Is this a hill worth dying on?

The alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 has not been purified (see the Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)).   Few people understand the enormity of this fact.  It is THE key point that underlies every single claim in the covid fraud.  If people understood that no purification means there is no virus then they would finally realize that everything, and I mean everything, our leaders and health officials have told us about covid is a fraudulent lie. There is no virus, there is no disease, there is no pandemic.  This is why I refuse to wear the blue fabric face diaper.  

Neither the face diaper (i.e. the mask) nor the segregation document (i.e. the vaccine passport) have anything to do with protecting public health and safety.  The objective behind both is, in part, to coerce the public into accepting digital identity.

I have refused to wear a mask since about May of 2020.  As a result, I have been denied access to all public and private services. I have experienced firsthand the segregation and discrimination caused by the fraudulent emergency health measures. This foreshadows what is to come with the full tyranny of the New World Order.

In the first week of the mask mandate in 2020, I wore my Balaclava to a local pharmacy.  My Balaclava is a true face mask; it is made of thicker and denser material than the blue fabric face diaper.  In summer temperatures, it is a struggle to breath in my Balaclava and I must lift it up every few minutes to breath.    On my Balaclava, I stapled an 8”x11” sheet of paper that read “Fake Virus! Fake Disease! Fake Pandemic!”.  A employee told me the Balaclava is not a mask and that if I wore it again in the store that she would call the police and throw me out.  

For about the first 6-8 weeks of the mask mandate, I wore my Balaclava into Costco, with the “Fake Virus! Fake Disease! Fake Pandemic!” sign stapled to the Balaclava.  This caused so much conflict in the family that I had to stop going to Costco.

There is no science that proves masks offer protection against the alleged virus. Other than for Costco, I refused to wear a mask. That was in the beginning. Now, I will only wear a face diaper to engage in civil disobedience, as a means to an end, in defiance of the covid fraud.

I am denied access to essential services.  I am not talking about non-essential services such as restaurants, bars, sport venues and movie theaters.  I have not been able to see my family doctor since March of 2020.  At one point, I had a sharp pain in a back tooth each time I chewed food on that side.  My dentist will not see me unless I wear the face diaper. At 63 years of age, I have good health and am reasonably fit.  This is good because I am denied access to my pharmacy and cannot go into it to pick up drug prescriptions.  I must be particularly careful wherever I go and in what I do.  If I seriously injure myself then I would be denied entry to emergency services at all hospitals, again because I will not wear the face diaper.  I cannot go into a grocery store or supermarket to buy food and water.  I cannot go to a store to buy clothes. I cannot use public transportation – the bus, the metro or taxis. I cannot go into my bank. The covid fraud has taken away or destroyed the only three things that were ever important to me, including my family relationships. I am not alone.

In the summer of 2020, I cycled up to Mount Royal Park, just north of the downtown core of Montreal.  I had to urinate and walked in the foyer of the public washrooms by Beaver Lake.  The security guard told me I could not use the washrooms without a mask.  I pointed out there was no one in the washrooms and that I really had to use the urinal.  He repeated again that I could not use the washrooms.  I asked him if he wanted me to urinate on the trees outside.  Like a parrot, he continued squawking that I could not use the washroom.  I walked to the urinal and used it.  The guard came in with me, was literally breathing on my neck and, for the entire time I was there, kept squawking that I had to leave.  I had difficulty keeping my anger in check. Since then, I have been urinating in back alleys, behind trees and buildings because, according to emergency health measures and my refusal to wear a face diaper, I cannot use public washrooms.  Defecating is another matter.  For 17 months, I have been forced to plan my outdoor activities around my bowel movements at home.  This is beyond surreal.

In the summer, when I am in public, my only access to clean drinking water is from public fountains that might be available in park spaces.  In winter, the only clean water I have access to is at home.  I cannot go into a store to buy water.  Yes, I’ve heard there are still some stores that might tolerate a few mask-less people.  I have not and will not look for them.  I am a law abiding Canadian citizen, not a fugitive or a Jew in WWII Germany, desperately seeking out the few who might sympathize with my plight.  

I refuse to get the dangerous experimental injections. So as of next week in Quebec, I will be segregated and discriminated against not only because I refuse to wear a face diaper but also because I refuse these dangerous injections. The first set of “non-essential services” I will being denied are gyms, restaurants and sporting events. This will be expanded in order to coerce more people into getting the injections. For example, in France, some supermarkets have already denied entry to people who do not have the segregation document. The goal posts are constantly being moved. What makes this coercion so criminal is the fact that the injections have only been authorized by Emergency Interim Orders which have bypassed all ethical, medical and legal regulations. Government and industry coercion is forcing the injections on us long before the corrupted clinical trials are completed in 2023. What I have experienced since March of 2020 is about to become the reality of every other person in Canada who resists and fights against the dangerous injections.

The alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 does not exist.  There is not a single scientific paper that used the gold standard to purify/isolate it . It is only quack science – which uses cell cultures, cell starvation and toxic chemicals – that claims virus isolation. This is scientific fraud and makes an utter mockery of science. Our leaders and health officials are bluffing and know there is no virus. Is it worth calling their bluff, forcing our leading politicians and health authorities to publicly disclose they have no proof for the existence of the alleged virus and that all emergency health measures are based on fraudulent, quack science?  I am denied access to all public and private services. This is segregation. My own country has turned it’s back on me. I have lost the only three things that were important to me because of the covid fraud.  I am seething with anger. Is this a hill worth dying on?  Yes, yes it is!