Rape, extortion and moral cowards

In 2021, the use of extortion to get people, including children, to “consent” to being raped became tolerated and even accepted in Canadian society.

Imagine the public outrage if our governments and businesses stated that you are to be denied access to public and private services unless you and your children consent to being sexually raped several times a year.  If you do not consent to being sexually raped then you are denied access to hospitals, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, ski hills, etc.   If you do not consent to being sexually raped then you are to be fired from your job and no longer able to support your family. 

By definition, rape is a forced penetration; sexual rape is only one type of forced penetration.  When a person is forced to get the dangerous experimental injections then this is non-sexual rape.  A person of firm principles and convictions makes no distinction between the two forms of rape, both are repugnant and constitute criminal acts.  Rape is rape, no matter what obfuscation is put up to hide the ugliness of rape. 

In Canada, ‘vaccinations’ are NOT mandatory.  By Canadian law, ‘vaccinations’ are a personal choice involving informed consent.  For those who still do not understand the point being made here, our law states we get to choose between being ‘vaccinated’ and ‘not vaccinated’.  We do NOT have to choose between our job and being ‘vaccinated’ because this is illegal and constitutes extortion.

At this point, it is no longer a question of whether or not the experimental injections are safe.  We know with absolute certainty they are not safe.  Different batches of the injections cause death and injury. Different batches contain parasite-like creatures and toxic materials.  We know these experimental injections are killing and injuring us. Each injection becomes a game of Russian roulette where we never know who is getting a placebo and who is actually getting an injection that will cause injury or death.  What we do know is that, in a very short time, estimates based on official data lead to the inescapable and reasonable conclusion that already millions of people have died from the dangerous experimental injections and tens of millions have had serious adverse reactions to injections.  There is little to no publicly available research on what these experimental injections actually do, that is, independent research that is not controlled, conducted and/or funded by the big pharmaceutical companies.  The pharmaceutical companies have absolutely no accountability for the death and injuries their dangerous experimental injections are causing.  For those who do not receive the placebo, these dangerous experimental injections are a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of when the bomb explodes. This is human experimentation and eugenics on a global scale. 

Those of us who refuse to take these dangerous experimental injections are making an informed choice about what is fraudulently alleged to be a medical intervention.  Our choice is a right that is protected by Canadian law.  We are to be commended for knowing our rights and protecting ourselves against fraudulent science and medicine that is being forced on us.  Instead, we are denied access to public and private services and being told it is our own fault by our leading politicians, health authorities and businesspersons.

Forcing people to get these dangerous experimental injections under threat of job loss and not being able to provide for their families is rape and extortion!  Forcing these dangerous experimental injections on babies and children is an unforgivable and heinous crime deserving of the death penalty!

What makes this so bewildering is there are enough of our family members, relatives, friends and strangers who think all of this is all normal and acceptable.  In their eyes, sexual rape is taboo but non-sexual rape with a syringe under threats of extortion is not only normal and acceptable but something they openly endorse for their babies, children and complete strangers.

I now make a point of challenging these people to produce the science on which they claim to base their ‘choice’.  They cannot.  They cannot understand that cell cultures can NEVER be used to claim virus isolation and existence.  They cannot understand that PCR tests cannot be used to diagnose disease.   They have no clue about what Technocracy and Transhumanism is even after being told.  The list goes on.  These are the same people who have no qualms about depriving us, those of who refuse to be non-sexually raped, of our constitutional rights and liberties.  These are the moral cowards whose principles are subject to the whims of indoctrination and inculcation.  These are the weak willed, unquestioning and servile compliers who smugly held beliefs are only supported by omnipresent propaganda instead of deeply held moral convictions of what is right and wrong.  These are the people who refuse to go where the data leads.  What drives these people is fear.  These are the weak-willed zombies of society who are as easily herded as sheep in a pasture.  Engineer a severe crisis, promise them safety and these people will willingly consent to most anything, including being raped with a dangerous experimental injection under threat of extortion.