The only solution to the covid fraud will come from the street.

We are at war.   Our enemies are the elite criminals, those euphemistically referred to as the global elite, as well as our leading industries, politicians and health authorities.  Many of us do not understand we are at war.  We see no guns being fired, no foreign armies invading our lands, no rubble from bombed-out cities, all of the visible signs of war we were taught about in our history books. 

The elite criminals do not need to wage a military war.  They control every part of our lives.  They control our food and water supply.  They control our transportation, distribution, communication, education, medical, financial and economic systems.  They have complete control over everything we depend upon to survive.  Our enemies do not need to drop bombs in their war on us when they can apply unrelenting pressure, for example, by disrupting our food supply or debasing our currencies.

The evidence is right before our eyes.  Our government and industry are using extortion to force us to comply with their edicts.  They are threatening us with the loss of our livelihood if we do not get the dangerous experimental injections; injections we know are causing us serious injuries and/or killing us.  We know they have targeted our children with the injections and are even now targeting babies as young as 6 months of age.  We have every reason to expect the dangerous injections will cause long-term serious harm, decades after they have been administered, when it will be next to impossible for us to prove and claim against injuries and deaths the injections cause.

Our governments and industry are creating a two-tier society where those deemed non-compliant are ostracized, denied access to public and private services and where healthy people will be put into quarantine/internment camps.  Suicide and substance abuse rates are drastically up, family members are in constantly conflict with each other; we see the devastating effects that fraudulent emergency health measures are wreaking on our lives.   We know the elite criminals have intentionally engineered the fraudulent covid crisis against us.   So why are we so reluctant to acknowledge they are our enemy?  We are afflicted by cognitive dissonance.

We are like that family dog in a third world country whose leg is being hacked off for food.  And like that dog, we continue wagging our tail, whining and pleading for our leaders to recognize our fealty to them.  We are on the menu of the elite criminals, we are their prey and sport.  It is only when we finally come to this realization that we will finally understand the full gravity of what we are fighting against.

Federal elections will be held on September 20.  It will not make any difference who is elected. The fraudulent emergency health measures are here to stay for at least 5 to 10 years. 

How we can win this war!

Imagine a worst-case scenario in our fight against the elite criminals; they take down the internet and our telecommunication systems.  The only effective way for us to fight is at the community level, where we must literally reach out and speak with members of our own community, those we have already established trust and confidence in.  If our communications go down then each community is prepared to fight on its own, knowing all other communities are responding in kind, at least until communications are reestablished.  This is the basis of the strategy I am proposing, to prepare and organize at the community level. 

It is highly unlikely the elite criminals will resort to taking down the internet and telecommunications, at least as things presently stand.  The point of considering this scenario is to help conceptualize the basic organizational structure I propose be adopted in our fight against the covid fraud.  This is a decentralized structure where each community is independently organized. But each community is fully aware of and is in constant communication with all other communities. 

I want to be very clear on one important point.  A SOLUTION TO THE COVID FRAUD CAN ONLY COME FROM US, THE LITTLE MAN AND WOMAN ON THE STREET.  Politicians will not provide a solution to the covid fraud.  Industry, and by this I refer to the multinational corporations owned and/or controlled by the elite criminals, will not provide a solution to the covid fraud.  Politicians and industry are the problem, not the solution.  There are no knights in shining armor riding out to save us.  Stop looking for leaders to rally behind.  You already have a leader and he/she is right in front of you every time you look in the mirror.  That person already knows what is right and what is wrong.  The only think that person lacks at this point is the conviction to follow through on what he/she knows to be true and right.  

Our strength is our numbers.  There is only one way we can win this war and that is with our numbers.   We must use our strength to our advantage.  As such, we should have only two objectives right now, both of which are focused on building the organizational structure that will be necessary to support actions involving peaceful civil disobedience and non-compliance. 

The first objective is simple.  We need bodies, lots of them, in order to engage in large scale civil disobedience and non-compliance.   The population in Montreal is about 4 million.  The protest on September 11 was probably our largest with my estimate being about 200,000 people or about 5% of the Montreal population.  It is reasonable to believe there are as many, if not more, who think like us but have never participated in a protest.  There are also a large majority of people who find the idea of creating a two-tier society, where people are treated as second-class citizens, repugnant and immoral.  There will be a minimum of one million people in Montreal who are against the fraudulent emergency health measures and/or the repugnant consequences of these measures. Our first objective must be to find these people in our own community and bring them together. 

The second objective is to seek out every other group in the greater Montreal area that is fighting the covid fraud and to establish regular communications with them.  We need then to organize at the community level, not as disparate groups. This includes both professional and non-professional groups.  We are faced with and are fighting against the same threats. Come together and organize at the community level.

We need an army from the street, an army that will stand to fight and protect our rights and liberties.  That is our immediate task, to build and mobilize this army, across Montreal, across Quebec, across Canada and beyond.