If you are not preaching unity then you are not serious about winning this war!

“A conspiracy theorist is someone who tells you the truth long before you are ready to accept it.”

We are at war, this is WWIII.  We are at war with the depraved ideology of Technocracy and Transhumanism, a manifestation of pure evil.  There are no bullets and guns.  But the death, destruction and utter devastation will be far, far greater than that combined from the first and second world wars.

We, the little people from the street, are heavily fragmented and disorganized in numbers, vision and technology.  We have no official communication channels.  We have no organizational infrastructure to sustain our fight.  We are losing this war badly.  If we do not adapt and change our tactics then we have already lost this war. 

We are fighting in a global war.  There is only one solution for us to win it.  We must unite the street. Our only strength is our numbers.  We unite or we die.   Heed the age-old truism; “United we stand, divided we fall”.

After two years of these illegal and fraudulent emergency health measures, our number one priority must be about uniting the street and building a nationwide and a worldwide alliance.  Any of the “awake” that are not talking, breathing and preaching the idea of our unity are wasting their time with any other actions.  To use a more colloquial expression, you are pissing into the wind.

The majority of “the awake” do not know how to fight against this tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  We do not know what to do, where to do it and when to do it.  We are running around like headless chickens and squawking parrots with no common vision or direction.  Most actions we propose are pointless ventures because we do not address the three fundamental questions about 1) objective, 2) strategy and 3) measureable results.  For example, there are proposals to withdraw money from the large banks, write our members of parliament and boycott/target gas big box stores or gas stations.  These actions immediately fall flat on their face because the “organizers” never explain whether these actions constitute the objective or the strategy.  But where these actions fail spectacularly is that results are never measured.  We never know how many (if any) people actually participate in these actions.  If we do not have the numbers (i.e. millions of people) then, in the big picture,  we achieve little to nothing.  No numbers, no consequences.  To be blunt, these actions are destined to fail and can be safely ignored by the companies and/or people that are targeted by them.

Social media channels are cages of parrots that parrot information a thousand other parrots have parroted on other social media channels.   Are you one of those parrots?  You can count on one hand the social media channels that actually make a point of proposing, discussing, organizing and engaging in MEANINGFUL actions/events.   Again, actions that do not address the three fundamental questions about objective, strategy and results are pointless.  I now routinely laugh at just how unprepared, disorganized and incompetent we are in the face of the ruthless onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  It is not that we cannot fight and defeat this evil.  The problem is we are unable and unwilling to do what is unquestioningly necessary to defeat it.  Our response to this tyranny would be a joke were it not so pathetic.

The message has not changed and is always the same.  Our only strength is our numbers.  Our only hope in defeating this evil is to unite the street, to build a nationwide and worldwide alliance.  We cannot win this war if we do not unite the street and build this alliance.  We must build Street Army Canada and the Street Armies of the World.   Without unity and the alliance, everything else we do is pointless, an utter waste of time.  

We effectively achieve nothing when we work alone or in tiny, insignificant numbers.  Alone and divided, we have no staying power to fight the evil that is here and the evil that is coming.   If we do not talk, breath and preach unity then we are being counterproductive; we become our own enemy.  If we do not unite then we deserve to wear the yoke of techno‑slavery that is being strapped around our necks.

All “the awake” that criticize proposals for unity as being little more than platitudes demonstrate their own severe limitations and impotence.  There is no fault in acknowledging you do not to know how to build an alliance.  But there is real fault in vainly trying to hide your severe limitations by criticizing and belittling our need for unity.   I cannot think of a better controlled opposition than our own rank and file that refuses to even acknowledge our desperate need for unity.

There is only one way forward for us to win this war. Unite the street. We desperately need to unite the street and build this alliance. Commit yourself to building the alliance. If you do not know how to build the alliance then help create the demand for unity by promoting unity, everywhere and every day. My next blog post will propose a plan of action to start this process. For now, I want you to understand that if you are not actively talking, breathing and thinking our unity then you are not helping our fight, you are hindering it. If you are not talking, breathing and preaching unity then you are not serious about winning this war.