An explanation of the graphic header for this web site

The header image selected for this web site is an inverted red rectangle on torn fabric.  The letter ‘u’ is in the middle of the red rectangle.  So what is the symbolism here? 

The inverted rectangle is based on the proposal by C.J. Hopkins in his article The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It).  The black letter ‘u’ represents the coming segregation and persecution – the apartheid – of the ‘unvaxxed’, those people who refuse to take the dangerous experimental injections.

The covid fraud has driven tens of millions of people around the world, especially those in the global south, into starvation and poverty.  The covid fraud has driven just as many more already suffering from starvation and poverty into deeper suffering and despair. The covid fraud is destroying our economies, bankrupting a large percent of small businesses and placing unbearable financial burden and hardship on the public. In all countries in the world, the covid fraud has driven up suicide rates, drug, child and spousal abuse and many other indicators, all of which are indicators of a rapidly failing economy. This is what is expressed by the torn and poor quality fabric that provides the background for the header.