Telegram channel/group for member communication

A Telegram channel and group have been created to facilitate communication between people who are involved in activities related to the website. The name of the Telegram channel is VirusFraudOrgChannel and the name of the Telegram group is VirusFraudOrgGroup.

VirusFraudOrgChannel will be used to broadcast general messages to our members. Members will be able to comment on these messages.

VirusFraudOrgGroup will serve as a general purpose bulletin board where members can introduce ideas and topics they wish to discuss amongst each other.

The primary purpose behind VirusFraudOrgChannel and VirusFraudOrgGroup is to provide a means for members to formulate and discuss strategy/tactics to achieve goals with results that can be quantified/measured. If members want to engage in social chit-chat then please do so via email, on other social media platforms or on other Telegram channels/groups.

VirusFraudOrgChannel and VirusFraudOrgGroup were not created to provide information, although information can be shared and discussed. Nor were they created to change peoples position on covid, whatever that might be. Their purpose is to bring together those people in our own communities who understand the official covid narrative is false and fraudulent, and that these people are prepared to fight to protect their constitutional rights and civil liberties using non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience and non-compliance. Our position at VirusFraud is clear; we consider most, if not all, of the official covid narrative to be false and fraudulent.

The intention is for all exchanges between members to be goal driven. If you propose actions involving civil disobedience and non-compliance then there should be a clear objective that the action is designed to achieve. All exchanges must be civil. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Trolls be forewarned, you are one click away from being deleted.