Winning this war – part 4

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Part 4 looks at Canada wide actions that become possible once we are united under our freedom army.

The what of unity

Our freedom groups are engaged in hundreds of actions across Canada. There are some good ideas behind a few of them. But what makes all of these actions of little value is they have no reach and no muscle. The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) and it’s report is an example of a good idea. Unfortunately, most Canadians have not heard about either and, unless something changes, that report is destined for the dustbins of history. We must not allow that to happen.

Every sector of our economy in Canada and economies throughout the world are controlled by the cabal and its global network. We are highly dependent upon the cabal’s network for most everything we need to survive and live on a day-to-day basis. The cabal has a stranglehold on us and the covid fraud demonstrated just how vulnerable all of us are across the world. To break that stranglehold and win this war, we must eliminate the cabal and its network. However, that represents only half our battle. The other half of that battle will be to replace the cabal’s network with our own network that serves our needs and interests.1 But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This part of the proposal is about what we do with unity and our large scale numbers. As mentioned, there is nothing subtle about what we do. In every action we undertake, we use our large scale numbers to steamroll and overwhelm our enemy in Canada and the world. The National Council prioritizes initiatives and those selected for action are executed by our rank-and-file simultaneously across Canada. What we do in one community, we simultaneously do in all communities across Canada.

There are three broad classes of action with large scale numbers that Street Army Canada will employ: 1) establish a street presence, 2) influence policy and 3) make policy.

Establish a street presence

There are millions of freedom fighters and supporters here in Canada. We pass each other every day in our daily activities. We are surrounded by allies. But we can’t identify them and they can’t identify us. We are invisible. That must change. Establishing a street presence is about letting all Canadians know who we are and what we are about. We are not a fringe minority as our governments claim and we will prove that by becoming visible.

What makes the sheep and covid zombies stand out in our communities? When the fraudulent covid mandates were lifted, the sheep and zombies continued wearing the face diaper (i.e. the mask). A few continue wearing them even today. The face diaper is their badge (of shame) and they stand out like a sore thumb.

We need to stand out. We must establish a street presence, something that makes each of us visible in public. It could be as simple as a symbol on badge or sign we put on our coat, hat or bag. When we unite under Street Army Canada, our rank-and-file should proudly display a badge with the name Street Army Canada on it. We are in a numbers war. Our rank-and-file must be able to see our numbers for themselves.

Establishing a street presence means more than just being able to visibly identify our rank-and-file on the street. It can include ordering our rank-and-file to plaster our posters throughout every community. What we do in one community, we do in all our communities across Canada. It can include ordering our rank-and-file to host community workshops, attend and/or speak at every city hall meeting in every community. Imagine how powerful a message we will send if we put Maggie Braun’s KICKLEI initiative into every community in Canada. Street Army Canada can do that.

There are many ways to establish a strong and ongoing street presence in every community across Canada. Our National Council prioritizes initiatives and then, for each initiative, orders our rank-and-file to action in every one of our communities. What we do in one community, we simultaneously do in all communities across Canada.

With a strong and ongoing street presence, legacy media will be hard pressed to ignore us. A street presence combined with our broadcast network will make it extremely difficult for legacy media to ignore and distort our messaging. This will go a long way towards effectively countering the dogma and propaganda from our enemy.

Let’s create and maintain a strong street presence. Seeing is believing. It will be inspiring and motivating to see our large scale numbers as we go about our daily lives in our own communities.

Influence policy

We do not yet have our own freedom political parties. Until then, we must be able to influence political parties at all levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal) in Canada. We also need to be able to reach all the decision makers including doctors, scientists, police, judges, lawyers, etc.

The squeaky wheel gets the attention and we aim to use Street Army Canada to get a lot of attention.

Here is an example of how Street Army Canada can mobilize our rank-and-file to get Canada wide coverage and attention for the NCI report. Keep in mind this is not just about influencing policy. The process described next can be applied to any and all of our actions. Regardless of the action, what we do in one community we simultaneously do in all communities across Canada.

Assume the National Council has made getting the NCI report out across Canada a priority. We want to swamp all authority officials in Canada with this report. The National Council defines the objective, the strategy and the metric. The starting or initial objective is to simply deliver the NCI report to all our politicians, all our doctors and health care workers, all our law enforcement workers and all legal system workers with the NCI report. The strategy is to order our rank-and-file to distribute the NCI report in every community across Canada. The measurable metric is simply the total number of people targeted to receive the report. If a to-be-defined percent (e.g. 95%) of targeted people receive the report then the objective is met (the initiative is successful) otherwise the objective is not met (i.e. the initiative fails).

The report will delivered in stages2; to every doctor in Canada in the first stage, to every judge in the second stage, to every law enforcement officer and chief of police in the third stage, etc. The National Council issues orders to Provincial Councils (PCS) that the NCI report is to be distributed to all doctors in their respective provinces. The PCS will have an administrative group compile a list of doctors that the report is to be delivered to. The orders and doctor list will then transmitted down through the chain of command from PCS to Regional Councils (RCS) to District Councils (DCS) and finally to Community Councils (CCS). The CCS will then issue these orders with the list of doctors to our rank-and-file in its community. Our rank-and-file must then then deliver and provide confirmation of delivery of the NCI report to those doctors.

The initiatives undertaken by Street Army Canada are not necessarily new. What is entirely new is how we action each one with our large scale numbers. Our National Council prioritizes initiatives and then points the large scale numbers of our rank-and-file at where they are to go and what they are to do. Again, what we do in one community, we simultaneously do in all our communities across Canada. This is how we give each of our actions reach and muscle. It can be particularly effective in getting around the widespread censorship we now face. We drive home our actions and messaging with our sheer numbers.

There is nothing new about a chain of command. It reflects how every big business and army operates. What is new is that we are applying this model to give critically needed structure and organization to our freedom fighters. This is what unity is about. This is what unity looks like. As you can see, this has nothing to do with violence.

Make policy

Klaus Schwab bragged that he stacked half of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet with his young leaders. Trudeau being one of them. Two can play that game. We we will do just that plus significantly raise the stakes.

The idea here is simple. We become the government and we then make might-is-right policy that reflects our interests. This is majority rule – highly questionable during peacetime, absolutely necessary during wartime! We create our own political parties, at all levels of government, and our rank-and-file are ordered to vote them into a majority government.

Our governments at all levels have been subverted by Klaus and his horrific gang of parasites, pedophiles and psychopaths. The only way to restore our governments is for us to form a majority government. That only happens when we have unity with large scale numbers and Street Army Canada orders our rank-and-file to vote our own political party into government with a majority vote.

I have listened to a number of proposals from our freedom groups about how voter turnout for elections at the municipal and provincial levels is very low. It is therefore quite easy to win elections by organizing and mobilizing relatively small numbers of people at the municipal and provincial levels. I don’t know about the federal level but the principle of numbers still applies. What is proposed here is how to generate the numbers that promises to elect our own political parties.

What is Street Army Canada? It is the large number of us in Canada who do not accept the cabal’s One World Government and its depraved ideology of T&T. We recognize the only way we can defeat the cabal is by uniting ourselves with our large scale numbers. Unity with large scale numbers is our primary strategy and we adopt that strategy in every action we undertake, including restoring our political system to represent our interests and not the interests of the cabal. Street Army Canada is what unites us and gives us direction.

We are in a war and that war requires we adopt a war-time mindset and the principle of might-is-right. A war-time mindset means we understand orders are issued and followed. Our rank-and-file are ordered to vote our own political parties into office. This is how we use the principle of might-is-right and our numbers to our strategic advantage. If you want to win this war without violence then this is the how we do it. It is all about our numbers and only about our numbers. No numbers? No results!

As I said, there is nothing subtle about our strategy. We use our numbers to steamroll our own political parties into office.

The fence sitters

As was mentioned, there are three general groups of people with the third group being the fence sitters. We will need the fence sitters to come on side with us and they will play a vital part in our fight against the cabal. Once we have united our freedom fighters then will must immediately begin the process of having the fence sitters unite with us. How do we get them?

If I am correct, our freedom fighters and the NCI report share something in common; the fence sitters know nothing about us and probably are not even aware we exist. So the first step in bringing the fence sitters on side with us is to let them know we exist. That is where our establishing a street presence and influencing policy comes in. Our street presence across Canada will make the fence sitters realize just how large our numbers are. Without having to say anything, our large numbers will be a very compelling and persuasive argument for the fence sitters. Needless to say, the sheep and covid zombies will also take notice.

Another way of letting the fence sitters learn about us is via our Canada wide broadcasting network that includes all our social media channels. It is inconceivable that fence sitters who use social media will not come across our social media channels. We will flood our fence sitters with our messaging on social media.

Most fence sitters will respond well to information and facts we share. It will certainly help to sway them when they see we are united, are flooding our social media with our messaging and they see us everywhere in public.

Steamrolling across Canada

How angry are you about the depraved agendas being forced down our throats? Does the child abuse also known as the butcher-and-sterilize your child trans agenda do it for ya? Does the 100+ different sexes for your kids do it for ya? Does the child-get-your-clot/kill shot-but-don’t-tell-your-parents do it for ya? Does the grooming-for-pedophiles child sexual indoctrination in elementary schools do it for ya? Do the immigrants flooding our country that don’t give a shit about our values, traditions and culture do it for ya? Does the engineered white ethnocide in our country do it for ya? Does the engineered skyrocketing inflation, skyrocketing food prices and unaffordable housing do it for ya? Does the pointless carbon tax or the fraudulent Online Hate Crimes (i.e. censorship) Act do if for ya? Does our corrupt federal government and traitorous top politicians do it for ya? What does it for ya? If you are not angry, as in seething with anger, then there is something is seriously wrong with you.

We can’t tackle all these agendas and crises at once. To be effective, we must prioritize them and tackle them in their order of priority. That is the responsibility of the National Council in Street Army Canada. When our National Council gives us a target then the chain of command kicks in and our rank-and-file are mobilized to converge on that target. We will be much more effective this way instead having each of us running around, like chickens without heads, doing completely different things. Our aim, in everything Street Army Canada does, is to literally swamp and steamroll over our enemy with our numbers. This means we must be organized and coordinated in Canada. Moreover, the intention must be to synchronize our actions in Canada with all other countries in the world.

This is what it means to unite with our large scale numbers, with a wartime mindset and with the principle of might-is-right. This can only be done under Street Army Canada and our street armies of the world. Our turf wars and fighting alone are simply not up to the challenge of the high level of organization, coordination and synchronization we must have to defeat the cabal and win this war.

Let me repeat, if we want to defeat our enemy and win this war of T&T with peaceful and nonviolent means then this is how we do it in Canada and across the world.


We want to hold accountable the people who imposed the fraudulent covid mandates on us and all the economic, financial and personal harm these mandates caused us. Millions of us have been killed by the clot/kill shots (i.e. “covid vaccine”), and hundreds of millions have suffered serious injury. These fraudulent covid mandates destroyed our businesses, families and lives. Trudeau, Freeland, Lametti and all other traitors to Canada caused us real harms. They are complicit in murdering Canadians.

Accountability can only happen when we become the government and that happens by electing our own political parties into power with a majority at all levels of government. Then our political parties must exercise sheer strength of political will and might to force through accountability. Our legal system protected these traitors during the covid fraud and our legal system will try to protect them when we bring them to account. The law is what our courts say it is and our courts have been subverted. We will force our legal system to be the justice system it was meant to be.

Accountability means stripping these traitors of their pensions and assets they acquired during the fraudulent covid mandates. Accountability means putting these criminals behind bars for a long period of time, if not for life. Accountability means imposing heavy fines and penalties on the middle men who did great harm to us. Accountability means reinstating the death penalty for treason. Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and Jagmeet Singh are traitors to Canada.

Currently, a few of our freedom groups have launched lawsuits in an attempt to hold our government accountable. They are joke. Even if they are successful, most of what might be awarded will come from public purse. I understand the Accountability Project will try to hold Trudeau personally responsible. Trudeau is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Anything the Accountability Project might win from Trudeau will be chump change to Trudeau. Not a single person will have their pensions and assets effected. They will not spend any time behind bars. The cabal will protect Trudeau and Freeland, giving them plumb jobs once they leave public office.

All other countries must adopt the same aggressive stance on holding people who harmed us to account. We can show leeway and mercy on those near the bottom. But those at the top and the middle must pay heavily for their crimes and treason against us.

Without Street Army Canada and the street armies of the world, we cannot and will not have any expectations for accountability. Without expectations, the few table scraps and bones tossed our way will seem remarkable; the word that comes to my mind is “pathetic”.

Monetary reform

Monetary reform is about breaking our dependencies on the cabal and its global network. One of the first things we must do in Canada and every country of the world is to force through monetary reform.

Our governments in all countries now borrow money from the world’s central banks that are owned and controlled by the cabal. As a direct result, the national debt of all countries is unsustainable and unpayable. This is causing our global financial systems to collapse. This is the real cause of the conflict and crises we are seeing in our economies and our lives. Covid was never about an alleged virus, an alleged disease and a pandemic; all were fake. The covid fraud had nothing to do with protecting public health and safety. The covid fraud was simply a crude but brilliant ruse to divert our attention away from our collapsing global financial system. This is why the cabal is rushing it’s tyrannical plans for One World Government under the depraved ideology of T&T. But that is not point here.

A country that does not control its money supply and monetary policy is a country that has no control over its economy and cannot provide for the needs of its citizens. All countries in the world have lost this control to the cabal. Canada lost this control when Pierre Eliott Trudeau, the alleged father of Justin Trudeau, sold us out to the cabal.

Prior to Pierre Trudeau, our governments (e.g. federal, provincial and municipal) borrowed money from the Bank of Canada. Our governments debt was peanuts and we owed it to ourselves. Starting with Pierre Trudeau, our government debts began to steeply accumulate, never going down, always rocketing upward. This is reckless and gross mismanagement of Canada’s finances and resources that only benefits the cabal and severely impacts all Canadians.

Money our governments are forced to borrow is an accounting entry. What that means is the central banks of the cabal create money from thin air. It is not their money and it does not cost them anything to create that money. But in return, the cabal demands we give it heavily discounted access to our hard resources such as minerals, fresh water and wood. In Canada alone, we unnecessarily pay tens of billions of dollars of our hard earned money in interest to the cabal each year. The cabal demands we pay more and higher taxes because our debt at all levels of government is unsustainable and unpayable. This is criminal theft and, under our current legal system, we cannot prosecute the cabal because it has written itself full legal immunity from prosecution. When we form the government and make policy then that means we stop giving the cabal our money and we revoke their legal immunity.

The cabal dictates Canada’s monetary policy and our governments simply implement them. This is why our governments in Canada are so deeply indebted. The cabal leverages this debt to control our governments and our personal lives (e.g. austerity measures). It should not be this way. We can and must end this theft. For Canada, monetary reform means restoring to the Bank of Canada the responsibility of controlling the Canadian money supply and monetary policy.

Figuratively speaking, the cabal has the keys to the world’s money printing presses. When you and I need money then we must earn it through a salary or self-employment. Not so for the cabal. When the cabal needs money it simply prints it, again figuratively speaking. That puts us at a huge disadvantage in this war of T&T. The cabal prints the money to pay its puppets to fight us on a full time basis. We, on the other hand, cannot fight back on a full time basis because we have jobs and other responsibilities that occupy a big part of our day. To win this war we must start thinking about how to tip the balance in our favor. The short answer is we must rip the world’s money printing presses from the hands of the cabal. That starts by taking control over the creation of our money supply and monetary policy here in Canada. This is what monetary reform is about.

Monetary reform is not something new here in Canada or any other country. Many have talked about the need for it. COMER was one such action here in Canada. Unfortunately, it did not succeed.

All you need to understand for now is that monetary reform, in Canada and every country of the world, represents a big part of “ripping the world’s money printing presses” from the hands of the cabal. If we are successful with monetary reform then that means Canadian resources the cabal is currently using to fight against us will instead become ours that we can use to fight the cabal. Each country that achieves monetary reform will likewise take back critical resources the cabal currently uses against us and that we can then use to fight against the cabal.

We must have monetary reform in Canada and every country of the world.

This proposal has been hammering away on the fact that our only strength is our large scale numbers. We have lost control of everything we need to survive to the cabal so we start with the only strength we have, our numbers. Monetary reform means we take a big part of that control back from the cabal. When that happens then our strength will become so much more than just our large scale numbers. Monetary reform alone, in Canada and all countries, will not win this war for us but it will significantly tip the balance of this war in our favor.

There is nothing subtle about what we must do to achieve monetary reform; numbers matter and might is right.

The scale and scope of our war

Monetary reform is but the first step in defeating the cabal. There are many things we must do to strip the cabal of its ill gotten gains. I list a few in the section titled “What do we do once the street is united” in an older blog post. We must repudiate Canada’s national, provincial and municipal debts. We were forced into unsustainable and unpayable debt to the cabal and this means that is all odious debt. We stop paying it! We eliminate our private banks such as Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank and Toronto Dominion in replace them with public banks. The cabal and its network hides its money in tax havens and foundations. We must therefore eliminate both tax havens and foundations.

All you need to understand at this point is what these things represent is “ripping the world’s money printing presses” from the hands of the cabal. This is the Achilles Heel of the cabal. We are in a war where might-is-right and this is our declaration of war against the cabal.

This is where things will most likely get a lot worse for us before they get better. We are going for the cabal’s jugular vein and the cabal will be ruthless in its response. We will need more than Street Army Canada and our other street armies of the world to counter the cabal and back us up. We will need real armies with real guns, tanks, battleships and fighter jets to back us up.

That is why we must become the government with the full weight and power of our countries behind us. When we become the government, with the full support of Street Army Canada and our rank-and-file behind us, then all resources in Canada, including our Canadian National Army, can be brought to bear against the cabal. Obviously Canada cannot stand alone against the cabal and it’s global network. We must have our political parties in power in the majority of countries across the world so that the collective armies and resources of all our countries can be brought to bear against the cabal.

If we want to win this war then you now see the true scale and scope of what we must do. You will now understand the futility of our turf wars, our fighting alone, with no resources. You will now see why everything we have done up to now is pointless and meaningless. You will now see why we have not even been in this war despite what we have imagined ourselves doing. We have only one strength and we are not playing to our only strength.

Friend or foe

One of the goals of this proposal is to make clear to all of us who our allies are in this war and who our foes are. A separate list of our allies and our foes will be maintained for all of us to see. Expect to see people and groups we think of as freedom fighters on the list of our foes.

Our allies are those who recognize unity with our large scale numbers is the only way we win this war. Without question, they will automatically join and become part of Street Army Canada.

Our foes are not just the cabal and it’s global network. Our foes are also anyone and any group that undermines and/or sabotages our unity with our large scale numbers. They are easy to identify. They are the people and groups who come up with excuse after excuse for why they will not unite with us. These are the ones that will continue to fight their petty turf wars and for their sliver of the spotlight. They masquerade as freedom fighters all the while doing doing nothing to unite us.

No charter challenges

The covid fraud and the Coutts travesty of justice showed the Canadian Charter of Rights is subject to the whims of our judiciary and government. Sections 1 and 24 allows them to claim they are right, we are wrong, end of legal argument. The charter gives privileges, not rights. Charter challenges are very expensive and priced out of reach for 99% of Canadians. If we want to quickly squander Street Army Canada’s resources and demoralize our rank-and-file then charter challenges and defences are definitely the way to go.

Sections 1 and 24 allow the cabal and it’s puppets like Trudeau to throw us the occasional bones. But once we gain real traction against the cabal then sections 1 and 24 guarantee any legal challenge we mount will fail and that failure will have nothing to do with the merits of our challenge. Street Army Canada must stay as far away from the charter as possible.

No one fights alone and we have each others back

Street Army Canada is about fighting together as one, with a common vision and direction. Street Army Canada means we stop worrying about being alone and how our families are supported if something happens to us. With Street Army Canada, we have each other’s back. If you are illegally arrested, imprisoned and made a political prisoner we, fellow members of our rank-and-file, assume responsibility for supporting and caring for your family. Street Army Canada guarantees you are not lost and forgotten in prison and we are committed to getting you out of prison. With the benefit of hindsight of what happened to the Coutts men, we know what to expect from our governments. We must not fight alone and we will not fight alone.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Our freedom groups are heavily fragmented and completely disorganized. I have observed our petty jealousies, our petty differences and our petty turf wars that keep us apart. I know a lot of you don’t like each other and don’t like other many other ethnic groups in Canada. It is even reasonable to believe the cabal plays us off against each other. But it all boils down to one question. Do you want to win this war?

We are not here to make friends. We are not here to be liked. We are not here to spread our beliefs and ideology. We are here to win a war. When you join Street Army Canada you set aside your differences and work together. We do not have the luxury of choosing our allies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and ally. We unite and work as one.


  1. My suggestion of how to replace the cabal’s network is to take United Nations 17 sustainable development goals and make them our own. ↩︎
  2. The NCI report is 5,324 pages. What will be distributed might be the summary report and instructions on how to download the full report. ↩︎
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