It is time to forge Street Army Canada, a nationwide alliance!

I am recruiting people to form a core team that is dedicated to building Street Army CanadaIf you recognize our unity is the only solution to our winning this war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism and you are prepared to actively commit to building our unity across Canada then contact me by email ( or on my Telegram group (   I am recruiting 15 to 30 fervent and tenacious people to form the core group that starts the process of building Street Army Canada.  If there are more than that is all the better.


We, the little people from the street, are under attack and fighting in a global war against the tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism.   We are losing this war badly.  Street Army Canada offers us our only hope of winning this war.   Without the full backing of at least half of all Canadians, any actions/events we engage in are literally pointless and achieve nothing.  We must all begin thinking, preaching and building unity across the country.

We have many groups that are fighting in this war.  Are you tired of joining them only to learn their objectives and strategies are so poorly conceived that they never achieve much, if anything at all?  Are you exasperated by their petty turf wars and clash of egos?  Are you disgusted with our own social media channels that amount to nothing more than cages of parrots that parrot what a thousand of other parrots have already parroted?  Are you appalled by how fragmented and disorganized we are?  Are you one of the many that does not know what to fight, when to fight and how to fight against the covid fraud and the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism?   Do you recognize and understand that our only hope in winning this war is for all of us to unite and fight against it with a common vision and direction?  If none of these questions applies to you then you can stop reading here. 

There is only one solution that will win the war of Technocracy and Transhumanism for us.  It is the only solution that is guaranteed to win this war for us.  Our only strength is our numbers.  It is time to start the process of uniting the street and building the umbrella alliance that I refer to as Street Army Canada.   We must build street armies for all countries in the world but we start here in Canada. 

The remainder of this post provides an overview of why we need Street Army Canada and what Street Army Canada will do for us. Do not get caught up in the name Street Army Canada.   This is simply the name I use to refer to the Canada nationwide alliance that we must build.  The eventual name of this umbrella alliance will be determined by our members.

The stark reality we face

The elite criminals, those euphemistically referred to as the global elite, control every part of our economy necessary for our survival.  The elite criminals control our energy production and distribution systems.  The elite criminals control our food production and distribution systems.  They control our financial and economic systems.  They control our education and medical systems.  They control our leading politicians, health authorities and businesspersons. The traitors Trudeau, Freeland and Tam and other leading politicians are the puppets of the Khazarian Rothschild Klaus Schwab.  Most of everything we need to sustain our life is controlled by the elite criminals.  The scope and scale of the control the elite criminals wield over us is a vast spider web that traps all us.  Their omnipresent and pervasive control is driving us toward the ultimate and final conclusion; the evil and tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism, a depraved ideology of eugenics, genocide and slavery. 

This global war of Technocracy and Transhumanism is World War III.  The covid fraud marks the opening campaign of this world war, the final drive of the elite criminals for absolute and total ownership and control over of everything on earth, including us.  

Nothing we have done since the start of the covid fraud has slowed down the onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  This juggernaut rolls on with 5G, digital identity, digital currency, social credit scores, omnipresent and pervasive surveillance where we the little people are deemed terrorists and subversives.  We face a tsunami of relentless propaganda and censorship against us.  Our governments, subverted by the elite criminals, sponsor/support medical extortion, blackmail and assault against us.  Across the world, millions of us have been killed by the dangerous covid experimental injections and tens of millions of us have been seriously injured.  The number of dead and injured will predictably skyrocket as the long term consequences of these clot-shots take their real toll.  This is a global class war and it is only the people on our side that are being injured and killed.

No jab, no job.  No jab, no food.  No jab, no travel.  No jab, no “unessential” services.  Refuse to wear a face diaper (the mask euphemistically referred to as a medical intervention), and we are denied access to all public and private services; we are ostracized from society.  This is flagrant fraud, extortion, blackmail and assault; all of which are indictable (i.e. criminal) offenses.  Only the willfully ignorant, gullible and stupid deny this now.

In Canada, carrying a “Fuck Trudeau” sign on parliament hill earns you a hate speech ticket.  Meanwhile Trudeau spews flagrant hate speech, lies about our peaceful protests being violent, and illegally shuts down our access to our money, all without any accountability.  The stench of hypocrisy and flagrant lies by our traitorous leading politicians, health authorities and businesspersons saturates our daily lives. 

The message from the elite criminals is “might is right” and “fuck the little people”.

Divided we fall

I recently attended an online meeting of a group that claims a presence across Canada.  A year ago, an online meeting of this group in a particular Canadian city had over 1500 participants/viewers.   In this recent meeting, it was apparent this local group had been decimated.  There were no more than maybe two dozen participants with maybe four being the new leaders of the group.   They were unprepared for the meeting they had scheduled and did not address any part of the stated meeting’s agenda.  They presented no vision and direction and absolutely no sense of building real unity across Canada, that is, other than trying to refocus the spotlight on itself and the square inch of turf it is desperately trying to protect.  

A second example is about another group in Canada that prattles on about strength in numbers.  Scratch the surface and it is apparent unity is only about recruiting people under it’s banner.  Like so many others, this particular group is fighting to gain and protect its square inch of turf.  

All such groups claim to be fighting against the fraudulent emergency health measures and even the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  However, as the visible face of the resistance, these groups are heavily fragmented, disorganized and so few in numbers that they are powerless and inherently impotent.  They have a weak bark and no bite.   The one thing you will never hear them talk about is the only thing that will win this war for us, which is uniting the street to build a nationwide and a worldwide alliance.

I understand right now the idea of building a nationwide alliance and a worldwide alliance seems like a pipe dream.  But then every action our disparate groups have engaged in to date have been pipe dreams; they have produced little to no results.  With very few exceptions, actions/events by these tiny groups have been pointless and a waste of time and our extremely limited resources.   The onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism rolls on unabated.

Our pathetic impotence

The fraudulent emergency health measures are now being lifted.  This is not a reprieve because the purpose of the covid fraud was to distract our attention from the real agenda of implementing 5G, digital identity, digital currency, social credit scores, a surveillance state, etc.  The strategy of a fake covid pandemic used by the elite criminals worked beautifully against us.  If the lifting of the fraudulent emergency measures gives you a sense of relief then you have not learned anything since the covid fraud first started at the end of 2019.  

After two year of illegal, invasive, criminal and fraudulent emergency health measures that have destroyed so much of our economy, livelihoods, relationships and even lives, we should be tearing down the walls of every legislative building, dragging out every leading politician and health authority, hanging them on the closest light post and waiting with glee for the real entertainment when the crows come to feed on their corpses. 

What do we see instead?  A big part of the population – the sheep – remains asleep and takes everything up the ass with resigned indifference.   They are so used to being fucked over a barrel that this is their “normal”.  Another major part of the population, those that claim to be awake, prattle on with bankrupt ideas of how to resist that melt faster than a snowflake in hell.  They all face the same problem; no large scale numbers (i.e. people), no solution.  They are not awake, they are sleep walking.  I have lost count of how many people spew nonsense about remaining positive, being civil, courteous and making friends.  They want to hold hands in a circle, sing Kumbaya and feel good about themselves.   However, hindsight is 20-20 and has proven they wasted their time and achieved nothing.  The elite criminals roar with laughter at our pathetic impotence.

Let me repeat again, nothing any of us has done up to now has slowed down the juggernaut of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  As long as we continue working alone and in small numbers, anything we have done and will do is pointless and achieves nothing.  We are pissing into the wind.  The only way to counter the juggernaut of Technocracy and Transhumanism is to counter with a juggernaut of our own, from the street?   OUR ONLY STRENGTH IS OUR NUMBERS!  The elite criminals have mobilized their armies across the world and are waging a global war against us.  We must respond in kind.

A glaring lack of leadership

We have a leadership crisis.  Currently, our existing resistance leaders are acting like petty warlords fighting to preserve their tiny square inch of turf.   A good example is the turf war between Action4Canada (A4C) and Stand4Thee (S4T).  

Both Tanya Gaw at A4C and Rebecca Sheppard at S4T are fierce warrior women that have inspired many of us.  Unfortunately, they are also fighting each other and dividing us.  Tanya tells us to focus on the Charter of Rights and ignore the Bill of Rights while Rebecca is saying just the opposite.  Each leader implicitly targets the other in their comments and criticisms.  Both A4C and S4T produce volumes of competing videos, webinars, notices of liability, documents, etc.  This will overwhelm, bewilder and lose many of us.  But A4C and S4T are not only dividing us, they are misleading us.  Notices of Liability (NOLs) promoted by both A4C and S4T amount to a legal bluff because few people know how to press charges in our legal system (criminal or civil) when the NOLs are ignored or rejected.  For this reason, most NOLs can be safely ignored by those who receive them.  For most people that serve them, NOLs are an accident waiting to happen.

We are in a global war against the global forces of Technocracy and Transhumanism.   If you listen to A4C then you could be forgiven for thinking it is the only group that is fighting this war.   To be fair, this statement is true of all groups that claim to be fighting this war.   It is the essence of warlords and turf wars.  They pay lip service to collaborating with others but each group effectively fights alone, protecting its tiny piece of turf.  Think Chris Sky, thousands of selfies, self-promotion and chasing the spotlight.  Chris fully recognizes the behemoth of Technocracy and Transhumanism that is beating down on us.  But if you don’t fight in his sandbox then he does not fight alongside you, as was made clear with the trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.  It’s a turf war baby, something guaranteed to keep us heavily fragmented and disorganized.

From what I observed, the trucker Freedom Convoy that went to Ottawa had the best of intentions and the heartfelt generosity of people across Canada for the convoy was overwhelming.  The convoy made us proud to be Canadians.  Unfortunately, the convoy was poorly organized and most lacking in leadership.   I watched four different press conferences with four different sets of people.  The lack of organization was subsequently confirmed by one of the reputed leaders, Tom Marrazo (see time 00:04:26 in this interview with Tom Marrazo).  The truckers are our unsung warriors and the freedom convoy hinted at the true potential of what we could achieve if we unite the street.  But as with all things we have done so far, it was evident from the start that the freedom convoy desperately lacked leadership, organization and the organizational infrastructure that was critical for supporting it.   As a result, it was quickly and easily dismantled.

We remain heavily fragmented and disorganized.  This defeats our ability to fight effectively with the result that the onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism rolls on unabated.

Let us begin forging Street Army Canada

Do you really want to win this war?  Then build our fucking army from the street!  We are fighting against the global army of the elite criminals.  We can only defeat it with an army of our own.   We have the numbers to fill a street army.  However, our current activist leaders lack the insight and/or will to make this happen.  So we, the rank-and-file (i.e. the followers) from the street, must take matter into our own hands. 

I am recruiting a small group of people that will form the core membership dedicated to building Street Army Canada.  The people I am looking for can come from anywhere in Canada.  You do not have to be a natural leader with a gold horseshoe up your ass.  I also do not give a shit if your language is gruff and crude.  We are not here to make friends and to be liked.  We are here to win a war.  We work together until we finish the job because we have no other choice.  We are the street, we are under attack and we have only ourselves to defend us.   If you have the determination and tenacity to do what is necessary to win this war then contact me by email at or send me a direct message from my Telegram group

The first objective of this core group members will be to reach out across Canada – to our resistance leaders, influencers and their followers – and recruit them under the umbrella alliance of Street Army Canada.   If we are to win this war then we must first identify who our real team players are.  Just as importantly, we must also identify those groups that are not team players but are only promoting their own self-interests.

The second objective of this core group will be to begin defining the organizational infrastructure that Street Army Canada must have to sustain it.  Like any other army, business and institution, Street Army Canada must have an organizational infrastructure.  

There are a million things that need to be done for us to win this war.  Our fighting alone means each of us must do a million different things, an impossible task.  But if we unite and come together with a million people then each person is made responsible for only one thing.  This is how we need to fight this war, together, each doing something different but all fighting for a common vision and direction.

We do not get to choose our allies.  In this war, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.   We must set aside our differences and find a common vision and direction because we have no other choice.  Building the alliance under the umbrella of Street Army Canada will not be easy and it will be messy.  We do not have the financial upfront resources that would greatly facilitate building Street Army Canada.  So instead, we must forge Street Army Canada based on our strength of will and the conviction of knowing we are fighting to protect our rights, liberties, freedom and families. 

Joining under the umbrella of Street Army Canada will be a firm commitment to action.  Leaders will be selected based on their proven abilities, with the core group selecting the initial leadership council/panel/committee.  Like any other army, members will be expected to register with Street Army Canada and participate with designated roles and responsibilities.  Members will commit to funding Street Army Canada with, for example, a monthly contribution of $10.  All funding will be open, transparent and accounted for by qualified accounts and financial manager.  Full financial transparency is critical to generating trust and confidence in Street Army Canada.   The traitor Trudeau demonstrated he is prepared to use illegal measures to financially starve groups he arbitrarily defines as a threat to his dictatorship.  We should expect Street Army Canada to be subjected to his false and arbitrary measures.   We must therefore devise alternative strategies for channeling funds to Street Army Canada alliance to circumvent Trudeau’s diktats.

Many of us do not know how to fight, when to fight and where to fight against the covid fraud and tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  For these people, they will get their direction from Street Army Canada.  Joining the umbrella alliance of Street Army Canada does not mean groups/people must stop whatever they are doing now.  But joining the alliance is a commitment to nationwide collaborative, cooperative and meaningful efforts that are fully transparent, visible and understandable to all members.

The purpose of Street Army Canada is simple; to protect all Canadians against the predations (e.g. extortion, blackmail and other criminal actions such as the fraudulent emergency health measures) of the elite criminals and their puppets.  We must protect ourselves against our traitorous leading politicians, health authorities and businesspersons that serve the elite criminals and their New World Order of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  This is not just about having the fraudulent emergency health measures rescinded and ensuring they are never imposed on us again.  Protecting ourselves means we must take control of everything in our economy that we need to ensure our survival.  This can only be done if we unite the street.  The objective of the elite criminals is to keep us divided.  Our primary objective must be to unite ourselves.

Street Army Canada must pursue non-violent strategies and tactics.  We do not have a knockout punch.  We, the little people from the street, may have the real power but the elite criminals control real lethal force.   While we cannot and must not resort to violence (we cannot win this way), neither can the elite criminals resort to real violence.  If the elite criminals resort to real violence then they will indeed cross a Rubicon that will unleash against it the true might and strength of the street.   This is exactly what the elite criminals fear and will seek to avoid at all cost. 

This will be a long war that spans multiple generations.  Our war does not end with the lifting of the fraudulent emergency health measures.  This war ends when we have taken control of every part of our society that we depend upon for survival.  It ends when we have eliminated the elite criminals, all trillionaires and billionaires of the world.  

We will not hide in the shadows and under the cloak of secrecy.  The elite criminals have perfected that art and they control all our technology.  We cannot beat them in the game of secrecy.  So we fight in the open and do not waste time in secrecy because it yields little return on investment. 

As in all wars, the code of conduct is “might is right”.  Our strength is our numbers and we forge the behemoth that steamrolls over our enemy.

An old saying is you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.   In this analogy, the street is the horse and our unity is the water.  We must grab the horse by the nose and force it to drink the water it desperately needs for its survival!   

What do we do once the street is united?

The answer to this question is we take back control of every part of our economy and society that we depend upon to sustain ourselves.  Here is a very tiny list of objectives that can ONLY be accomplished by uniting the street.  This is just a starting list; a full list in bullet format alone could easily take up an entire chapter in a book.  These examples are meant to illustrate that scale and scope of the changes we must make to gain control over our lives.  We must rip that control from the hands of the elite criminals.

  • Every country of the world must have a public national bank (i.e. not a PRIVATE national bank).  In Canada, restore the Bank of Canada to being a public institution.   We can only truly control our country if we control our own money supply.
  • Repudiate all public debt at all levels of government.  Most of it is odious debt based on “fairy dust” or “money printed from thin air”.   Money borrowed from, for example pension plans, will be repaid minus all interest paid out.
  • Create public banks.  Public banks have been proven much better in stimulating and benefiting the local economy in ways that private banks can never do.
  • Eliminate fractional reserve banking.   Public banks can only loan money from their own reserves or by borrowing from the country’s central bank.  
  • All levels of government can only borrow from the country’s national bank. 
  • All infrastructure designated as private/public partnerships becomes public infrastructure.   Private infrastructure is always much more expensive/costly then public infrastructure because the former is based on solely on the profit factor while the latter is based on the overall public benefits.
  • Eliminate private/public partnerships to fund public infrastructure.  Guarantee public infrastructure is funded only with public money so that all benefits of this infrastructure go solely to the public.
  • High-level politicians and health officials that leave public office can never work in or receive funding by private industry, which is even remotely related to his/her work in public office.  The objective is to eliminate all conflicts of public interest and the flagrant corruption we now see.
  • High-level politicians and public officials cannot have any affiliation with any private companies and/or institutions while serving in public office.  The objective is to eliminate the flagrant conflict of interests and loyalties we now see with in Canada with traitors like Chrystia Freeland and Theresa Tam.  Along with Trudeau (i.e. the openly stated “Klaus Schwab’s young leader of the World Economic Forum”), Freeland and Tam are the primary reason the fraudulent covid emergency health measures were forcibly imposed on us.
  • We must purge our political, government, medical, educational and security systems of all the top public officials that promoted and enforced the fraudulent covid emergency health measures.  They are puppets that serve private institutions such as the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. 
  • We will hold accountable all of our top public officials that supported and enforced the covid fraud that destroyed so much of our economy, our livelihoods and even our lives.   They must pay for their crimes against us. 
  • Public institutions can only receive public funding.   It must be illegal for a public institution to receive funding from private companies or private donors.   For example, the FDA receives almost 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies.  As another example, two-tier health care becomes the norm when large private donations are selectively given to selected public hospitals.  This must stop.  Universal health care must mean just that. 
  • Eliminate private pharmaceutical companies or, at a minimum, make it illegal for them to fund and conduct research in public universities and public institutions. 
  • There are no safe “vaccines” and no “vaccine” had even been scientifically proven to provide any health benefits.  Therefore, the government of Canada will stop using public money to buy or pay for any “vaccine”.   Canadians that persist in wanting these dangerous injections will have to pay for them out of their own pockets. 
  • Eliminate all public and private foundations (e.g. the Bill & Melinda Foundation and the Clinton Foundation).  They are all about tax evasion, hiding ill-gotten gains and are about everything that is against serving and protecting the public.
  • Eliminate all private banks, including the private central banks such as the Federal Reserve in the US and the Bank of International Settlement. Replace the privately owned Bank of International Settlement with a public bank that protects the public’s interest worldwide. 
  • Overhaul our education systems.  Our doctors and health practitioners must be taught Terrain Theory and reject outright the fraud and falsehoods of Germ Theory.   Basic finance (e.g. monetary theory) and civics (e.g. our parliamentary system) must start and be mandatory study in high school.   Starting in elementary school, active and ongoing participation at all levels in our society must be taught and incentivized.  
  • Street Army Canada will establish and maintain a constant and visible street presence across Canada.  This can take the form of buttons, t-shirts, labelling for knapsacks, caps, etc.

A call to action

Uniting the street and forging the Street Army Canada alliance is the only way we can win this war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  I am recruiting members of the core team that will begin the process of creating Street Army Canada.   If you are determined, tenacious and will commit to what is necessary to win this war then contact me by email at or send me a direct message from my Telegram group