So you want to fight the covid fraud, eh? Ok, where and what is your organizational infrastructure?

A protest was held in downtown Montreal yestersay, Saturday.   There were less than 50 of us who showed up.  Last week, we were close to 200,000 people.  What happened?  This illustrates the point I am hammering away on; there is little to no organization between the disparate groups who are fighting against the fraudulent emergency health measures. 

We are at war against the elite criminals, those euphemistically referred to with the sanitized name of the global elites.  These elite criminals are using the covid fraud to impose their tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism on us, the little man and woman from the street.  This is a global war with the elite criminal on one side and we, the little people in the street, on the other side.  To win this war we need an army from the street.  Each country needs to create its own army from the street. A solution to the fraudulent emergency health measures will never come from our politicians or industry; they are the problem, not the solution.   We must raise our army from the street because it is the ONLY hope we have of defeating the elite criminals. 

A majority of Canadians will agree that creating second-class citizens via the segregation documents, documents euphemistically referred to as the ‘vaccine passport’, is immoral and repugnant.   A majority of Canadians will also agree that forcing people to choose between their jobs and getting the dangerous experimental injections is unethical and depraved; this is extortion in every sense of the word.   Does the majority constitute 60% of the population of Canada or is it 70%, 80% or higher?  It does not matter.  There are about 38 million Canadians and if only 50% consider medically based segregation repugnant then our street army will still number in the tens of millions.  When we talk about building our army from the street, we are talking about uniting tens of millions of Canadians from the street.   In other words, we already have the numbers for a street army.  What we are missing is the means to unite and bring them together.

We, the little man and woman from the street, are rising.  There are thousands of different groups across Canada that are fighting the fraudulent emergency health measures.  There are many more being created each week.  What we are desperately missing is the structure and organization to unite all of these groups.   Currently, as far as I am aware, there is little to no communication, coordination and/or collaboration between most of them such that the left hand does not seem to know what the right hand is doing and vice versa.  If we are to build a street army, we must first put in place an organizational infrastructure that is critical for supporting this army. 

Let me give an example of what I am referring to by infrastructure.  Imagine you have just moved to Montreal and want to buy food.  This is pretty straightforward.  You do an internet search for “Costco” and, in a minute or two, you have all the information you need to plan your day around food.  Costco provides the parking lot for your car (i.e. infrastructure), it provides the physical building (i.e. more infrastructure) and the cash registers and people to process your purchases (i.e. even more infrastructure).   All you have to do is get to Costco and then decide what food you want.  You do not waste hours trying to find businesses where you can buy food.  Instead, you go straight to Costco and spend your time selecting and buying food, which after all, is your main objective.

Ideally, we need to be able to do the same when, for example, it comes to fighting against the fraudulent emergency health measures.  For the sake of illustration, assume we have given our movement the name “StreetArmy”.  Just like the name Costco is used across Canada, so too we use the name “StreetArmy” across Canada.  Again, imagine you have just moved to Montreal and want to engage in peaceful civil disobedience.  So you do an internet search for “StreetArmy Montreal”, are immediately taken to a website such as and, within a few minutes, you know which group to contact, which actions it is involved with and how you can contribute.   Voila, like Costco, you quickly have all the information you need to plan your day around civil disobedience.  Like Costco, you arrive at the site and engage in civil disobedience, which after all, is your main objective.  Unfortunately, we have given little to no thought into creating the infrastructure we must have if we are to successfully fight against the covid fraud.

Let me use another example to illustrate what I mean by infrastructure. Consider our lack of communication.   As mentioned, last week in Montreal, I estimate we had our biggest turnout for a protest.   People were pouring into Place Emilie-Gamelin.  But who were they, where did they come from, what were their objectives and, more importantly, after several hours of parading around Montreal, do any of us actually know what we accomplished?  Is Legault trembling in fear of our numbers or is he howling in delight at our impotence?  Who is Mel Goyer and Mel Anticensure, the supposed organizers of the protest?  If they could mobilize 200,000 of us last week then why were they not involved in organizing today’s protest, where we had less 50 people turn out?  Lines of communication constitute infrastructure and it is very, very clear that our communication infrastructure is inadequate and, in many cases, non-existent.  From where I stand, I see each group fighting for its own square inch of turf instead of uniting and fighting for Canada as a whole.  Are egos getting in the way?

To repeat, we have the numbers needed for a street army but we do not have the organizational infrastructure to build and support that army.  After 18 months, this is the glaring problem, the huge elephant in the room that is being ignored.  Everyone wants to fight but no one appears to be thinking about how to prepare for and sustain our fight. 

Government and industry will soon begin forcing us to choose between our jobs and the dangerous experimental injections.  We are frantically trying to understand what our legal rights are.   Most of us are required to pay full costs to get legal advice. Why is this?  Lawyers and their families are facing the same threats as us.  We, the little people, voluntarily commit many hours of our time each day in our fight against the elite criminals.  So why do we not have lawyers standing with us, volunteering their expertise to help guide our fight?   Why are they not in the trenches standing alongside us and providing tactical information we need?

Where are our business experts?  We desperately need their expertise to create and maintain the organizational infrastructure that is needed to build and sustain our street army. They and their families face the same threats as us.  So why are they too not fighting alongside us in the trenches?  Why must we pay exorbitant fees for their advice when instead they should be volunteering their expertise? 

What is true of lawyers and business experts is true for all professionals.   We are all facing the same threats and dire circumstances.  We, the little people, do not have the resources to pay professional fees.   We need our professionals to join us in the trenches, to volunteer their time just as we are doing.  We hear anecdotal stories about a few professionals, located in different parts of the world, that are volunteering their time to us. This is not what we need. We need a lot of them, in our own country and even communities, and we need them now. We need to change our strategies and tactics because we are losing this war and losing badly.  If we had the proper organizational infrastructure in place then the expertise provided by our professionals would be readily available to all of us across the country, thereby allowing us to focus on engaging in civil disobedience. We would not have to waste days and weeks scouring social media channels looking for tidbits of, for example, unsubstantiated and unreliable legal advice.

Let’s now change things up and assume we have created the organizational infrastructure to build and sustain our street army and that army is now ready and waiting for its marching orders.   What do we so with that army?   Here are a few examples or proposals of how we could deploy our street army. 

Proposal #1: 

We target every Canadian Tire (it could be any large store) across Canada on a Saturday and/or Sunday, for say, an entire month.   We send 500-800 people to each Canadian Tire at the same time.  This is a coordinated, nationwide act of peaceful civil disobedience that targets Canadian Tire for enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.   Every person wears a mask and grabs a shopping cart so that every single shopping cart is now taken.  All 500-800 people go into the store. They then fill every single aisle, effectively obstructing/blocking each aisle.  Each person picks up an item, any item, spends 15-20 minutes meticulously reading the instructions provided for that item and then places the item in their shopping cart.   For example, you pick up a frying pan and read the instructions, because after all, you have never seen one before and need to figure out how to use it.  You then pick up another item and repeat this process.  All 500-800 people do the same thing.  They are all indistinguishable from any other person who is not involved in the protest/action.  After some time, you remove the items from the cart, and one at a time, put them down in random places/shelves in the store.  After about 2 to 3 hours of having 500-800 people obstructing the aisles and rearranging all the merchandise, everyone walks away from their cart and leaves the store.

You cannot get fined because you are wearing a mask.  You are indistinguishable from legitimate customers who are at the store to buy.   All 500-800 people converge on the store at the same time and there is no way for the store to determine who is involved in the protest/action.  No one can be fined and this tactic can be repeated every weekend.  Most importantly, it hits Canadian Tire (or any other store with a nationwide presence) in the pocket book and forces it to think about its policy of enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.

Head office at Canadian Tire will have been notified in advance that its stores are being targeted and a few visible protester with sign can stand nearby to let each store know it is being targeted.

Proposal #2: 

This tactic is a bit more aggressive.   We target a major grocery store such as Loblaws or Walmart.  Again, groups of 500-800 people go to every Loblaw store across Canada, all at the same time. Each person wears a mask, grabs a shopping cart and then proceeds to fill the cart with food items they actually intend to buy and take home.  After about 1 hour, a sufficient amount of time for everyone to select the food they want, all 500-800 people create long lines at every cash register or self-help checkout stand.  At this point, everyone removes his/her mask, all at the same time.  We demand the store allow us to pay without masks.   If the store refuses any single person then all 500-800 people walk away from their carts and leave the store.  The store must then scramble to return all food to the shelves and clear up the lines of carts that block the cash register lines.

The key point behind proposals 1 and 2 is that we first must set a clear objective (i.e. for a store to rescind its policy of forcing customers to wear a mask), target a store, business or institution for protest and then adopt tactics which force that store, business or institution to pay a high price for ignoring our demands.   These stores recognize they are now the target of a nation-wide protest and not a few militants in a single community.


The only solution to the covid fraud will come from the street and this will only be possible if we can organize and then mobilize our army from the street.   If we commit to building our army then it opens up so many different types of peaceful civil disobedience we can engage in that are impossible just now, when we are so fragmented and disorganized.  We are losing the covid war and losing badly.  It is time to rethink and adopt more aggressive strategies that will allow us to take the fight to industry and our government and force them to pay a high price for ignoring our demands.   This is only possible if we first create the organizational infrastructure that is absolutely necessary to build and sustain our army from the street.   This is what our immediate priority must be, to create a Canada-wide organizational infrastructure!   The elite criminals are waging a global war on us and we must respond in kind.