We must engage our rank-and-file!

An army has generals, elite troops and then the regular rank-and-file soldier.  A war cannot be fought by just the generals and the elite troops alone.  The elite troops might be able to win a few skirmishes by themselves but the real strength in an army is in the regular rank-and-file soldier.  No war can be won without committing and engaging the regular rank-and-file soldier.

The elite criminals driving Technocracy and Transhumanism have a global army with unlimited resources.  We, the resistance, are out-resourced and out-gunned in every way except one.  Our only strength is our numbers.  To win this war we must build an army from the street and use our numbers to overwhelm our enemy.  

I refer to our army from the street as Street Army Canada, a Canada wide alliance of all our resistance groups fighting this tyranny.  Street Army Canada will be composed of professionals (e.g. lawyers, doctors, law enforcement people and soldiers from the official Canadian military) and non-professionals (e.g. laypersons).  The professionals can be considered the elite troops of Street Army Canada and the non-professionals can be considered the rank-and-file soldier of Street Army Canada. 

Our rank-and-file are the key to winning this war.  We can only win this war if we engage our rank-and-file.  No large scale numbers, no results.

Here is the problem.  Our rank-and-file of the resistance are standing on the sidelines, like spectators at a sporting event.   The majority of us do not know when to fight, how to fight and where to fight.  However, the Ottawa Freedom Convoy showed our rank-and-file are highly motivated.  They want to get into the trenches and fight this tyranny.  What they are looking for is leadership, guidance and the tools needed to fight against this tyranny.  The million-dollar question is why are our resistance leaders not trying to consolidate, organize and mobilize our rank-and-file across Canada?  Unity is not about recruiting our rank-and-file to fight under one particular leader’s banner but rather is about fighting together with a common vision and direction regardless of which banner our rank-and-file fight under.  Our resistance leaders do not seem to understand this point. 

Every army knows exactly who its soldiers are and how many it has.  Every business knows who its workers are and how many it has.  We are the resistance fighting against tyranny.  Guess what?   We do not know who our members are and how many there are of us.  Can we expect to fight this war if we cannot organize and mobilize our rank-and-file?  The answer is a definite no!  If we want to lose this war then all we need do is remain heavily fragmented and disorganized as we are right now.

To effectively organize and deploy our rank-and-file requires we change from fighting with a peacetime mindset to fighting with a wartime mindset.  With a peacetime mindset, everyone does what they want, when they want and if they want.  We cannot win this war with a peacetime mindset.  We must adopt a wartime mindset where our rank-and-file are understood to constitute an army and, like any army, priorities are set, orders are issued and we fight with a common vision and direction.  Yes, you understood that correctly, our rank-and-file are to be issued orders that they are expected to act on.

But our rank-and-file are largely being ignored by our resistance leaders.  The question is why?   Too much attention is being given by our resistance leaders on the few elite troops we have, that is, a few doctors and lawyers.  Think Action4Canada focus on the Charter of Rights and Rocco Galati.  Or think Police on Guard’s focus on a few hundred service/ex-service people.   Tactically, this is a huge mistake.  It is like generals going to war with only their elite troops that are relatively few in numbers.  We are not giving our rank-and-file the training, tools and guidance they need to jump into this fight.   Again, Action4Canada and Notices of Liability (NOL) serve as a good example.  Few people are capable of pressing criminal charges if NOLs are rejected or ignored.  For A4C to promote NOL’s to its members, who lack the necessary legal training and experience, is an accident waiting to happen. 

The key to effectively engaging our rank-and-file is to coordinate them across Canada, in large-scale numbers, so they work as one.  Do we want our own people on school boards across Canada so we can protect our children?   If so then make this a priority and focus the energy of our rank-and-file on these  schoolboards, all across Canada.  Do we want to put up posters across Canada to maintain a 24/7 street presence?   If so then coordinate our rank-and-file to plaster all public places across Canada with our stickers and posters.   Do you want to outvote our traitorous politicians at all levels of government. Then issue orders to our rank-and-file to engage at all levels of government in large-scale numbers.  

Ken Drysdale’s group has prepared a fantastic report titled “Investigation into Criminal Allegations Concerning Covid 19 Response” that provides conclusive evidence our leading politicians and health authorities were fully aware the emergency health measures were ineffective and had real and devastating impacts on our health and lives.  We need to get this report into the hands of our rank-and-file so they distribute it to every legal, medical, health and law enforcement member across all of Canada.  But this will never happen because our rank-and-file are sitting on the sidelines.

Our resistance leaders are squandering the opportunity to tap into the pent up frustration, anger and energy of our rank-and-file.  This is keeping us divided.  We must ask the huge elephant in the room question; why are our resistance leaders ignoring the rank-and-file, keeping us divided and on the sidelines?  If our resistance leaders are serious about winning this war then they will engage our rank-and-file.   If our resistance leaders are not serious about winning this war then they will continue to ignore our rank-and-file.  Seeing is believing.  We will judge our resistance leaders by what they do.