Winning this war – part 1

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A global war of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T) is being waged against us, the little people. This is World War III. There is only one way for us to win this war. We are not doing it.

This is a proposal for winning this war. It requires we drastically changes our strategy, unites us under a freedom army, has nothing to do with violence and will win this war for us.

This proposal has 6 parts. Part 1 is the introduction you are now reading. Part 2 is an assessment of what our freedom fighters have accomplished up to now. Part 3 describes the process for building a freedom army that unites us. Part 4 looks at Canada wide actions that become possible once we are united under our freedom army. Part 5 looks at a number of issues I feel must be addressed in any proposal that unites us. Part 6 is a wrap up with few a final words.

In the freedom movement, we have leaders and followers. I refer to the former as freedom leaders and the latter as our rank-and-file.

We are the little people from the street. As a general statement, there are three groups of us: 1) the freedom fighters, 2) the sheep and covid zombies and 3) those sitting on the fence being neither freedom fighters or sheep. This proposal focuses mainly on the first group, our freedom fighters.

There is a cabal. The cabal is real. The cabal owns and/or controls most of the world. The cabal now wants absolute and total ownership and control over everything in this world including us, the little people. The cabal is making a final push for total and absolute ownership and control. This war of T&T is that final push. The depopulation agenda of the cabal will eliminate the bulk of humanity and enslave the few of us that remain. If we lose this war then we literally have no future. It is an understatement to say our situation is dire and desperate.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. If the horse will not drink then there is no point leading it to water. This describes our freedom leaders, at least here in Canada. The horse represents our freedom leaders. The water represents what our freedom leaders must do to defeat the cabal and win this war of T&T. What happens if this horse won’t drink? That is simple, it dies. That is no exaggeration.

Let’s start with three facts.

  1. You can’t win a war if you don’t know who it is you must defeat to win it.

    We don’t know who we must defeat to win this war of T&T. Yes, our enemy is the cabal but who and what is the cabal? The answer is we really don’t know and we haven’t given it any real thought.

  2. You can’t win a war if you don’t have an army to fight that war.

    We don’t have a freedom army. We haven’t even thought about building a freedom army.

  3. We are out-gunned, out-resourced and out-classed in all ways except one. We have only one strength and that is our large scale numbers. We can only win this war by uniting with our large scale numbers, working as one with a common vision and direction in Canada and across the world.

    We are not united. We fight alone. We do not have a common vision and direction.

We have not addressed these three facts and that leads to only one conclusion. Given we don’t know who we must defeat, we don’t have our freedom army and we are not united with our large scale numbers, it is impossible for us to win this war. That means everything we are doing is pointless and meaningless. Let that sink in!

We have an obvious contradiction. On the one hand, we face a real existential danger. Our situation in this war of T&T is dire and desperate, with an urgency that requires and dictates only one course of action for us; unity with our large scale numbers. On the other hand, we are not united and unity is not even on our radar. The only thing that can defeat our enemy and win this war for us is the one thing we will not do. This is a contradiction that I keep coming back to and which provides the underlying motivation for this proposal.

We are four years into this war of T&T. In Canada, we do not have any proposals, not a single one, that is even remotely aimed at ending this global war. If our freedom fighters in other countries have one then I have not heard about it. We are bankrupt of ideas of how to end this war and worse still, seemingly oblivious to this fact. What is going on?

One might think there wouldn’t be any question about why and how our freedom fighters unite, that this would intuitively be natural, something automatically done by our freedom fighters. And yet we are not united and our unity remains elusive. The first question is why and the second question is how do we unite ourselves? This proposal is my answer.

This proposal is about using a peaceful, nonviolent strategy to take back Canada , our country and home, from the cabal. There is nothing subtle about the strategy. The strategy requires we fully unite all our freedom fighters in Canada and with a large number of other Canadians. We create and unite under our own freedom army. Our freedom army operates with a wartime mindset where orders are issued and followed. Our army operates with the wartime principle of might-is-right, where the strongest wins. Each action undertaken by our freedom army mobilizes our rank-and-file in each community across the country. What we do in one community is simultaneously done in all communities across Canada. We create our own political parties at all levels of government, federal, provincial and municipal. The rank-and-file in our army are ordered to vote our political parties into majority governments. This will give us the full backing of our country and all its resources which we will need to eliminate the cabal. This process must be repeated in a majority of countries of the world. All countries must form an alliance with the primary objective of eliminating the cabal and it’s global network. If you want a peaceful, nonviolent means to take back our countries from the cabal then this is the only way to do it. This proposal adds up and rings true in a way nobody had thought about in the past four years.

This proposal is repetitive and will often sound like a broken record. That is intentional.

If you think this proposal for winning this war is a pipe dream then you need to take a hard look at what you are doing now. Unity with our large scale numbers can defeat our enemy and win this war, what you are doing cannot!

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