July protest in Montreal and changing tactics to fight the covid fraud

Here are photos from the July 24, 2021 protest march in Montreal against the covid fraud.  All photos are from Mobilisation Montreal and can be found on its Facebook page:

July, 2021 protest in montreal against the covid fraud

I was at the protest yesterday. I estimate there were only about 10,000 to 15,000 of us. In May, we were at least 100,000 strong so I was a bit disappointed with yesterday’s low turnout.  Souve Rain is trying his best to mobilize Montreal to fight the fraudulent emergency health measures.  It is to his full credit that he was able to get even this number of us to participate yesterday, especially given the unprecedented censorship we all face.  Having said this, my opinion is we must adopt much more aggressive tactics in engaging in social disobedience and non-compliance. In my assessment, after 16 months of lockdowns and other fraudulent emergency health measures, street protests have proven to be ineffective. 

By official numbers, tens of thousands of people around the world have died of the dangerous experiment injections deceitfully referred to as ‘vaccines’.  Unofficially, I estimate the actual number is several million at a minimum.  We know there is widespread and unprecedented censorship of all information and data that challenges and refutes the official narrative. Incredulously, we see leaders in different countries now blaming the “unvaxxed” for these deaths.  This is a monstrous lie!  It is also an ominous predictor of what is soon coming to Canada this fall.

Street protests are not doing anything to stop and protect us against the onslaught of the covid fraud.  Our leaders laugh because they know our protests are nothing more than a temporary inconvenience to drivers who find the streets are blocked off for a few hours while we vent our frustration.  When the protest is over, we go back to our own communities, hidden and unnoticed by everyone.  Our leaders safely ignore us because the protests are no threat to them.  This must change.

Amalega Francois is a fearless young man in Montreal who is showing us how to engage in peaceful non-compliance.  I admire his convictions (regardless of his personal or political beliefs), and tactics he employs in his fight against the covid fraud. But the problem I see is that Amalega has no more than a dozen or two who show up to fight along side him.  

In our protest yesterday in Montreal, we were no more than 15,000.  Impotently, we walked the streets of Montreal. But imagine the impact we would have had if we had split up into small groups of about 100 people and each group went, without masks, into a different store on St. Catherine street. We do not want to hurt any business but we MUST show all businesses that we will not accept being segregated because we refuse to wear a mask and do not willingly consent to any of the fraudulent emergency health measures. We are not a threat to business or society.  We are not lepers or criminals.  We are healthy, free willed and law-abiding citizens who are entitled to all rights and liberties as those who willing chose to wear masks and take the experimental injections.

We must start to engage in non-compliance and civil disobedience every single day of the week, in one shape or form.  However, we have families, we have children who need our time and care, we have jobs often with long hours, we have many other commitments and so we must carefully choose how we can best fight the covid fraud.  Trying to organize 100,000 people every weekend is an impossible task, especially given our limited time and resources.  However, what we do have is more than enough people to form rotating groups of 3000 to 5000 people who can meet once a week to engage in non-compliance anywhere in Montreal.

We have a sufficient number of people in Montreal who are committed to fighting the covid fraud.  What we are lacking is an effective strategy on how to regularly organize and use our numbers.   Instead of marching in the streets of Montreal two or three times a year, here is an another proposal.  There are large shopping malls all over Montreal.   We cannot organize 100,000 people to go and protest inside a different shopping mall each weekend.  But we should easily be able to organize one group of 5,000 people to go to one shopping mall one week and then a different group of 5,000 people to go to a different shopping mall the next weekend.  We could also target every single hospital in Montreal with sit-ins by different groups of 3000-5000 protestors. We should target Montreal city hall and every other city hall in of the boroughs in Montreal.  It is reasonable to assume our numbers in Montreal are well over 100,000 so we should be able to organize a different group of 5000 people every weekend so that each person only has to commit himself/herself one weekend day once every 6 to 8 weeks. We must become visible all over Montreal, every day of the week.

I believe that is a large silent majority in Montreal who feel alone and are afraid to stand up against the covid fraud.   I have just started walking the streets of LaSalle with my signs and already have spoken with people who have expressed these fears.   Quite a few are not even aware of our May protest and will not hear of our protest yesterday.   So one change in our tactics is we must take our protests and non-compliance to their communities.  We need to go the Montreal north, Montreal east, Montreal west, Montreal south.  We cannot restrict our protests to central Montreal.   For example, Fairview shopping mall in Pointe Clare, Montreal west is an ideal spot to stage non-compliance with 5,000 people.  Laval and the Montreal have very large outdoor shopping malls that we should be targeting for non-compliance.

A very important part of organizing non-compliance is to be in regular communication, to explain and seek support, with any site that we target.  We can expect support from many businesses and people because they are needlessly suffering under the covid fraud.   

To summarize, we must adopt more aggressive tactics in our fight against the covid fraud.  We must implement these tactics on a weekly and even a daily basis. People around the world are rising to fight the covid fraud.   I will leave you with two of many stories about people who are saying ENOUGH!  We are many, we are not alone!

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