A Call For Civil Disobedience!

a call for civil disobedience


There are two main parts to this blog post.  The first part explains what the ‘covid fraud’ is and the context in which the covid fraud is to be understood.  The second part is a call for civil disobedience and explains the goals behind and types of civil disobedience that are to be organized and engaged in.

The purpose of this web site is not to provide information about covid. Nor is it to try to change your opinion on covid, whatever that may be. There are hundreds of thousands of people here in Montreal, likely well over a million, who recognize the covid emergency health measures are not based on science and are fraudulent. We recognize the cure for covid that has been imposed on us by our leaders is much more dangerous and destructive than the disease itself. We are not well organized and are heavily fragmented in many groups. The purpose of this website is to try to bring together those of us who live in LaSalle, as well in adjacent communities, for the purpose of engaging in peaceful non-compliance and civil disobedience.


Our constitutional rights and civil liberties are violated daily under fraudulent Covid-19 emergency health measures that are not based on science.  Just an illusionist distracts your attention away from the trick he is about to perform, so too are the elite criminals – those euphemistically referred to as the global elite – using the illusion of the imaginary Sars-Cov-2 virus and imaginary Covid-19 disease to impose the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T) on the global public.  Covid-19 has nothing to do with protecting public health and safety.

Let us be very clear on two points.  First, there is not a single scientific paper which proves the alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 (SC2) has been isolated/purified. Second, there is not a single scientific paper which proves the alleged disease Covid-19 (C19) is caused by the alleged virus SC2. This means there is no proof for the existence of either SC2 or C19. There is no contagious virus and there is no deadly disease.

It is the responsibility of those claiming the existence of something to prove the existence of that something.  This means the burden of responsibility lies on the proponents of the official covid narrative to prove that SC2 and C19 exist and are real.  They have failed to do this.  We know now that early scientific studies in 2020, which claimed to have purified the alleged virus, have since acknowledged they did no such thing.  Remember, it was these early studies and only these studies that were used to justify all emergency health measures that are destroying our economy, our livelihoods and even our lives.  There were and still are no scientific grounds for imposing any of the emergency health measures.  What virology and microbiology today claim as isolation of viruses make an utter mockery of science.  This is the covid fraud.  SC2 and C19 are illusions.

Covid19 is an illusion

The covid fraud has nothing to do with public health and safety.  Global debt is unsustainable and non-payable.  The global economic and financial systems of capitalism are near collapse.  The elite criminals are selling the fictional story of a virus and disease as the cause of the collapse. The public cowers in fear of pathogenic viruses and are now even easier prey for parasites and vultures, the elite criminals. 

The elite criminals have long planned to transition away from crony capitalism and replace it with Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T), also referred to as the New World Order or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  T&T is about absolute ownership and control of everything by the elite criminals  As the World Economic Forum predicts, the public will own nothing by 2030! Be prepared to lose all assets and investments you currently own.

The trick to coercing the public into accepting T&T is to engineer and/or conjure up a series of global crises that allegedly threaten humanity. Convince the ‘pleb’ (i.e. the public) that it’s every day existence is threatened. If you are thinking along the lines of Greta Thunberg then you understand this point.  The covid fraud is a conjurer’s trick, an act-of-God illusion, and the beauty of it is that SC2 can be franchised out to as many variants as the imagination can conjure up.  

The covid fraud is training the public to be submissive, compliant and servile. The covid fraud is about destroying the middle class and small business, the backbone of our economy.  The covid fraud is about causing immeasurable and irreparable harm to our livelihoods, our families and children.  Our leaders lock us down and force the country into deeper, unsustainable and unpayable debt.  The number of people who have died as a direct result of the fraudulent emergency measure is far greater than the fictitious mortality counts provided in the fraudulent covid narrative.  The covid fraud comes down to this – you are being indoctrinated and coerced into accepting Technocracy and Transhumanism.

Fake virus!  Fake disease!  Fake pandemic!  

The volume of information available on the internet can immediately overwhelm anyone attempting to research SC2 and C19.  The bulk of the misinformation and outright lies about SC2 and C19 are peddled by government, health agencies and especially the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).  We face a tsunami of flagrant SC2 and C19 propaganda each day. 

Lectures by Pinocchio on Covid19
Lectures by Pinocchio on Covid19

There is a simple and verifiable way to cut through the deception and gain a clear understanding that the covid fraud has nothing to do with public health and safety.  Read the actual scientific papers that claim to have isolated the alleged virus SC2.  This is exactly what Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, Stefan Lanka and many others have done. They reported and illustrated, in many of their talks and articles, that there is not a single scientific paper which has isolated/purified the alleged virus SC2. Without proof of the alleged virus SC2 there can be no claim it exists.  It is that simple. 

The fraudulent covid narrative alleges that C19 is caused by SC2.  It follows from common sense and basic principles of science that C19 cannot exist because SC2 not been proven to exist. Poof, the fog of misinformation and deception disappears and everything now falls into place.  The implications are clear and far-reaching.  Without proof of a virus, all claims about death rates, incidence rates, contagion, variants and experimental injections are unsubstantiated and spurious.  Masks, social distancing, quarantine camps, vaccines and vaccine passports are exposed for the fraudulent emergency health measures that they are.  SC2 and C19 are propaganda material. 

A common question asked is if the virus does not exist then what are people dying of.  The answer is that people are dying of what they have always died of.  Only now those deaths are falsely attributed to a virus, a disease and a pandemic that do not exist.  Fake virus! Fake disease! Fake pandemic!

The covid fraud is like shooting a shotgun at a barn wall – it is hard to miss.  Even according to official account, the recovery rate from the alleged disease is a mere fraction under 100%. The covid fraud is a house of cards built on an avalanche of contradictions and outright lies.  The starting point is recognizing the alleged virus SC2 and the alleged disease C19 do not exist. If you have not yet strayed beyond the official covid narrative then here are some excellent references that will start you on your trip down the covid rabbit hole. 

Statement on Virus Isolation
Phantom Virus: In Search of the Sars-Cov-2
The Imaginary and Theoretical Virus
COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud
The Corona Virus is Just a Concept That Only Exists on Paper
Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2…
The Contagion Fairy Tale

The following links will download articles by Stefan Lanka to your computer:

The Virus Misconception – Part 1
The Virus Misconception – Part 2

What are alleged to be images of SC2 under electron microscopes are often debris from human cells destroyed by the techniques and methodology used in studying the cells. In other words, electron microscope images of the alleged SC2 virus are nothing more than an artifact of science that has nothing to do with real viruses.  If this sounds untenable to you then read this book by Hillman and Sartory.

The Living Cell

Fraud is common in medical science

Fraud in medical science is a common theme in many books about allopathic medicine. To give some perspective, in his book “Inventing the Aids Virus”, Dr. Peter Duesberg states over 100,000 papers have been published on AIDS.  That was in 1996 so the number will be significantly higher today.  But not one of these papers proved the alleged virus HIV exists and that it caused the alleged disease AIDS.  This ignominy is still true today.  Stop and think about the implications because they are absolutely staggering! AIDS actually refers to least 30 different traditionally recognized diseases.  What is actually defined as AIDS is different depending on which continent (e.g. North America vs Africa) the diagnosis is made.  In first world countries, what is referred to as AIDS is primarily caused by long term drug abuse, severe malnutrition and a self-destructing lifestyle in the homosexual community.  It is not caused by a virus.  The definition of AIDS is one of convenience that was invented by the medical cartel to ensure it’s relevancy and channel taxpayer money into its pocket and the pocket of pharmaceutical companies.  The scientific community was coerced into playing along with the fraud.  Research that does not support the HIV-AIDS dogma is not funded and you are out of job.

Louse Pasteur was a fraud and a plagiarist.  Allopathic medicine is based on the unproven Germ Theory that is attributed to Pasteur.  Viruses and microbes alleged to cause diseases are a product of Germ Theory – to repeat, a theory that has never been proven true.  Pasteur plagiarized the work of Dr. Antoine Bechamp and others.  With many of Pasteur’s own ideas and theories, he was repeatedly proven wrong, with disastrous consequences for people and animals alike – they died, horribly.  Rabies is a good example of an alleged disease that most everyone has heard of.  To this day, there is no scientific data to support the existence of either the alleged disease rabies or the virus alleged to cause rabies.  Pasteur simply lied about his work but kept this hidden throughout his life.  It was only after his death that his private notes were made public and revealed the full extent of his deception and outright lies.  What is referred to as rabies is now understood to be caused by severe malnutrition and gross maltreatment of dogs.  Today, we would describe what Pasteur did to the poor animals as torture.  Pasteur was a very successful snake oil salesman.

When you understands that much in medicine is driven by dogma and not science, and that allopathic medicine is controlled by a corrupt medical cartel and pharmaceutical industry, then then you begin to understand that fraud and medical dogma go hand in hand.  Many sources describe this problem.  For starters, here are a few references:

Inventing the Aids Virus
Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare
Bechamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology
Doctoring Data How to Sort Out Medical Advice From Medical Nonsense
Confessions of a Medical Heretic

Allopathic medicine, the sick man’s medicine

Western medicine, also referred to as allopathic medicine, is the sick man’s medicine, medicine that makes and keep the population sick.  People living in countries dominated by allopathic medicine are plagued by poor health specifically caused by their medicine.  Prescription drugs that cause severe side effects and even death are common, not the exception.  For far too many people, prescription drugs ensure your quality of life sucks. The goal of allopathic medicine is not to cure disease but only to control the symptoms of disease.  Controlling symptoms of disease is profitable, preventing and curing disease is not.  There is no profit in a healthy person. 

The ‘War on Cancer’ produced no cure for cancer as it was never designed to do so.  So too were tens of billions of dollars wasted in the HIV-AIDs fiasco chasing the ghosts of HIV and AIDS.  The number three killer in first world countries is prescription drugs.  In her book ‘The Poisoned Needle’, Eleanor McBean describes in detail how “Polio is a man-made disease”.  Polio increases when polio vaccination increases and polio decreases when polio vaccination decreases.  Allopathic medicine kills millions of people each year and seriously injures many times that number.  As Bill Gates has stated, vaccines make for good business because they provide a 20 to 1 return on investment.  No effort is spared to suppress and censor the fact that nothing good comes from any vaccine other than profit and control.  The list goes on. 

The primary determinants of good health are nutrition, clean water, sanitation and social living conditions, things that allopathic medicine only pays lip service to.  Allopathic healthcare is an oxymoron and more appropriately described as wealth-care for the medical cartel, pharmaceutical companies and the elite criminals.  The medical cartel encourages and turns a blind eye to medical fraud and malpractice diverting in the process trillions of dollars of taxpayer money into its pocket and the pockets of the pharmaceutical firms that control the cartel.  Keeping the public in a diseased state is midas gold!

Midas gold
Midas gold

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn stated, “I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth — doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment — and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.”  Yes indeed, allopathic medicine is the sick man’s medicine. 

The historical context of the covid fraud

Viruses alleged to cause disease are referred to as pathogenic viruses.  In the book Virus Mania, Engelbrecht et al explain in detail that many alleged pathogenic viruses are simply fictitious inventions, they have not been proven to exist.  AIDS, Hepatitis C, Mad Cow disease, SARS, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, and C19, are all examples of alleged diseases that are fraudulently attributed to fictitious viruses.  Allopathic medicine has a habit of falsely attributing disease to bacteria, microbes and/or viruses instead of the obvious culprits such as poor nutrition and/or a toxic environment.  This is the dogma of allopathic medicine. It’s all about money and control baby!


Have you ever heard of SMON? Probably not. SMON is a another common example of the medical cartel’s obsession of finding Unicorns where none exist. SMON, an acronym for Subacute Myelo‑Optico‑Neuropathy, causes paralysis and death similar to polio.  SMON was falsely attributed to killer viruses and it was only when the absurdity of this claim could not be sustained any longer that it was finally acknowledged SMON was a medically induced disease – a disease caused by medicine.  Dr. Peter Duesberg describes the “The SMON FIASCO” as follows:

“In many ways, SMON anticipated the later AIDS epidemic. For fifteen years the syndrome was mismanaged by the Japanese science establishment, where virtually all research efforts were controlled by virus hunters. Ignoring strong evidence to the contrary, researchers continued to assume the syndrome was contagious and searched for one virus after another. Year after year the epidemic grew, despite public health measures to prevent the spread of an infectious agent. And in the end, medical doctors were forced to admit that their treatment had actually caused SMON in the first place”

Bacteria and viruses do not cause disease just as firefighters do not cause fire and rats do not create garbage dumps.  Just as firefighters are the cleanup crew that the come to put out a fire and rats feed at garbage dumps, so too are bacteria and viruses the cleanup crew that clear up the waste in the body that is caused by disease. 

There are no pathogenic viruses.  Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, Stefan Lanka and many others have clearly stated there are no scientific studies which prove pathogenic viruses exist.  It is particularly important to point out this is true of small pox and polio because the public has been indoctrinated to parrot that both diseases are caused by viruses.  To repeat, pathogenic viruses are nothing more than dogma enforced by the allopathic medical cartel to ensure its relevancy and profits of the pharmaceutical companies.  An ignorant and uniformed public is easier to manipulate, control, poison and kill when it is inculcated with a fear of sinister and deadly viruses that lurk in every crevice. 

This is the context in which SC2 and C19 must be understood.  The covid fraud is not an isolated event in the history of man. SC2 and C19 are yet another pair of fictitious inventions in a long and deliberate campaign to indoctrinate and inculcate in the public a fear of an invisible yet ever-present enemy.

Fear is a primary tool used to control the public as well as to subvert and eliminate public rights and liberties.  Our leaders unscrupulously use the public’s ignorance of science to elicit and prey on the public’s fear.  This is why our leaders tell us that every healthy, asymptomatic person is now a threat to public safety and must be monitored and their movements restricted.  Even the most rudimentary analysis exposes the absurdity of this lie.  Such is the mendacious nonsense peddled by the medical cartel and our leaders. 

The problem is that many in the public remain ignorant, all too often, willfully ignorant.  Decades of propaganda and indoctrination render many in the public incapable of critical analysis.  Far too many mindlessly parrot the fraudulent official narrative of contagious viruses and diseases. What this means is that the majority of the public are always wrong about alleged viruses and diseases.

Vaccines play no role in reducing disease

Since the early 1800’s, death and injury from all major diseases has been reduced by improvements in nutrition, clean water, sanitation and social living conditions.  Vaccines have not played any role in reducing disease, this being particularly true for small pox and polio. 

No vaccine has ever been proven to produce better health and protect against disease.  On the contrary, history shows that disease and death follow vaccination programs.  This is indeed what we are now seeing with the C19 experimental injections.  Officially, the C19 experimental injections have, in very short time, caused more deaths and serious injury than all other alleged vaccines have caused in the past 30 years.  Unofficially, the actual number of deaths and injuries is skyrocketing.  As of this month in the US, July of 2021, there are now over 12,000 deaths officially recognized as having been caused by the experimental injections and hundreds of thousands of serious adverse reactions. It is widely understood these numbers represent only about one percent of all reported deaths and injuries. An unofficial but reasonable estimate is the number of deaths in the US is now over one million with the number of serious injuries being in the tens of millions. Worldwide, we can safely estimate at a minimum that the experimental injections have caused millions of deaths. It is criminal for our leaders to state these experimental injections are safe. These injections are killing us!

It is readily argued that a primary cause of many major diseases afflicting us today are the direct result of intensive vaccine schedules that start soon after birth.  For example, autism was extremely rare a century ago.  Now it is a man made epidemic with the primary cause convincingly argued to be vaccines.

No one should ever be vaccinated and this is especially true of babies and children.  The data and information available beyond the dogmatic gospel preached by the medical cartel provides extremely compelling, in my opinion irrefutable and conclusive evidence, that vaccines cause both short and long term disease with no health benefits.  The fact that the medical cartel and pharmaceutical companies are not held accountable and have full impunity is testament to the power they wield.  They do not face criminal charges because they write the laws and rules. In a sane world, which prioritized public health above profits, vaccines would be illegal. 

The promise of vaccines.  A lifetime of profits, injury, disease and death.

Here are a few starter references for those who have never read up on vaccines.

Dissolving Illusions
Good-Bye Germ Theory
The Vaccination Problem
COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried
A Killer Enterprise
The Children’s Health Defense

Disease is cured by the pen, not the ‘vaccine’ 

Anyone who extends their research beyond the restrictive limits of the medical cartel’s narrative quickly learns that, in all cases, what the medical cartel claims as proof of the effectiveness of vaccines, is nothing more than a sleight of hand where disease is cured by the pen and not by the vaccine.  What this means is that the incident and mortality rate of disease rises and falls by arbitrarily re-writing the definition of disease.  Vaccines play no role in preventing disease. Take polio as an example. Polio is a man-made disease with multiple causes that include the polio vaccine itself and pesticides (e.g. DDT, arsenic). Diagnosing polio depends upon whether or not a person has had the polio vaccine.  If a person has NOT had the polio vaccine then symptoms are diagnosed as polio.  If a person has had the polio vaccine then the same symptoms are diagnosed as something other than polio.  The medical cartel protects vaccine profits, not the patient’s health. 

The covid fraud offers another example. The alleged disease C19 is diagnosed using the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test.  Setting the PCR cycle count high guarantees a positive diagnose, you are diagnosed as having C19.  Setting the PCR cycle count low guarantees a negative diagnosis, you are not diagnosed as having C19.  The cycle count in the PCR test can set to produce whatever results you want.  You can claim a sick person is healthy by setting the cycle count low and a healthy person is sick by setting the cycle count high.  

We can be certain this is one way the game of covid fraud is being played.  The PCR cycle count is manipulated to conjure the illusion that the experimental injections are effective.  Before the experimental injections were available, we know the PCR cycle count was set to the highest possible limit with the predictable result that reports of the alleged C19 disease (i.e. incident cases) soared.  Subsequently, with the experimental injections now being administered, the WHO has issued instructions to start lowering the PCR cycle count. This fosters the illusion that the decreases in incidence rates are due to the experimental injections when all that has really happened is the PCR cycle counts were manipulated. We know from the history of vaccines, when the dust finally settles, the PCR cycle count will be set to such a low number that C19 is never diagnosed and claims will then be made that C19 has been brought under control.  

There are fundamental problems with the PCR test.  The PCR test was never a ‘gold standard in the first place and cannot be used to diagnose any disease, including C19.  Using PCR to diagnose disease is an abuse of this technology and constitutes scientific and medical fraud.  Many sources document this problem.

It is predictable the PCR cycle counts will be arbitrarily manipulated, again and again, to coerce the public into getting more rounds of experimental injections. Our leaders prey on the public’s ignorance of the PCR test.

Another way the game of covid fraud is played is by playing with death certificates.  I will not go into the details because there are plenty of articles which describe the problem (e.g. Shameless manipulation).

With C19, a pandemic could only have been declared because the World Health Organization (WHO) conveniently changed the definition of a pandemic in 2004. In other words, had the pre-2004 definition of a pandemic been applied then there would have been no grounds for imposing the fraudulent emergency health measures.  In layman’s language, the WHO and its backers are in the business of selling vaccines and, as Bill Gates is on record saying, every person in the world needs to be vaccinated.  Selling vaccines is much easier when disease and pandemics can be declared at will.  So the WHO simply changed the rules of the game to do just that.  Again, the pandemic of C19 was declared by the stroke of a pen.  This is one reason why the layman’s terms for the C19 pandemic is ‘plandemic’ and ‘scamdemic’. 

Covid19 - A plandemic!

The conflicts of interest in the game of covid fraud are so flagrant that all official statements and statistics should be assumed false unless proven otherwise with sources you trust.

Here are a few starter references:

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless
Significant Pitfalls with PCR for the Alleged SARS-CoV-2 Detection and COVID Diagnosis
Corman-Drosten Review Report

Technocracy and Transhumanism

The covid fraud is a cover for Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T).  When you fight against the covid fraud you are actually fighting against T&T.  Once you understand what T&T is then everything about the covid fraud makes sense.  Covid is an engineered crisis that is preparing, indoctrinating and coercing you into accepting T&T.

T&T incompatible with democracy.  T&T seeks to subvert and eradicate democracy.  In T&T, all decisions and control are made by unelected and unaccountable persons in corporations.  Think eugenics where the goal is to engineer a superior race and an inferior race in a master-slave relationship. Think nanotechnology in your body that harvests biometrics from you every second of the day for your entire life.  Think ‘smart cities’ where every appliance in your home is metered and everything you consume is monitored in real time. Think engineered austerity and poverty where corporations profit from human misery with human capital bonds and pay for success programs.  Think cars and bicycles with remotely controlled locks that automatically engage because your social credit score is to low. Think non-compliance means what food you can buy and where you can go are severely restricted.  You have no privacy or no control over your life.  With T&T, you are simply a product to be monitored, controlled and profited from.  You eat Frankenstein food and you are bio-engineered without your consent. In the short term, artificial intelligence (AI) is trained by harvesting all your personal information, biometrics and information about your every activity.  In the long term, you are replaced by AI and declared redundant.  The eugenics program of T&T means most of the population will literally be exterminated. The Nazis did not invent eugenics, they borrowed it from Rockefeller and his cronies. Bill Gates is a eugenicist as was his father.

5G technology is the glue that hold the parts of T&T together.  It is required to implement digital identify.  It is required to track and monitor every person on the earth every second of the day.  It is impossible that electromagnetic radiation from 5G is harmless as our leaders fervently proselytize.

The C19 ‘vaccines’ are part of the non-medical, invasive, experimental technology of the eugenics program in T&T.  Consenting to them is a dangerous gamble of trusting your health and life to malevolent elite criminals.  You are a human guinea pig and a clueless participant in their eugenics program. 

Few of you will ever had heard of T&T despite it being in the works for well over a century.  The T&T mindset is twisted and horrifying in ways you cannot possibly imagine.  If this is the first time you hear about T&T then unplug yourself from mainstream media and look beyond your blinders. Here are a few references to get you started.

A “Leap” toward humanity’s destruction
Technocracy rising : the Trojan horse of global transformation
Technocracy News & Trends
Wrench in the Gears
The Covid19 Scamdemic – Part 1
The Covid19 Scamdemic – Part 2

Comply or die – coerced compliance

The face mask, affectionately known as the face diaper, is by definition a medical intervention falsely claimed as protection against an alleged infectious disease.  There is no real scientific data to support the claim that masks protect against the alleged virus SC2 or disease C19.  Nevertheless, refusal to wear the mask is not an option – comply or die, literally. 

With one exception, I refuse to wear a mask.  The one exception is Costco because I must eat.  Otherwise, I am denied access to all public services.  I am denied medical, dental and pharmaceutical services.  I am denied access to restaurants, retail and merchandise stores and even outdoor fenced off market places.  Once outside my home, I am even denied access to public washrooms and fresh water.  I am treated worse than a criminal.  Worse is yet to come because I refuse the experimental injections and resist the omnipresent coercion to force them on me.  Quebec is already prepared to use vaccine passports to deny non-vaccinated people access to “non-essential” services.  

The mask is a symbol of servile compliance and is training the public to submit to the tyranny of T&T.  Masks have nothing to do with protecting public health.  Nowhere is this more obvious than the fact that almost 100% of the people who wear masks do NOT protect their eyes.  If a virus that caused disease actually existed then it could just as easily enter the body by way of the eyes as by the nose and mouth.

I refuse the experimental injections.  They are dangerous! These experimental injections are the work of the eugenics program in T&T, experimenting with and physically changing the human body.  This is coercive, non-consensual medical experimentation on humans.  I will use any and all means to protect myself against anyone who forces the experimental injections on me.

Many of us warned the covid fraud would lead to masks, social distancing, vaccines and quarantine camps.  We were denigrated as conspiracy theorists by the covid zombies. We have been proved right and the covid zombies wrong.  We were ignored when we warned of vaccine passports. Now they will be implemented in Canada and Europe.  The covid zombies, trained to parrot ‘conspiracy theorist’ on cue, now find eating crow is a mainstay of their diets.  Two years ago, no one imagined how easily and quickly our constitutional rights and civil liberties could be subverted by declaring a fake pandemic.  If you have not heard of T&T before now then this is your first glimpse into the T&T mindset.  We can predict with certainty that our future, that envisioned by T&T, will be an ugly existence.

Today, we cannot buy food without a mask.  Tomorrow, we will not be able to buy food unless we comply with the eugenics program of T&T.  The noose is being drawn around our necks.

The covid fraud is an engineered crisis

All major crises are engineered for the purpose of coercing the public into submitting to the dictates of the elite criminals.  Event 201 predicted a corona virus crisis and, presto, it immediately appeared. The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted cyber security threats and, presto, they immediately appeared. In layman’s language, those making the “predictions” are actually engineering and causing the crises.

The meat producer JBS was one of the first to report an alleged cyber attack.  Why a meat producer you might ask?  The WEF and its cronies are pushing lab grown meat (another dangerous product with predictable consequences for public health).  The WEF want to eliminate all naturally grown meat from the public diet, often under the unsubstantiated claim that eating farmed animal meat is dangerous for the planet. What better way to coerce the public into accepting your Frankenstein product then by crippling existing meat supplies.  Lab grown meat ensures the public will never again be able to produce and manage its own meat supply. 

Here is another prediction by the WEF. It predicts the public will own nothing by 2030 and that the public will be happy. Kiss good-bye all assets and investments you currently own.

The elite criminals are truly elite in one sense of the word – they are above the law.  As Elon Musk stated, “We will coup whoever we want”.  There are two set of rules, one for you and me and then there is none for the elite criminals. The elite criminals are public enemy #1 with the poster children being Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Elon Muck, Jeff Bezos, Larry Fink, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The covid fraud is not a natural act-of-god crisis.  The covid fraud is an engineered crisis all based on a fake virus and fake disease.  If you think we are going back to normal in August, when/if the fraudulent emergency health restrictions are supposed to be lifted here in Quebec, then you are blind to reality. T&T has been in the plans for over 100 years and it is not about to relent now. The fraudulent covid emergency health measures are just the start, the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Non-compliance is not an option. Prepare yourself. You are never going back to the normal you knew before 2020!  You have two choices.  Fight it or submit to tyranny.


Our fight is against technocracy and transhumanism

Your fight starts in understanding that in fighting against the covid fraud you are actually fighting against Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T). 

The elite criminals have one weakness, their Achilles heel.  Dust off the guillotines, reenact the French Revolution around the world, ‘coincidentally’ let them go live and these criminals will quickly come to heel.  If you want a guaranteed cure against SC2 and C19 then eliminate all trillionaires and billionaires. Forcefully strip them of all their assets and put them behind bars for life where they belong. 

There are close to 8 billion of us.  Up to now, we have been a sleeping giant.  We are rising from our slumber.

You are not alone

So how do we fight back?  The short answer is you stand your ground and say NO!  No more masks, no more social distancing, no more lockdowns, no more curfews, no more quarantine camps, no more experimental injections, no more fraudulent emergency health measures and no more vaccine passports.  Do not comply!  We promote and engage in massive civil disobedience. 

There is a fearless young man here in Montreal named Amalega Francois who is openly defying the lockdowns and curfews.  His actions are inspiring and you can read about them on his FraudBook (i.e. Facebook) page here.  Amalega has walked into Walmart without a facemask.  He has protested after curfew hours in front of police stations.  Yes, he has been ticketed but his convictions drive him on.  Unfortunately, the number of people who show up to support his actions are few.  His tactics are sound but his numbers are too small to be effective.  Large numbers are the key to success.

I know from having participated in the Montreal protests against the covid fraud that there are hundreds of thousands of us in Montreal who recognize this fraud for what it is.  WE ARE MANY!

There is real and extensive public anger with the covid fraud.  Massive civil disobedience can easily be triggered with people like Amalega Francois leading the way.

While T&T has largely hidden itself from public scrutiny for the past 100 years, the covid fraud has completely exposed it.  We, the public, have only had just over one year to grasp the significance of the covid fraud being perpetrated upon us.  Now, across the country, millions of people are organizing and mobilizing against the covid fraud.  Let us join them!

A call for civil disobedience In LaSalle

There are millions of people across Canada who have begun organizing and fighting back against the covid fraud.  My goal is to begin with large-scale civil disobedience in my own community of LaSalle.  Lasalle has a population of about 80,000 people.  The goal is to start by organizing large numbers of our residents, families and children included. If you are not a resident of LaSalle then your objective to begin organizing civil disobedience in your own community.

Understand that the covid fraud will not stop even if Legault temporarily lifts the emergency health measures by the end of August.  Legault is a puppet of the elite criminals. The World Health Organization have already stated there will be more corona-virus outbreaks and this means they will engineering more of such crises. Indeed, this is exactly what we are seeing with the alleged SC2 variants.

Our leaders claim the fraudulent emergency health measures are being lifted because a majority of people have had the experimental injections.  Like all things in this fake pandemic, this is yet another unsubstantiated and unreliable claim that cannot be trusted.  Here is a far more plausible explanation.  The fraudulent emergency measures are being temporarily lifted because the public, including the covid zombies, have had enough.  Our leaders recognize revolt is spreading and that this sleeping giant is awakening.  Our leaders know the public smells the rot and will not tolerate the covid fraud for much longer. 

At best though, we can expect only a temporary reprieve as the elite criminals and their puppets, our leading politicians and health authorities, double down and spring another and another engineered crisis on us.  Expect more fraudulent emergency health measures as we get closer to ‘flu season’ in the fall.  Organize and mobilize now.

If you are a resident of LaSalle or neighboring boroughs of Lachine and Verdun and want to fight the covid fraud then contact me using the contact page on this web site. Trolls be forewarned. You are only one click away from being deleted and ignored.

Goals of civil disobedience

The short-term object of civil disobedience is to build a network of support across Montreal and Quebec that forces our leaders to rescind all emergency health measures.  There are mid-term and long-term objectives but they will be discussed at another time.

Stop being invisible

A big problem right now is that those recognize the covid fraud are invisible in our own communities.  We are not seen and we are not heard.  This must change. 

I have begun walking around Lasalle with a large 3 x 2 foot sign stating “Fake virus, Fake disease, Fake Pandemic”.  Many of you have expressed your support and I get a chuckle when you cycle or drive past me and literally scream your approval.

One of my signs
Another of my signs

Civil disobedience starts by making yourself seen and heard!   There are many of us and we need to identify and show our numbers, every single day of the week. 

Start by always wearing or carrying a sign that challenges the covid fraud.  Keep it simple.  For example, children and teenagers can hand write a message in large bold letters on a sheet of paper and then tape the paper to their shirt, cap, backpack, bicycle, etc.  Parents can build signs using material from any office supply and hardware store.  Do not worry about making your message look pretty.  Focus on getting the message out to everyone in the community.  Walk around your neighborhood for an hour or two each day with your sign on full display for everyone in your neighborhood to see.  Bring your sign along with you when you shop for groceries or go anywhere. If you are not seen then you are not heard. 

Stand out and let everyone know you reject the covid fraud.  When you see like-minded fellow residents then introduce yourself and exchange contact information.  Your goal is to begin building a local network of resistance to the covid fraud and to future frauds that are certain to follow. 

Every community needs to start organizing and protecting itself.  Communities can then start forming alliances with each other and build the public network needed counter and defeat T&T.

What form of civil disobedience?

The type of civil disobedience will be determined by our numbers.  Any place open to the public that enforces the fraudulent emergency health measures can be targeted for civil disobedience.  This includes large grocery stores, fast food outlets, liquor stores, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and all federal, provincial and municipal government offices including LaSalle City Hall.

Any institutions, organizations and businesses that give preferential or exclusive service/treatment to people who have received the experimental injections will specifically be targeted. 

Small business will not be targeted (unless it gives preferential treatment to those who have had the experimental injections).  Small business are as much victims of the fraudulent emergency health measures as the public is.  Small business forms the backbone of the Canadian economy and they need our support.

Strategy will be discussed with the first residents who sign up.

When the first 100 residents sign up, we will organize outdoor public gatherings including defiance of the curfew in LaSalle.  I want groups as well as individuals, with their signs, walking the streets of our community, in every part of of our community, every day of the week.

When the first 500 residents sign up, I want to walk into Walmart, Canadian Tire or Reno Depot, McDonalds, Tim Hortons and/or Subways without masks.  Alternatively, we all WEAR masks and go into these stores, each of us pushing empty carts and obstructing/blocking the aisles for several hours every Saturday and/or Sunday.  Companies may start to listen when the bottom line is threatened. 

When the first 2000 residents sign up, I want to hit all major grocery and retail stores at the same time. 

The LaSalle Hospital is an ideal spot for a mask-less sit-in with large number of residents.

When the first 3000-4000 residents sign up then we target Angrignon mall for a mask-less sit-in. 

We keep adding to our numbers and spreading civil disobedience across our community.

Small businesses, especially restaurants, have been hit hard by the fraudulent emergency health measures.  If any restaurant in Lasalle fights the covid fraud by opening up without masks and social distancing then we MUST provide immediate and sustained support for that restaurant.  If our numbers are large enough, this will include helping paying for a large part of any legal defenses they face. With several thousand residents in our group, we can begin to support only those businesses that support us and openly boycott those that do not support our goals.  We fight as one. 

We must get our message out to our federal and provincial representatives as well as our mayor and councilors. Sit-ins in their offices are a great way to get the message across if, as I expect, their first response is to shut the door in our face.

I want to see students and residents stage sit-ins and flout all fraudulent emergency health measures in the two educational centers in LaSalle, Andre Laurendeau Cegep and the PACC Adult Education Center. 

Church services were closed under the fraudulent emergency health measures.  This was a direct violation of your rights under the Canadian constitution.  If Legault attempts to close churches again this fall with the start of ‘flu season’ then we support any church service that remain open in defiance, even if our members like myself are not religious.

There are many options open to those of us who to fight the covid fraud, especially if we can mobilize a large part of the LaSalle community. Many of you will have your own suggestions on the civil disobedience we should engage in.  Let us start an open discussion and then act upon it.  Do not wait and try to get everything right before you engage in civil disobedience.  Hit the ground running and adapt as circumstances change. 

This is not a call for a weekend warrior, where you only have to show up once every few months to protest.  You are being asked to think and promote civil disobedience every day of the week. You are being asked to engage in civil disobedience in large numbers, never alone, throughout the week.

We fight all fines and penalties as one.  No person who receives a fine while organizing and engaging in our acts of civil disobedience will be faced with fighting that fine alone.  Everyone who signs up understands and agrees that we will crowd fund and hire legal services to protect all members of our movement.  We fight and pay for all fines and penalties as one.  No one stands alone!

No Violence

All civil disobedience musts be conducted without violence.  A goal of elite criminals is to incite the public to violence so it can impose a harsher crackdown under the pretext of protecting the public.  They have laid the trap, do not take the bait.  

Our police force is stuck between a hard place and a rock.  It is damned if it enforces the fraudulent emergency health measures and damned if it does not enforce them.   We must not be perceived as even a potential threat to our police force.  Ultimately, it will have choose which side it will support, the elite criminals or us.  By its actions, our police force will let us know which side it supports.

The covid fraud will not stop

In Quebec, the fraudulent emergency health measures are supposed to be lifted by the end of August.  This will not mark the end of the covid fraud.  This is only the beginning, the first round.  Quebec has already made it clear it is prepared to deny all non-vaccinated people access to “non-essential services”.  Expect this to be extended to include essential services as the screws are slowly tightened. The elite criminals want to impose mandatory vaccination on every person in all countries of the world. Prepare yourself for an even greater global onslaught that will cause havoc and instability on all economies with devastating consequences for billions of people.

Join the fight

Our leaders have thrown the little man onto the street, to stand alone against the coming storm of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  We, the Canadian public, can smell the stench of their betrayal, as does the public in every country of the world.  Make no mistake, the elite criminals and their puppets, our spineless leaders, have declared war on us! We are rising to fight because our freedom, our home and our families are literally at stake.  The public has now begun to organize and mobilize in every country in the world.  Draw the line in the sand and stand your ground.

At this time, there is only me.  I know you are out there.  I am calling on you to fight the covid fraud. If you are a resident of LaSalle or a neighboring community then join me in organizing and engaging in acts of civil disobedience.  We start in LaSalle and then aim to build a network with all other communities in Montreal. Use the contact page on this web site to reach me.

Fight the covid fraud! Stand with me!

Lasalle, Quebec