Seeing is believing.

All of you understand we are in a long-term war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  We are under attack by our governments and leading political, health, business and law enforcement officials.  We are being injured, killed and murdered.  Our rights, liberties and freedoms are being systematically crushed.  We are witnessing mass formation psychosis where those we think of as good people – our family members, friends and coworkers – do bad things. 

There are two events I placed my hopes in.  The first is the Reclaiming Canada Conference that was recently held in British Columbia, Canada.  The second is the initiative that Marcus Ray is a spokesperson for, something I will refer to here as the Marcus Initiative. 

I was immensely disappointed by the Reclaiming Canada Conference.  I watched just over 6 hours of the talks before giving up.  If what I heard is indicative of what was addressed off-camera then the conference amounted to little more than a show-and-tell session.  What I was looking for, and clearly did not get, was confirmation that our resistance groups are actively working to collaborate and coordinate their efforts across Canada, to provide us with a common vision and direction to fight against this tyranny.   Based on what I watched/heard, my sense is the issue of unity in a Canada-wide alliance was never on the conference agenda in the first place. 

I have hopes for the Marcus Initiative.  Marcus recognizes how dire our circumstances are.  Marcus has been very clear that we are in the fight for our lives and everything we hold dear to us.  This is our hill to die on.  Marcus is our ally and he is fighting for our cause.   Marcus has repeatedly stated his group does not want violence, will not promote violence, will not have or use any weapons, and will not be involved in any violence other than to defend itself if the government chooses an aggressive and heavy handed response.  Unless I am completely mistaken, my understanding is the Markus Initiative will establish lawful courts that apply Common Law (i.e. law of the land) in place of our existing administrative courts that practice Admiral Law (i.e. law of the seas).  Our current legal system that enforces Admiral Law has been subverted and corrupted; it cannot provide us with justice for the illegal crimes that have been committed against us by our governments.  

Unfortunately, some of our allies, like Police On Guard, Veterans 4 Freedom and Freedom Rising, have distanced themselves from the Marcus initiative, making unsubstantiated claims that the Marcus Initiative promotes revolution and violence.  Unless these groups can produce compelling evidence to support their claims – something they have not done or that I am aware of – then, for better or worse, my trust remains with Marcus.

This division amongst our resistance groups is very disturbing for me.  We cannot win this war by remaining so heavily divided. 

We know with 100% certainty that we face controlled opposition.  Is the Marcus Initiative controlled opposition?  Or are Police On Guard, Veterans 4 Freedom and Freedom Rising controlled opposition?   We do not know.   How can we move forward with such suspicions? In our resistance groups, I no longer know who to trust or have confidence in.  But there is one thing I believe and trust in. 

The only way we, the little people from the street, can win this long-term war is to unite our resistance groups so we fight with a common vision and direction.   I will therefore give the benefit of doubt and my support to any person or group that actively works towards uniting the street, building a Canada wide alliance of our resistance groups.  Understand that any initiative which successfully unites the street and builds this Canada wide alliance, so we the little people can fight with a common vision and direction, poses a REAL THREAT to the elite criminals that wage this war against us. The elite criminal require we remain divided and are doing everything they can to keep us heavily fragmented and disorganized.  Uniting the street is the only solution that will let us win this war against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  The Markus Initiative is the only group that I am aware of that talks about uniting us to fight this tyranny.   Until demonstrated otherwise, I will support the Markus Initiative.

We face an enemy that has fielded a global army.  We are out-resourced and outgunned in every way except one.   Our only strength is our numbers and to win this war we must play to our only strength.  This is the how we identify which group is and is not our ally in this war.  We judge our resistance groups and people by their open, visible and ongoing commitment to uniting us, across Canada and across the world.   To be clear, any group or person that does not demonstrate a commitment to uniting us across Canada should be seen as ‘effectively‘ controlled opposition, something that serves only to keep us divided.  Understand, that even if we assume their intentions are good, the fact they are unwilling to unite us means they are keeping us divided, thereby severely undermining our fight and cause.    Seeing is believing.  Any resistance group/person that unites us is our ally.  We must question any resistance group that does not unite us.