Do not let medical segregation be the new normal

Do you remember when Bill Gates said you would only need one shot of the new experimental injections and this would be effective for life?   Do you remember that, within the year, Gates was then saying that you would then need two of the experimental injections?   Now we are being told we will likely need booster shots each year, possibly several times a year.   Are you still gullible enough to still accept this deception?

France and Greece have declared that experimental injections will soon be mandatory for all health care workers.  Those without vaccine passports will be denied access to public services such a public transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.  Quebec has stated it is prepared to deny “non-essential services” to every person who does not get the experimental injections.  We are hearing many countries around the world are preparing to do the same.  This is setting the stage for mandatory experimental injections for everyone.

Our government gives us two choices, even though there is a third choice.  The first choice is buckle under government coercion and take all experimental injections.  The experimental injections are dangerous, they are very real gamble and risk to your health and life.  The second choice is your government will strip you of every right to participate in society, denying you access to public services and severely restricting your movement.  Without a ‘vaccine passport’, you will soon unable to leave or enter Canada.  It will not stop there. The wall is closing inward on you very quickly.  These are the choices our government give us.  Submit, or you are segregated and outcast from your own community.

Medical segregation, which I argue is medical apartheid, is already here in Canada.  I refuse to wear the face diaper except at Costco (because I need to eat).  I have been denied access to all public services since March 2020.  I have not seen my doctor, I cannot go to my pharmacy, I cannot go to restaurants. Hell, I cannot even go into public washroom. I do not have access to clean water outside of my home. 

Most of you have been coerced into wearing the mask because without one you are denied life.   If you argue it is only “a mask” then stop and think again.  Vaccine passports are coming.   The mask was the first step in preparing you, “softening you up”, for mandatory experimental injections,  ‘vaccine’ passports and even worse to come.

Fall will be here soon and the Quebec government has already hinted at what it planning for us.   Things are going to get worse, very quickly.  Many of your rights and freedoms have already been stripped from you.  Medical segregation is coming to Canada where the “vaxxed” will be privileged and the “unvaxxed” are outcasts.  How long will you wait before you say enough is enough? 

This is where you come to your third choice – civil disobedience.  The generation before us made many sacrifices to protect their freedom and our freedom.  Now we are being called upon to make sacrifices to protect our freedom and the freedom of following generations.  There is only one way forward and that is to fight the covid fraud. Do not let medical segregation become the new normal.

If you ever want to make a difference then this is your time.  It is simple – just say NO!