Canada’s biggest megaphone and we are not using it!

What do you get when you combine Street Army Canada with Freedom Rising? You know what I see? I see Canada’s biggest fucking megaphone that can broadcast across Canada, from coast to coast.

And guess who created and maintains this nation wide megaphone? It is ours! It was created and is maintained by, surprise surprise, none other than our toothless chihuahuas. All we need to do is to get our chihuahuas to realize just how huge and formidable a weapon they have in their paws and to then get them to start using it! And (more) guess what? What happens when they start using that weapon? They start the process, the transformation, from being a puny, feckless, toothless chihuahua to being a real roaring, fearless, full blooded freedom fighter. Are you thinking I have lost my marbles? If so then that is because you are thinking inside and not outside of the box.

To start things off, Street Army Canada (SAC) is a concept. It is about building a peaceful, nonviolent army made up of us, the little people from the street, to fight and protect us against the evil and tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T). For the purpose of this blog post, the only thing you need to understand about SAC (ha, ha, cue the jokes) is that one of it’s core ideas is to fight this war of T&T with a war time mindset where members are given orders and directions which they must follow. This is the complete opposite to the peace time mindset our toothless chihuahuas currently have which is every one does what they want, where they want, how they want and even if they want. We are in a war and that war requires we adopt a war time mindset. Orders are issued, orders are followed! Who issues those orders is a topic for another blog post. Don’t get distracted and go off on that tangent for now.

Freedom Rising is a loosely affiliated group of people with a website that, in turn, lists about 450 other websites. These other websites are supposedly part of the so called “freedom movement” here in Canada and some are in the US. Currently, Freedom Rising is a pack of toothless chihuahuas, as are the other 450 websites. For reasons I have explained elsewhere, everything and anything they are currently doing is pointless and meaningless.

Now comes the magic!

We are in an information war! How do our toothless chihuahuas get our message out to the world? Each of them is yapping shrilly but is drowned out by all of our other packs of yapping chihuahuas. Here is the answer.

The administrators for each of the 450 websites is ordered to create a new web page that broadcasts the same information/messaging. This information/messaging is given full prominence on every one of these 450 websites. The owners of the websites have their own social media channels. The same information/messaging is simultaneously broadcast on all these social media channels. Every website and every social media channel in the “freedom movement” broadcasts the same information/messaging.

Take a few seconds to consider the full potential and implications of what I just written.

We are the resistance. We are out-gunned, out-classed and out-resourced by our enemy. We have only one strength and that is our numbers. Let’s use our numbers to our advantage. We have our own websites and social media channels. If we want to get our message out to the world then we must prioritize our messages and then use our websites and social media channels to simultaneously broadcast those messages. It does not require any additional resources on our part. But it does require discipline, organization and a war-time mindset. This is what unity is about. This is what unity looks like. Who prioritizes our message is a topic for another blog post. Again, don’t get distracted and go off on that tangent for now. Focus on the concept, the idea of harnessing the collective power behind all our websites and social media channels.

Here is a clear example of how to define an objective, a strategy, a metric and results. 1) The objective is to get our message out to the world. 2) The strategy is to harness the collective power behind our websites and social media channels to simultaneously broadcast that message. 3) The initial (this is just a starting point, not the end point) metric used to assess the effectiveness of our strategy is a count the number of websites and social media that follow the orders to broadcast the same information/message. 4) Finally, we show those results for everyone to see. Yes, there are real challenges to doing this and it will not be easy. But here is a very viable means to get our messages to be heard. This is what playing to our only strength – our large scale numbers – is about.

We have a huge megaphone sitting in our hands. To use it requires unity on our part. It requires we play to our only strength – our large scale numbers, working together with a common vision and direction. It requires we adopt a war time mindset where we organize and mobilize just like any other army. It requires we recognize might-is-right and we use our numbers to overwhelm our enemy. This is what real strength in numbers is all about.

If your response is this will never work then my response to you is get lost because you have just demonstrated what it means to be a toothless chihuahua. You want our voice to be heard? Well here is cost effective means to do it, to step up your game without having to leave your own back yard. You can continue yapping on your own little piece of turf, if that is what turns your crank. But if you ever get tired of being weak, impotent and ignored, well you now know what you must help do.