What part of “Unite the Street” do you not understand?

We are in a fight whether or not you choose to accept this fact.  We are fighting in a global war against Technocracy and Transhumanism. The dangerous experimental injections are killing millions of us and have seriously injured tens of millions. People are losing their jobs because of government sponsored extortion behind the jab-or-job policy. Our rights, liberties and freedoms are violated everyday by our governments and industry. Lives are being destroyed, suicide rates are way up, our economy is being destroyed. We are watching the engineered destruction of our economy and lives.  This is a war!

We are the little man and woman from the street.  The elite criminals are waging a global war against us.  Our situation is dire.  There is only one way we are guaranteed to fight and win this war.  Our strength is our numbers.  We must come us together to fight as one with a common vision and direction.  We must unite the street.  It is now close to two years since this war began and yet there is no real interest in uniting the street. The question is, why?

Before answering this question, ask yourself a second question.  There are many groups and people across Canada that appear to be fighting against the covid fraud, with the operative word being “appear”.  Here is the second question.  How many groups are you aware of that are actively and openly working together?  I am not talking about the cowboy activist groups or people, some of which I naively supported here in Montreal, that haphazardly managed to herd a few hundred or a few thousand people into city streets for a few hours and call it a protest.

Like most questions I ask people these days, this second question elicits the “deer-in-the-head-light-stare”.  

I now frown upon many websites, social media channels and people that once would have inspired me.  They acquire a few hundred to a few thousand supporters and get a taste for the spotlight. Soon they begin feeding this addiction by producing long-winded videos, soliciting donations and/or peddling merchandise to support their operation.  One thing you will not hear them talking about, other than occasionally paying lip service to, is uniting the street. 

We have begun putting out feelers as we try to encourage many of these people to start coming together to fight as one.  One just responded and declined to support our “Unite the Street” initiative by incredulously stating we use the word “fight” too often.  This is another of those Kumbia moments from a delicate wallflower that is protecting his own turf.  This person is quibbling about the use of the word “fight” because if the street is actually united then this will take the shine of the spotlight away from him and his own initiative.  

Listen closely to activist leaders who claim to be fighting against the covid fraud. How do you assess their credibility?  One way is to tag along in all events they promote to see what happens.  Actually, this is what most of us been doing since 2020 when the protests/actions against the covid fraud first began.  As I have repeatedly commented on, no one knows what, if anything, these events have accomplished.  Well, that is not quite true.  Here in Montreal, we know they have squandered so much of our good will and support that turnouts are now predictably small. 

If these activist leaders want our continued support then for each action they propose, at a minimum, we must demand that they provide answers to three fundamental questions:

  1. What is the objective of the action?
  2. What strategy is being proposed to achieve the objective?
  3. How are results measured?  In other word, how do we determine whether the strategy succeeded or failed in achieving the objective?

Activist leaders that ignore these questions are not serious about uniting the street.  They are busy chasing the spotlight and massaging their egos.  

A big part of uniting the street means giving us, the little people, tools we can use in our everyday life to fight against the fraudulent emergency health measures.  This is the essence of the proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime“.  Indeed, this is what a very few groups such as Action4Canada and Stand4Thee are doing; teaching us to fish.  They are not only giving us hope, they ARE getting us off the sidelines.  They are giving us practical actions that we can apply in our everyday lives.  This is a good part of what uniting the street and leadership is about.   Unfortunately, these groups are few. 

This brings us back to the first question, why is there so little interest in uniting the street from groups and people that are promoting themselves?  The answer is, this is a rhetorical question.

We are the little people and we must get off the sidelines.  We must unite ourselves because only then can we hope to play a dominant role in defeating both the fraudulent emergency health measures and the elite criminals.   The only guaranteed success for defeating the covid fraud is to unite the street.   Start demanding this from the leaders you follow and accept nothing less.