Huh? 409 million doses for a population of 38 million?

“The Government of Canada has committed over $9 billion to procure vaccines and therapeutics and to provide international support. PHAC is responsible for managing this funding as the client department. A majority of that amount has been allocated for the up to 409 million doses of vaccines and vaccine candidates secured for everyone in Canada.”

The above numbers are from the Canadian government website today. The Canadian population is about 38 million people and 409 million injections works out to an average of over 10 injections per Canadian.  Even if you have already taken two of these dangerous experimental injections (and for those of you who are still in denial, with the argument that some of 409 million doses will be discarded because of wastage/spoilage) then it should be very clear to you that this is only the start of many more that you will be coerced into getting. 

Bill Gates knew he was lying to you and pandering to your ignorance/gullibility when he first told you only one experimental covid injection was needed for a lifetime of immunity.  Then people like me warned you Gates was also lying when, 6-8 months later, he moved the goal post and said you needed two experimental injections for a lifetime of immunity.  Gates, one of the elite criminals designated to manage the covid fraud, always knew the real objective was to extort you into getting multiple injections every year of your life. 

These experimental injections are not ‘vaccines’ or ‘gene therapy’ in any sense of the word.   These injections are deceptively referred to as ‘vaccines’ to exempt pharmaceutical companies from legal liabilities that would otherwise bankrupt them and put their top executives behind bars.  These injections are only referred to as ‘gene therapy’ to deceive the public into believing they serve a beneficial medical function; they do not. 

These injections constitute, in every way, genetic experimentation on humans.  This is the eugenics program in Technocracy and Transhumanism.   One purpose of the eugenics program is to create a master or superior race as well as a slave or inferior race.   Which category do you think you and your children are slated for?  Let me tell you, it ain’t the former.  The Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and all elite criminals are eugenicists.  Depopulation is one of their goals and the dangerous experimental injections are one of the means they will use to achieve this goal.  All elite criminals are your enemies, a real threat to your life, the life of your children and all subsequent generations.  They are waging war on you, with depopulation being one of their stated goals.  To win this war you must respond in kind.  At the very least, if you want a 100% guaranteed cure for covid-19 then simply eliminate every trillionaire and billionaire, forcefully strip them of all their assets and put them behind bars for life.  The covid fraud is not a pandemic of disease, it is a pandemic of elite criminals.

The dangerous experimental injections have not been proven to provide any health benefits. We know they have killed more people in well under a year than all other vaccines in the past 30 years.  Each person who gets an injection is an uninformed and non-consensual participant in a global eugenics experiment.

You will hear the argument that these dangerous injections are no longer deemed experimental because the FDA has just “approved” some of them.  It use to take years for a vaccine to get FDA approval.  Now, the dangerous experimental injections get fast-track approval even before their clinical trials are completed.  How is this possible?  The answer is “regulatory capture” .  What is this?

Government agencies have been created to establish and enforce guidelines that regulate private industry.  This was done to protect the public against predatory and unethical practices by private industry.  Unfortunately, private industry has become so powerful that it has subverted the government agencies that were meant to regulate private industry.  In short, private industry puts its own people inside the government agencies and these people deregulate industry by rewriting government regulations to favor industry, at the full expense and harm to the public.  These corporate people working in government positions then leave government to return to private industry.  This is flagrant conflict of interest and a sign of endemic corruption. 

The FDA and all major public health and regulatory agencies have been captured by private industry, with the FDA being controlled by the pharmaceuticals companies.  This is the ONLY reason why Pfizer received approval so quickly for its experimental injection.  Regulatory capture is the only reason these dangerous experimental injections are getting fast-tracked approval.  

The Canadian government, along with most other countries in the world, are using taxpayer money to guarantee trillions of dollars in profits to private pharmaceutical companies for products that have no proven health benefits, which are literally killing and seriously injuring us,  against the fictitious disease Covid-19 that, by even official accounts, has a full recovery rate of a mere faction under 100%.   The Trudeau government has doubled the national debt, a debt that cannot and will never be paid down.  All of this is an outrageous abuse of public trust, a complete lack of government accountability that reflects widespread and rampant corruption in the highest levels of our government. The covid fraud is a predatory and engineered crisis by the elite criminals against the little man/woman on the street.  It is theft of the commons on a global scale!  

Our governments are using criminal extortion (as if there were any other kind) to force us into getting the dangerous experimental injections.  No mask and no jab?  Well then, no work, no livelihood and no food!  By now, you, the little man/woman on the street, should be tearing down the walls that our craven politicians and health authorities hide behind.  You should be holding them accountable for extortion and implementing policies that target and destroy small business and the middle class.  The problem is you have forgotten how to fight for your rights and a life you choose.  

I have been walking the streets of LaSalle with my signs for about 6 weeks.  I have had so many of you heap praise and flattering remarks on me.  But these are meaningless because the only thing that counts is YOUR body count, you taking to the trenches in the tens of thousands to engage in civil disobedience and non-compliance in LaSalle.   But you are not in trenches, the trenches are empty!  The mask is a symbol of servile compliance that is seen every day in our community.  Every mask seen reinforces the fraudulent covid narrative.    Every time you are seen wearing a mask, you personally, reinforce the fraudulent covid narrative. Fighting the fraudulent covid narrative requires a similar counter measure; you must be seen every day, a visible presence for everyone to see, without a mask, showing that you reject and are fighting against the covid fraud.  Weekend warriors and armchair warriors are not going to win our fight against the covid fraud. If you are not seen then you are not heard. You must get into and be in the trenches everyday.

You have two choices.  The first choice is to cower and get all dangerous experimental injections, every year.  With this choice, you live a life of literal slavery to Technocracy and Transhumanism.   The second choice is to find your backbone and fight with everything you have against the tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  This is a choice of hardship and sacrifice.  But if you win then the plunders of war are that you will have earned the right to re-imagine and rebuild society according to your beliefs and interests, a life that you choose and not one coerced on you by technocrats and eugenicists.