Followup to “Show Us the Science” protest on Parliament Hill

I am back home from my “Show Us the Science” protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to those people who came each day to offer their support and check up on me.  I am greatly touched by your concern for my welfare.  I would also like to thank Action4Canada (, the RealChrisSkyDiscuss Telegram group, the AwakeCanada Telegram group ( and other groups for posting information about the protest.  I want to thank Hichem for posting information about the protest in different Telegram groups. Special thanks is given to Chris Christopolos whose support was essential for making this protest possible.

The major political parties were notified, by couriered mail and multiple emails, of my protest one week before it started.  For the entire duration of the protest, I did not meet and speak with a single politician.    On the second day of the protest, Maxime Bernier walked by, about 100 feet away.  Chris ran up to Maxime and asked if he was aware of my protest.  Maxime said yes and then walked away.   About 20 to 30 minutes later, he came back, and spent a few minutes talking to people on Wellington street and then left Parliament Hill.  The one politician I expected to get support from ignored my protest.   

I slept on Wellington street in front of Parliament Hill on clear nights.  I slept in a car the first night it rained.  I slept on a garage floor all other nights that it rained.  I did not have any food and water during the second week of my protest.  I did not expect to walk off the hill after being without water for 3-4 days.  This was obviously of no concern to any politician.  This is the message to take away from the protest.

As I frequently mention, there is no political solution to the covid fraud. Politics is the problem, not the solution. The only solution to the fraudulent emergency health measures will come from us, the little man and woman on the street. If we unite then we will win this war. If we do not unite then we will lose this war. Our rallying cry must be “Unite the Street”.

I went 5 days without food and water.  For reasons I am still trying to understand,  I never felt any hunger pangs or thirst.   My mouth was dry, I was starting to get light headed and I lost between 22 lbs. and 25 lbs. But I was very much alive and certain I could go the full week without food and water.  The one significant problem I had was that sleeping on the street was very hard on my shoulder and hip joints.  I slept very poorly at night and spent much of the day snoozing on Parliament Hill, which caused even more pain in my joints.  On Friday of the second week, I terminated my protest at 17:00 hrs. because there was little chance any politician would appear on Saturday/Sunday.   All that would be accomplished by continuing my protest into Saturday/Sunday would be to cause further injury/pain to my joints.  I returned home on Saturday and resumed my regular diet with 24 hours.

This is not the end of “Show Us the Science” actions.  More actions are to come, which I will discuss soon in another blog post. None of these actions will involve anything that poses a risk to my life.

Here is are some references to video footage of the protest.