How long will it be before you fight back?

If you are a skeptic then read this first.

Legault in Quebec was supposed to relax the fraudulent emergency health measures at the end of August.  I said that we might get reprieve for a month or two before he doubles down and imposes much more oppressive measures.  I was wrong.  There will be no reprieve.  Legault is forcing the segregation document (i.e. the vaccine passport) down our throats as of September 1.   Legault has a quota to fill and well over 75% just over 22% (see correction message below) of the Quebec population has only had one experimental injection or refuses to get any of the injections.

You do not need a crystal ball to know more severe lockdowns, restrictions and policy is coming this winter.  Trudeau is already spreading the monstrous lie that people who refuse the dangerous injections are a risk to others and therefore must be denied access to public and private services.  Australia has corralled children into an arena, without parent supervision, to get the experimental injections.  Croatia and Austria have just set ‘expiry dates’ for the experimental injections.  Multiple injections will become mandatory each year.   

There was never going to be just one injection or even just two injections that would be good for a lifetime.  The goal all along was to coerce you into getting multiple injections and boosters every single year.  The elite criminals played to your ignorance and stupidity by saying you would only need one jab for a lifetime.  They have been lying to you from the start and most of you were gullible enough to believe them.   How long will you continue accepting their lies?  How long will you continue being cattle, letting yourself be led to slaughter?

The experimental injections are untested and we know they are dangerous.  The only way they could be “authorized” was to bypass all ethical and legal guidelines using Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the US and the Interim Orders (IO) in Canada.  By even official reports, tens of thousands have already died from these injections and hundreds of thousands have been seriously injured.   It is willful ignorance and stupidity that makes a person consent to these dangerous experimental injections.   

Clinical trials for these injections will not be completed until 2022 and 2023.  If you have already had an injection then you are a human guinea pig in the biggest experiment on humans that has ever been conducted.  This is yet another reason why no one in the public should consent to these dangerous injections.  Clinical trials are run and/or controlled by the same companies that researched and/or manufacture the injections.  This flagrant conflict of interest guarantees the clinical trials will conclude the injections are effective and safe.   The only thing you can be certain of is getting these dangerous injections is a serious risk to your health and life.

The covid fraud is a freight train heading straight at you and you are lying on the tracks in fear!  How long are you going to cower before you find a backbone and are prepared to fight, even if you think you stand alone?  Up to now many of you have deluded yourselves in thinking the worst has passed.   You have repeatedly been proven wrong and you know this is true.  Many of you will have started deluding yourselves that you can live without the gyms, restaurants and sporting events that the September segregation document will deprive you of.   Are you that stupid and have not learned anything in these past 17 months?   A defining characteristic of the covid fraud is that the goal post is always moving, staying steps ahead of you.   Let me spell this out clearly to you.  Non-essential services might refer only to gyms, restaurants and sporting events in September.  But if a significant part of the population continues resisting the jab and does not quickly start getting these jabs then you can be certain the definition of non-essential services will be expanded and will eventually include things that you always thought of as essential services. 

Your constitutional right and civil liberties are violated every single day.  You know a virus does not discriminate between a mouth, a nose and the eyes so there is point wearing a face diaper because your eyes are unprotected. Yet your only response is servile compliance; you continue to wear the face diaper without even a whimper.   You are afraid to seek out fellow residents of your community who think like you.  You are afraid to be publicly seen as fighting against the covid fraud.  You are afraid to try organizing resistance to the covid fraud.  You are waiting for someone else to fight your fight.  Stop cowering!  What is wrong with you people?   What is it that stops you from fighting for your freedom, rights and liberties? 

Mark my words, the covid fraud is not going to stop until you get off your knees, grow a backbone and fight with everything you have.  The New World Order has declared war on you and you are in this fight whether or not you want to be. 

Your politicians are the problem, not the solution.  Every politician and health authority who supports the fraudulent emergency measures is your enemy.  Justin Trudeau is your enemy, Theresa Tam is your enemy.  Francois Legault is your enemy.   They are all beating down on you.  Now is the time to look yourself in the mirror and ask, how much longer are you going to cower?  The jab is here, the segregation documents are just around the corner, your job and livilhood are on the line.   Your children, even those under 12, are being or are about to be targeted.  What are you people waiting for? 

The only solution to the covid fraud will come from us, the common people on the street.  We are at war and, whether or not you recognize it, everything you have is on the line.  Now is our time to make the great sacrifices that previous generations made for us.  Hold your head high, stand proud, together with your fellow man and woman on the street.  You are not alone.  We are many and together we must all stand against the tyranny of the New World Order.   Stand and fight!

CORRECTION: This post incorrectly stated, “well over 75% the Quebec population has only had one experimental injection or refuses to get any of the injections.” This number is incorrect; the correct number is about 22%.

  • The number of people in Quebec that are less than 12 years old is about 1 million
  • The total population in Quebec is about 8.5 million.  So there are about 7.5 million who are 12 years and older. 
  • Currently, only children 12 years and older are getting the experimental injections.
  • The following calculations are based on numbers posted August 27, 2012 on the Covid-19 Tracker Canada web site.
  • 12.3 million doses have been administered
  • 5.83 million people (77.777% * 7.5 million) have been received 2 doses for a total of 11.67 million doses
  • 0.63 people (12.3 million – 11.67 million ) have received only one dose
  • This leaves 1.03 million (7.5 million – 5.83  million – 0.63 million) people who have not had any injections.
  • There are 1.67 million people (1.03 million + 0.63 million) who have only had one injection or no injections, or 22% (1.66 / 7.5 million)  of the population.