economic Forum’s website. It is the CIA in the US that has been weaponized against us little people. It is the Rothschilds, the Klaus Schwabs, the George Soros, the Elon Musks, the Donald Trumps and the Bill Gates of our world. It is every trillionaire and billionaire. It is every Jewish Zionist that has a catastrophic control over our governments and our lives. It is Bnai Brith, the Anti-Defamation League and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. It is the most powerful people, families, businesses, institutions and agencies that are waging their war of Technocracy and Transhumanism against us, the little people. This is the face of our real enemy. This is the face of the cabal, those I refer to as the elite criminals, that we must defeat and eliminate if we are to win this war.

It will overwhelm our freedom groups to think of what they must do to just eliminate Blackrock and it’s CEO Larry Fink – one company and one person. Our freedom groups fight alone. Fighting alone, the challenge of eliminating just this one company reveals just how insignificant our solitary freedom groups are. Now picture our solitary freedom groups, with no resources, up against the entire might of the cabal’s global network. I don’t know about you, but the utter absurdity and futility in that imagery, a solitary ant versus a pack of hyenas, highlights the self-imposed impotence of our solitary freedom groups. It makes me roar with laughter. But that is the reality about our freedom groups today in Canada.


  1. Assume our government in Canada is sued for its heavy handed overreach in the covid mandates and, throughout the legal proceedings in a courtroom, a protest is organized outside the courthouse. In this example, the legal proceeding constitutes the primary action while the protest outside the courthouse is a secondary action in support of the primary action ↩︎
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