We are the little people, the little man and woman from the street.  Our numbers in the world are close to 8 billion.  The elite criminals are waging a war against us with the stated aim of depopulation and enslavement.  This is World War 3! 

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Our constitution and laws are being run roughshod over by our leading politicians, health authorities and industry officials.  Our rights, liberties and freedoms are violated every single day.   There is no political solution to the fraudulent emergency health measures.  Politics is the problem, not the solution.  The judicial system is stacked against us and few of us have the resources to obtain legal advice for ourselves, let alone fight a sustained battle in the courts against the fraudulent emergency health measures.   Many of us have lost or will soon lose our jobs due to the extortion of the jab or job policy being forced upon us.  Our corrupt and traitorous leading politicians, health authorities and industry officials have created a two-tier society, making many of us second-class citizens solely because we refuse to get the dangerous experimental injections.   Trudeau is spewing lies and pitting us against each other; he is a traitor to Canada and the Canadian people.

It is important to understand the goal of the elite criminals has always been to destroy the world’s economies.   The covid fraud is the illusory pretense that deflects responsibility for destroying our economies away from the elite criminals. . If you have never heard of Technocracy and Transhumanism then you are clueless about the covid fraud and remain oblivious to the fact it has nothing to do with public health and safety.

Our fight

There are groups and people across Canada that are fighting against the covid fraud.  Some groups such as Action4Canada, Constitutional Rights Centre Inc., Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms and Police On Guard for Thee are taking legal action. The problem for most of us little people is there is little we can contribute to these legal actions other than donating money, something most of us have little of and must be extremely frugal with.  This means that, up to now, we have been largely relegated to the sidelines of this fight against the elite criminals and the covid fraud.

It would wrong for us, the little people, to place our hopes on the few groups taking legal actions to protect us.  There is little reason for us to hold much trust in our legal system, it being the playground of the rich and being well beyond our limited financial means.   We can also be reasonably certain the elite criminals have taken the necessary precaution to stack the Canadian court system against us.  Indeed, this is what has been reported by Tanya Gaw from Action4Canada as well as by Rebel News.

So the question becomes, is there a major role that we can play in the fight against the covid fraud that is destroying our lives and economy?  The answer to this question is a definite YES. 

We are the street.  We are angry about the flagrantly engineered destruction of our economy, our rights, our freedom, our jobs and our families.  There is only one guaranteed way to halt and reverse this destruction and that is for us, the little people on the street, to unite and fight as one.   In Canada, we number in the tens of millions.  If we wish to play a pivotal role in our fight against the malevolent elite criminals then we must unite the street.  If we do not unite the street then we will lose this war.  Unite the street or we will fall.

Who, from the street, do we unite?

With the covid fraud, there are in general three groups of people from the street.  The first group are people who think like us, those that recognize the covid fraud.   The second group are people who disagree with us; those people who are so brainwashed that they unquestioningly accept the covid fraud at face value and mindlessly parrot the flagrant lies and misinformation of mainstream media.  These people are anti-science, anti-truth and anti-freedom.  The third group of people are those who sit on the fence, neither outright accepting nor rejecting the covid fraud.

For now, uniting the street means bringing together all those people from the first group and possibly from the third group.  People from the second group are so heavily indoctrinated that we must necessarily exclude them.  Those from the second group are members of our families, friends and associates.  They are not our enemies and we must not treat them as such.  With time, they will be our allies and fight alongside us. 

What are the key issues on which we will agree?

There are a number of key issues, regarding the covid fraud, which will resonate with a majority of Canadians.  The first issue is that of jab or job, forcing Canadians to choose between getting the dangerous experimental injections or losing their jobs.  This is extortion and most Canadians will agree this policy is unethical, repugnant and a flagrant violation of the Nuremburg code and Canadian laws.  A second issue is the creation of a two-tier society, making second-class citizens of people who refuse the dangerous experimental injections.  Most Canadians understand that the slavery in the US South, the segregation of apartheid in South Africa and Palestine and the segregation of Jews in WWII Germany were immoral and evil.  For these reasons, most Canadians will find that segregating healthy people who refuse the dangerous experimental injections is also unethical, repugnant and a violation of Canadian principles and laws. 

There are tens of millions of Canadians who reject the unethical jab-or-job policy as well as the segregation in a two-tier society.   These are our soldiers, the boots on the ground, of our street army.   We already possess the numbers to fill our street army.   What we are desperately lacking is the means to organize and unite us.  So the question is, how do we unite the street?

How do we begin to unite the street?

The process of uniting the street begins with having every one of us using the phrase, “Unite the street” in our everyday communications.  We need 10 to 20 million Canadians talking and communicating about this every day. 

Conceptually, the idea and implications behind this phrase are easy to understand.  The collective power of millions of Canadians who stand united on key issues (e.g., jab or job) is the first step in the solution to having the fraudulent emergency health measures rescinded.  If millions start talking about uniting the street then the people in our ranks with the necessary skillsets will automatically step forward to make it happen. 

One of the most important contributions that we, the little person on the street, can make in fighting the covid right now is to simply start saying, “Unite the street”, in our everyday communications!

What do we do once we have united the street?

Once we unite the street then we will number in the tens of millions of people across Canada.  We will be able to impose our collective will to defeat the fraudulent emergency health measures.  In one of my recent blog posts I give two different proposals that illustrate the types of civil disobedience we could engage in. 

Here is another example of how we could mobilize our street army.  Consider Proposal #1.  In Montreal, Walmart has about 30 different stores.  We scale up proposal #1 to target all 30 Walmart stores in Monteal at the same time.  Let’s assume each store has about 400 large metal shopping carts and 200 smaller plastic grocery buckets for a total number of 600 carts/buckets.   We would send 600 people to every Walmart in Montreal on, say, a Saturday morning from say, 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs.  The total number of people needed would only be 18,000 (600 people x 30 stores).  The question is, will our street army actually be able to mobilize 18,000 people to engage in this type of civil disobedience?  The answer is a definite YES!   Montreal has a population of about 4,000,000.  Our largest protest against the covid fraud had at least 200,000 people.  We can be certain a large part of the Montreal population are against the jab-or-job policy as well as a two-tier society.  So yes, our street army in Montreal should easily be able to mobilize 18,000 people for this type of civil disobedience.    

Now imagine mobilizing our street army to repeat proposal #1 for four consecutive Saturdays.   When hundreds of thousands of people are threaten with and actually lose their job because of the jab-or-job policy then this is when we will easily be able to mobilize our street army week after week.  This will send a powerful message to Walmart that we cannot and will not be ignored. 

In Montreal, Costco has about 17 stores, Canadian Tire has about 30 stores and Provigo has about 30 stores.  What works against Walmart will also work against the other companies. With some extra planning, we could for example, simultaneously target all Walmart and Costco stores at the same time in Montreal.  We would be looking to mobilize about 40,000 members of our street army in Montreal and this too is very feasible.

Now imagine mobilizing our street army to target EVERY Walmart store in all major cities across Canada at the same time.  Indeed, we could simultaneously target two or more companies such as Walmart and Canadian Tire at the same time. 

Each of these large-scale civil disobedience actions are realistically achievable when we have united the street.

Prove to me that we can unite the street!

Part of convincing 15 to 20 million Canadians to start talking about uniting the street will be to show that this is not a pie-in-the-sky dream but is instead a realistic objective.  Montreal is a good place to conduct a proof-of-concept pilot project.  We have many different groups fighting against the covid fraud.  Most are unaware of each other and we do not have a centralized place to get information or coordinate/communicate our actions.   So while uniting the street means we are not starting from scratch, there is still a considerable amount of work involved in bringing these groups together.

Therefore, the first step to uniting the street in Montreal is to identify and list every single group, both French and English, that is fighting against the covid fraud.   We will want to make available information about each group such as the names of the organizers, their contact information, their objectives and community in Montreal where they are based.  This list will have to be updated and maintained on regular basis to provide meaningful information to all people in Montreal who are fighting against the covid fraud.

Once all groups have been identified and listed, the next step involves contacting all groups and getting their cooperation to coordinate and work as one.   This will include knowing how many members each group has as well as how to mobilize these members to participate in acts of civil disobedience.  One of the problems that most certainly will be encountered is that of egos, getting people and groups to stop fighting over their square inch of turf and to instead, come together to fight as one.   This is a warning which lets everyone know we will be closely watching how each of us responds to this call for unity.

Given the lack of organization in Montreal at the present time, this proof-of-concept project is an ambitious undertaking.   We can significantly increase the prospects of its success if we adopt a more businesslike process that is geared towards achieving results.  I will refer to this as the “Objective, Strategry and Results” process.

The Process – Objective, Strategy & Results

One of the problems I have observed in all protests I have participated in is that no one has been able to explain what the objective of the protests were and whether those objectives were achieved. 

We must adopt a process that allows us to assess the effectiveness of our protests/actions against the covid fraud.   The basic process is as follows.   For each action that is proposed, every one of us must make a point of always asking and answering the following questions:

  1. What is the objective or goal of the action?  What is it that we want to accomplish?
  2. What is the proposed strategy or tactic to achieve the objective? 
  3. What are the results?  How do we determine whether the strategy succeeded or failed?

All actions should only be undertaken once we have defined an objective, a strategy to achieve that objective and a way to measure the results so we can determine whether that strategy was succeeded or failed.  Make a habit of thinking in terms of objective, strategy and result.   Most of us naturally use this type of process in our work environments but then completely ignore it in our fight against the covid fraud.

The civil disobedience action against Walmart can be used to illustrate this point. The objective is to cause a significant drop in sales in each Walmart store.  The rationale behind this is that we know the mask and social distancing mandates are completely ineffective in curbing the spread of any contagious diseases, in this case, the alleged disease Covid-19.  We are demanding that Walmart stop enforcing these fraudulent mandates and for this to happen we must be able to apply pressure or leverage against Walmart.  Our strategy for forcing Walmart to respond to our demands is to flood Walmart with enough people as to use up all available shopping carts, to obstruct and block every aisle, to misplace merchandise throughout each store and then, after 3 hours, to have each person walk away from his/her shopping cart and leave the store without buying anything.  The result will be that few people, if any, will pass through the cash register counter and sales will be significantly reduced.  We can determine the effectiveness of our action by simply counting the number of people who pass through the cash register counter during our civil disobedience and then comparing this number with the number of people who normally pass through the cash register counter.

We can pursue many different objectives once we have united the street.  I would wager more than a few of you will readily be able to offer your own suggestions once you have firmly grasped the full significance of uniting the street.

Why we must unite the street!

Everything we require for our survival and to live a meaningful life, is controlled and/or owned by the elite criminals.   Education, economics, energy, finance, food production, food distribution, medicine, military, transportation, water – you name it – all are controlled and/or owned by the elite criminals.  We are completely exposed and vulnerable to the whims of the elite criminals.  

The covid fraud demonstrates beyond doubt that the elite criminals mean us heinous harm and death.   This is an us-or-them scenario where the elite criminals intend to eliminate most of us, the little people from the street, and then subjugate/enslave the few of us that remain.  We must respond in kind.  In the long term, we must eliminate and purge our societies of ALL elite criminals and take ownership and control of every part of our economy that we depend upon for our survival.   In the short term, we must rescind all of the fraudulent emergency health measures.   The only guaranteed way that we, the little people on the street, can achieve these objectives is to unite the street.  

There is no win-win scenario where we, the little people, will be permitted to co-exist with the elite criminals.  The war being waged on us by the elite criminals is a win-lose scenario.  Either we win this war and purge the elite criminals from our societies or we lose and are eliminated by the elite criminals.  Unite the street or we fall.

I will leave you with this wonderful video that concludes with the obvious solution to the covid fraud.