My original purpose for this website was to organize and mobilize the people in my own community to engage in civil disobedience against the fraudulent covid health mandates. That was a spectacular failure. Undaunted, I participated in a number of other initiatives as well as my own one-man-protest on Parliament Hill. They too were spectacular failures. Trudging on, I began monitoring what others were doing in the freedom fighting community across Canada. That led to where I am now.

We do not have freedom fighters in Canada. What we have are undisciplined, heavily fragmented, completely disorganized, short-sighted, self-centered and self-serving people who masquerade as freedom fighters. My current pet-peeve is to point out these fake freedom fighters for the joke they are.

Now you are probably asking why this site is called Virus Fraud when it really has nothing to do with viruses. Before answering that question, let me first direct you to Mike Stones excellent website Viro-lie-gy for an extensive and comprehensive review about alleged viruses.

This website Virus Fraud was started after I learned that everything about viruses is fraud on a global scale. I learned there is no scientific proof that viruses are contagious. I learned there is no scientific proof that viruses cause disease. I learned there is no scientific proof for the existence of any and all viruses. I learned virologists do not know what an independent variable is and what control groups are. I learned that the techniques of cell cultures kill and destroy living cells. I learned that it is impossible for electron microscopes to image any and all biological, living matter. I learned that virology is a pseudo-science and that virologists are frauds and quacks. I learned that intelligent people are afraid of an fictitious invisible ‘virus‘ but are not afraid of getting multiple untested experimental injections that have now killed an estimated 17 million people world wide and left tens of millions with servere adverse reactions and injuries. I learned I was second class citizen in my own country, denied access to all public places and services, simply because I refused to wear a face diaper (i.e. mask). I learned that covid was a work of absolute diabolical brilliance on a global scale based on nothing more than a fake virus, a fake disease and a fake pandemic. The virus fraud has had formative impact on me, hence the name of this website.

Ian Bell
Montreal, Canada