Unite the street: A proof-of-concept action


The fraudulent emergency health measures are causing real and significant harm to our economies, our livelihoods, our families and our lives.  Large companies in our own communities play a prominent role in enforcing and promoting the fraudulent health measures.  I am proposing we target, for large-scale civil disobedience, large companies that sell merchandise and food in our own communities, companies such as Canadian Tire, Costco, IGA, Provigo, Super-C and Walmart.  

Our message to large business is simple.  We are the little people, the little man and woman on the street.  We ARE the street.  If large business continues enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures on us then we will begin to hurt them financially. 

This document proposes to organize a proof-of-concept action to demonstrate we can organize community based civil disobedience to financially hurt large companies that are enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.

The big picture

In Montreal, Costco has about 15 stores while Canadian Tire, IGA, Provigo and Walmart each have about 30 stores, for about 135 stores.  Imagine sending groups of 500 people to each of these 135 stores on a Saturday during the busiest time for say, three hours.  The total number of people involved would be 67,500.  We take every shopping cart in every store and walk the aisles for the entire time, effectively obstructing and blocking the aisles.  No one buys a single item.  Legitimate shoppers, those not involved in our action, cannot get a shopping cart.  In-store sales drop significantly during our action.  If companies ignore our demands and persist in enforcing these fraudulent measures then, as discussed below, there are different strategies we can adopt to financially hurt them.

The urgency

The elite criminals are killing us.  The dangerous experimental injections are killing us and causing us severe injury.  At a minimum, we can be certain these injections have killed several million of us around the world and caused serious adverse injury in tens of millions of us.  This is happening in Canada.  Many more of us will continue dying as our governments, public institutions and industry use extortion to force these dangerous injections on us.  They are now preparing to force these dangerous injections on our children, starting as young as 6 months of age.  This says nothing about how the covid fraud is the illusion foisted on us as cover for Technocracy and Transhumanism, where depopulation and the destruction of our economies are the end goals.  The elite criminals are literally waging war on us and their vision of the future does not include us.  This is world war 3. 

There are groups fighting against the covid fraud in our court system.  Action4Canada has adopted an interesting strategy of using “Notices of Liability” to hold individuals, who impose the fraudulent emergency health measures, legally accountable for potential personal injury these measures cause.  While there are some encouraging results from this initiative, overall, preliminary results appear to be mixed.  There is also a growing opinion that our courts around the world, even in Canada, have been subverted and heavily compromised.  It would be wrong for us to place all our hopes in the legal initiatives. 

The only guaranteed solution to the covid fraud can come from the street.  If we unite the street then we are guaranteed to win this war.  If we do not unite the street then we are almost guaranteed to lose this war.  Unite the street or we fall.

A common vision

For the past 1 ½ year, the majority of us have been sitting on the sidelines, not knowing how, when and where to fight against the covid fraud.  Many are demoralized and are losing motivation to fight and resist.  In Montreal, activist leaders have not communicated or coordinated their actions with each other, even though they draw on the same pool of supporters.  This has effectively served to squander/exhaust supporters trust and energy, as evidenced by the smaller and smaller turnouts for protests.  I am one of these supporters and I am saying this must change.

If we are to unite the street then we must re-energize it.  This means giving it a common vision, sense of purpose and direction.  How do we do this?  The obvious answer to me is to identify where we are most frequently forced to comply with the fraudulent health measures in our daily lives and then target those situations for large-scale civil disobedience.  The most common situations are those that occur in our own communities.  

The civil disobedience I explain in detail in this document is to target large grocery chains and stores that sell merchandise.  However, it could just as readily be applied to fast food stores such as Macdonald, Harvey and Wendy.  Alternatively, we could target the metro system on a Saturday or Sunday and fill it with tens of thousands of people who remove their masks once they are in a metro car.

We are forced to comply and wear face diapers, even though it is clear they have nothing to do with protecting public health and safety.  The same applies for social distancing and line ups (e.g. to minimize the number of people in stores). We are forced to wear the face diapers when we buy food.  This is a very common situation each of us faces in our own community.  This document recommends targeting large businesses for large-scale disobedience in our community that enforces these fraudulent mandates.

Why fight in own communities?  We have extremely limit resources in terms of money, time and energy.  Fighting in our own communities will greatly help conserve our resources.   We will also have greater vested interests in our own community and will directly benefit from any changes we make.

Objective, strategy, results

As mentioned, we must provide a common vision, sense of purpose and direction to members of our street army.  To do this requires that, for each action proposed, we must provide answers to the following three questions:

  1. What is the objective?
  2. What strategy will be used to achieve the objective?
  3. How are results measured in order to determine/assess whether the strategy succeeded or failed to achieve the objective?

The objective of the civil disobedience being proposed here is to decrease in-store sales.  We will continue to hurt and pressure companies until they stop enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.  Tactically, this means we will effectively open up another front on which our governments must fight, something they can ill afford to do.  The strategy we will use to decrease in-store sales is to flood a store with our numbers, take up all shopping carts, presenting the impression that we are shopping for merchandise and/or food and, when our time in the store is up, then we will leave without having purchased a single item. The results we will measure will be the average number of people that make purchases per hour.  Our action will be successful if the average count per hour drops by, for example, 50%.    The important point is that we will be able to assess the effectiveness of our action.

Proof-of-concept action

A first step towards preparing for the civil disobedience being proposed in this document will be to organize a proof-of-concept action that targets a single store. 

Volunteers are requested to help organize this proof-of-concept action.  Ideally, volunteers are encouraged to be from the different communities of Montreal.  A successful proof-of-concept action means they will have gained valuable experience they can then bring back to their own communities. This will also increase the likelihood of their active participation in the “big picture” engagement of civil disobedience.

The proof-of-concept action will be held in LaSalle, a borough of Montreal.  LaSalle has several large chain stores such as Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Metro, Provigo/Loblaws and Walmart.  The initial proof-of-concept action involves organizing about 500 people to engage in peaceful civil disobedience against one of these stores. 

We will chose, say, a three-hour period when the selected store is busiest on a Saturday or Sunday.  Assume this will be from 11:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs on a Saturday.  Five hundred people, from any of the communities in Montreal, will come to LaSalle for 10:00 hrs.  Those coming in by car can leave their cars in the large parking lots close to the intersection of Newman Blvd and Trinitaire Blvd.  Those using the metro can come to the Angrignon metro station.  We will assemble in Angrigon Park that is close by.

We do not want all 500 people converging on the store at once. Starting at 10:00 hrs., groups of about 20 people will begin walking to one store (e.g. Best Buy or Canadian Tire) that has been selected for our action.  Each person will wear a mask, enter the store and grab a shopping cart until all shopping carts are taken.  Each person will remain in the store for a two to three hour period. 

The question is, what will people do while they are in the store?  The answer depends on how aggressive a strategy we wish to pursue.  Here are several suggested strategies, ordered from less to more aggressive.

Strategy #1

Each person walks slowly through all aisles, looking at various items and putting a few of them in the cart, giving the impression they are actually shopping.  For some of the items, time should be spent reading the instructions.  For example, we might pick up a frying pan or a flashlight and read the instructions because, after all, none of us has ever used a frying pan or flashlight before.  Near the end of the action, each person will put every item in the shopping cart back on the shelf where it properly belongs until the shopping cart is empty.  At that point, each person returns the empty shopping cart to its storage location and then leaves the store. 

With this strategy, legitimate shoppers (i.e. people who are not part of the civil disobedience action) have difficulty getting or cannot get a shopping cart and find the aisles are filled with people and shopping carts.  The congestion caused by our members with carts in the aisles significantly reduces sales in the store. 

Proof that our action reduces sales can be verified by counting the number of people who normally pass through the cash registers before and after our action.  Then we can count the number of people who pass through the cash registers during our action and compare it with the normal count.

Everyone is wearing a mask and it is next to impossible to identify us from legitimate shoppers.  There is very little risk of being fined or ticketed.

A few days after the action has been performed, the store will receive a letter stating it was targeted for peaceful civil disobedience for enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.  The store can expect to be targeted for more actions as long as it continues enforcing the fraudulent measures.

Strategy #2

This strategy is similar to the strategy #1 except that each person fills the shopping cart with items.  At the end of the two to three hour period, each person walks away from the full shopping cart and leaves the store.

Again, legitimate shoppers cannot get a shopping cart and sales significantly drop.  In addition, the store must pay its workers to remove all items from the shopping carts and restock the shelves.

Strategy #3

This strategy is similar to the strategy #2.  About an hour before the end of the action, items are removed from the shopping cart and randomly placed on shelves in different locations of the store.  The effect is to rearrange merchandise throughout the store.  At the end of the two to three hour period, each person walks away from a partially full shopping cart and leaves the store.

Legitimate shoppers cannot get a shopping cart, sales significantly drop and restocking the shelves takes longer and costs the store considerably more.

Strategy #4

This strategy targets a store that sells food such as Costco, Super-C and Walmart.  

Each person wears a mask, grabs a cart and then selects food he/she is actually prepared to buy.  After, one to two hours, all people line up at the cash registers and are prepared to pay for the food.  At that point, all people remove their masks.  If the store permits us to pay without masks, then each person buys the food and leaves the store.  However, if the store refuses and demands we pay for the food with masks on then we all walk away from our shopping carts, leaving the food in the cart and so that the store must restock all of it. 

Legitimate shoppers cannot get a shopping cart during the one to two hour period.  If we cannot buy the food without wearing masks then sales in the store take a big hit and the store is forced to restock all the food, very quickly. 

Strategy #5

Each person wears a mask and enters the store.  At some time between 11:30 and 12:00 hrs., every person removes the mask and proceeds to shop for items he/she intends to actually buy. 

Alternatives/variations on the above strategies

At this point, many of you will have already realized that we can implement different variations of the above strategies, including using combinations of them.  For example, in strategy #2, we might have only 25% of our members leave their shopping carts full while the remaining 75% return all items in their cart to the proper place on the shelves.  Many of you will also have suggestions about entirely new strategies.  The important point is that uniting the street opens up a completely new set of strategies for us in our fight against the covid fraud.

What about the police and fines?

The in-store strategies pose different levels of risks of people being fined.  As a rule, when civil disobedience involves fewer people then I suggest using only strategies that minimize the risk of a police presence and fines.  For example, strategy #1 presents minimal risk because few people, if any, will realize an act of civil disobedience is in process.  Employees and legitimate shoppers will simply see a crowded store where we, those engaging in civil disobedience, are indistinguishable from legitimate shoppers.  Nevertheless, in-store sales will drop significantly.  This is strategy I propose be used in our first proof-of-concept action, where we target a single store with only a total 500 people.  There will be no risk of anyone being fined.

On the other hand, when we mobilize 50,000 people to simultaneously target about 100 different stores in Montreal then this is when riskier strategies can be considered.  In this case, the possibility of fines increases.   If we adopt riskier strategies and some people are fined then no one fights the tickets alone, by himself or herself.

No one is fights alone!

I recommend making every effort to minimize the risk of fines, if only because this allows us to focus on civil disobedience instead of mounting legal defenses.  However, we must anticipate that some of our members will be fined when we engage in our large-scale civil disobedience targeting many stores, especially if some of the more aggressive strategies are employed.  

One important implication of Unite the Street is that this means no one fights alone!  We will crowd fund all legal representation for our members.  For example, when 50,000 people each contributes say, $10, towards legal costs then the total amount collected will be $500,000 and this will be used to engage lawyers to represent our members in court.  How we make certain no one fights alone is a technical detail that will be worked out when our organizers work through the plans.

This is all about mobilizing Street Army Canada

At this point, it should be clear that what I am proposing is not just about putting 500 people in a store to protest.  What I am proposing is to create the organizational infrastructure for building, coordinating and mobilizing people from Montreal to engage in large-scale civil disobedience.  What I am proposing is to create and sustain an army from the street that I refer to as Street Army Montreal.  I am proposing we build a street army for each city in Quebec, which all together will be part of Street Army Quebec.  Similarly, each city in Ontario will form its own street army and together, they will form Street Army Ontario.  Taken to the logical conclusion, all street armies from all provinces will constitute Street Army Canada.  This is what Uniting the Street is about, mobilizing Street Army Canada to fight against the elite criminals and the covid fraud. 

Let us be very clear on this point. We are fighting a global war and this requires we create Street Army Canada. We fight in our own communities, to conserve our limited resources, but we coordinate our communities across Canada.

This is how we will “Unite the Street”.  Each person knows what our objective is, what strategy is employed, and what result is used to determine whether the strategy is successful in achieving the objective.  For starters, we must maintain regular communication with all members and have centralized sites where members can obtain up to date information about protests, civil disobedience and results.  To date, we have been severely hampered by a lack of this infrastructure.

What about provocateurs and saboteurs?

We expect our street armies will be infiltrated by government and industry agents whose purpose will be to discredit us.  One question is what do we do if, during civil disobedience actions in a store, one of these agents proceeds to break and/or damage merchandise or food?  We will have hundreds of our members in each store during our acts of civil disobedience.   When we find anyone intentionally breaking and/or damaging things then we will do what we have always done, video record and report that person to a store employee or store management. 

Should all our plans be made public?

We want all of our plans to be publicly available at all times.  The nature of “Street Army Canada” is that we will not be able to maintain secrecy and it is inevitable that infiltrators will leak secrets long before we implement any actions.  We are fighting for our rights, liberties and freedoms.   We are fighting against traitors who would take them away from us.  It is our duty to fight against these traitors and we do not need to hide in the shadows.

A call for volunteers

I am requesting volunteers who will help plan and implement the first proof-of-concept action described above.  We are not just trying to put 500 people in a single store.  We will start building an organizational infrastructure that can mount a sustained campaign against large businesses and governments that are enforcing the fraudulent emergency health measures.  You do not have to live in Montreal to contribute to this proof-of-concept action.  Ideas, comment and suggestions are important at this early stage and these can come from people anywhere in Canada.

We will need translators, writers (e.g. for instructions, documents), web developers and people with general experience in organizing/managing large numbers of people.  We will need lawyers and businesspersons to volunteer their time and contribute their expertise in building this organizational infrastructure.  This is what Uniting the Street requires from us.  It is a coordinated effort from many people and groups whose participation are important for the success of this initiative.  We can send a direct message to these large businesses and our governments. The fraudulent emergency health measures can be rescinded by uniting the street.   Many of us are saying the same thing although in different words.  Make it happen!