Gossip columns and turf wars

I focus on getting people to promote, discuss, organize and engage in peaceful, non-violent action.  It is not working, but hey, that is a topic for another blog post. 

For at least a year, we have had sufficient information to understand that covid has nothing to do with protecting public health and safety.  We do not need any more information and data to convince us of the covid fraud.   More information is not the key to winning our war against the covid fraud.  What we need now are for all groups and people across Canada who recognize the covid fraud to come together and fight with a common vision and direction.  We need action.  And to all you Kumbaya singing pacifists who are tightly constricted by your own rhetoric, I have only promoted peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience.  So stop getting your panties tied up in knots because I use words like “fight”, “war”, “traitor” and “action”.  Violence may be our only option in the future but that time is not now.  

Now is a good time for me to end this blog post.  Awww, what the hell.  I have a few bones to pick.

About a month ago, I read a post in the Telegram group for the Action4Canada (A4C) Ottawa chapter that mentioned Notices of Liability (NOL) from the group Stand4Thee (S4T).  I asked if A4C was collaborating with S4T and if not then why not.  After all, we are all on the same side, right!  Surprisingly, well at least to me, my post was quickly deleted. 

I have been reading about NOLs and Canadian law for about three months.  NOLs are a promising tactic in our fight against the covid fraud if properly served and enforced.  However, I began to realize there are fundamental problems that no one was addressing.  I sent a private email to someone I knew, who had also recently signed up with A4C, to discuss my concerns about the NOLs.  That member forwarded my email to the Ottawa chapter of A4C.  Would anyone care to guess what response this elicited from A4C?  Yup, another delete from A4C.  I was blocked from using the A4C Ottawa chapter Telegram group and cannot even read its posts. 

Yesterday, I checked in with the Telegram group “Covid-19 Chat”.  As is typical of most Telegram groups now, this group is saturated with information about the covid fraud. This is what I refer to a covid fear porn. But there are few if any posts about action, you know, actually getting members to do something about the covid fraud.  So I posted a message stating this was a gossip column (yes, I wrote “gossip column”) and asked when members were going to “propose, discuss, organize and engage in action to fight against the covid fraud”.  Two moderators quickly intervened and focused only on “gossip” while ignoring the real meat of my question, the apparently trivial part about “action“.  We had a civil exchange until the moderator named Mel Grey falsely implied several times that I was posting “anti-vax” information.  I challenged her on this false claim and then told her to stop being patronizing and to be honest.  She persisted so I took this exchange offline to discuss this privately with her.  Here is that private exchange:

I was not abusive in any way other than I used the words “gossip column”.  Mel was lying to cover herself.  Would anyone care to guess what response my private exchange elicited from Mel? Yup, another delete.  Mel deleted my few posts and blocked me from the “Covid-19 Chat” group.

I am still laughing at these deletes.  These people need to understand that when petty disagreements and thin-skins are cause for censorship then that is most certainly going to raise eyebrows.

We are fighting a global war against the covid fraud.  If you have been following the social media channels from our side then one constant is that the vast majority of them do nothing more than spread the covid fear porn.  For example, check out the Telegram groups for AwakeCanada, Covid-19 Chat, RealChrisSkyDiscuss and Dr. Tenpenny.   Yesterday, AwakeCanada had 363 new posts.  At best, the first and last few might get glances but the vast majority are simply ignored.  Information is routinely duplicated between channels and even within the same channel.  These channels no longer provide useful information but instead have become polluted with tidal waves of covid fear porn.  But what you will rarely find are posts about proposing, discussing, organizing and engaging in action to fight against the covid fraud, something you would at least expect to find in the RealChrisSkyDiscuss group.  These groups are literally gossip columns because, to be frank, that is all members do.  The visual imagery that comes to mind is legions of hamsters on treadmills, furiously running but going nowhere. 

If the moderators and administrators of social media channels are sincerely interested in fighting against the covid fraud then they must start providing firm instructions that direct members to focus on proposing, discussing, organizing and engaging in action.  Stop talking, start acting!    And for Pete’s sake, stop equating “acting” and “action” with “violence”.   

I have my own Telegram channel and group.   I encourage members to focus on action, I discourage members from posting covid fear porn.  When members post links/references about covid related information/data (i.e. more covid fear porn) then I make the effort to explain their post is being deleted because it does nothing to promote and engage in action.  My message to members is to stop talking and start acting.  Guess what has happened on my Telegram channel and group?  The answer is nothing!  My Telegram channels and groups are effectively dead.  Members are not prepared to even propose action, let alone discuss, organize and engage in it.

I will use Action4Canada, Stand4Thee and TakeActionCanada as examples of a huge problem that applies to the majority of groups fighting against the covid fraud.  These groups do not collaborate or coordinate with each other.  Each produces its own large and growing volume of documents, videos and references on NOLs, interpretation of Canadian law, guidelines, etc.  They produce conflicting information, documents and guidelines.  This mess is guaranteed to leave most people bewildered and confused.  Their intentions may be good but they are not doing us any favors by remaining divided, ignoring each other and fighting their turf wars.

I will end by committing a final act of heresy.  As mentioned, there are many other groups and people on our side that are churning out one to two hour videos each week.  Often, they are poorly planned and without an obvious agenda being followed; they are improvised. We can do with a lot less of this verbal and visual diarrhea.  We are your supporters but we weary of hearing and seeing you ramble on.  Learn to keep your videos short.  We are interested in understanding your ideas, not hearing you talk.  Better still, stop talking and start writing.  It is generally easier to read in 10 to 20 minutes the same information that will take you 30 to 60 minutes to say.  I understand you are too lazy to write and prefer to hear yourself talk.  But we need to spend much more of our time fighting against the covid fraud instead of listening to you.

I am here to fight and win a war.  I am not here to make friends and to get you to like me.  Nevertheless, we are allies so let us start acting like that.  We need to focus on action.  So cut the gossip, stop the turf wars, come together as one and fight with the conviction of knowing we are right and a force of good that is fighting against evil.  Let me prefix this with “pretty please” for those of you who insist on maintaining proper social etiquette.