Street Army Canada

We are the little people on the street and the elite criminals are waging their class war against us.  We are now into the third year of our fight against the covid fraud and the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism (TTT).   

Science has not proven the existence of the alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 (SC2) and its alleged variants.  Science has not proven this alleged virus causes the alleged disease Covid-19 (C19).   The bogus claims of pathogenic viruses based on cell cultures constitutes the scientific fraud of virology and microbiology.  There is no pathogenic SC2 virus and no C19 disease. Covid is flagrant criminal fraud on a global scale! 

Covid is an illusion designed to distract our attention away from TTT.  Our real fight is against the depraved TTT ideology of massive depopulation, techno-slavery and seizing the commons (i.e. literal ownership control over everything, including all of nature).  Few people understand the scale and scope of the forces we are fighting. We are in a global war that has been planned and rehearsed for over a century.

The covid fraud is only the first phase of the global war being waged against us.  The next phase of this war will be under the guise of climate and population control.  All are illusions engineered to distract our attention away from the huge elephant in the room, the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism (TTT). Girt yourselves for this will be a long war that our next generation will be fighting. There is no win-win scenario where the elite criminals allow us to coexist with them.  There is only a win-lose scenario; either we eliminate and purge the world of the elite criminals or they eliminate us. 

We are the street.  We are fighting in a global war.  We are out-gunned and out-resourced.  Our only strength is our numbers.  We must bring together all that recognize the covid fraud, to fight with a common vision and direction.  We must unite the street.  We must play to our strength, not to our weakness where we are fragmented, alone and vulnerable.  The only guaranteed solution for us to win this war is our unity.  Our Holy Grail is the quest for unity.  Unite or die, it is that simple.

Our fight against the covid fraud has been and is still disorganized, piecemeal and dispiriting.  A quick review of social media channels show far too many of us still do not even know where or how to begin fighting against it.  Then there are the turf wars, the thin skins and the fragile egos, all happening on our side, that do not tolerate dissent or criticism.  Most actions I am aware of fail to address the three questions about objective, strategy and measurable results and therefore produce spectacular failures.  Then there are the senseless actions I see such as street protests as primary actions, efforts to get a few restaurants to ignore the vax-pass mandates and discussions/preparations on how to escape to the countryside (and even to leave Canada) if the shit-hits-the-fan.  Piecemeal actions like these are never going to win this global war for us.

We are beginning to see collaborative efforts by groups such as Vaccine Choice Canada, Canada Health Alliance, Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, Action4Canada, Police On Guard For Thee and more.  The seeds of unity are sprouting and our literal survival requires they grow tall, strong and far. 

The elite criminals launched their TTT war against us with a world-wide army.   We must counter with a world-wide army of our own from the street.  Each country must field its own street army and I refer to these armies by country name;  Street Army Canada,  Street Army USA, Street Army England, Street Army Germany, Street Army France and so on.  Like any army, each one must have centralized leadership, information and chain of command.  This is an enormous undertaking and it will not be easy.   But the alternative is to stand alone, to be picked off one-by-one by the global army of TTT.

The official Canadian army is controlled by the elite criminals. This is also true of our police forces across Canada.  Individual officers may still honor their oaths to protect and serve us, the little people on the street.  But the institutions they work for serve the elite criminals and not us.  We, the little people, must fend for ourselves.  That is why we need the street armies of the world. 

Our fight against TTT is severely hampered by a long list of problems that come with our being fragmented and disorganized.  These problems will disappear when we create Street Army Canada. Our street army will provide the structure and organization that is necessary to fight with a common vision and direction.  

Mandatory injections are now being ballooned at the federal and provincial levels of government.  Children and babies are being targeted for injections.  These injections are killing us and causing us serious injury.  The list of activities and places that are now restricted to us “dirty unvaxxed” is steadily expanding.  The concentration camps, euphemistically referred to as quarantine camps, are being built.  Our traitorous politicians are now spewing flagrant hate speech that demonizes the unvaxed and sets Canadians against each other.  Things have already gone bad and we know they are going to get worse.  Food prices are skyrocketing and food scarcity is being engineered.  The writing is on the wall; we are losing this war.  Those of us fighting against this tyranny are fragmented, disorganized and unfocused.  The only way we are going to be able to fight and win it is to unite ourselves!  We need an army from the street.  We already have the numbers to field a street army. What we are desperately lacking is structure and organization.  This must become our primary objective.  We must build the street armies of the world.  In Canada, we start with Street Army Canada.