The last post

This is my last blog post.  I am leaving this fight.  Why?  Because I can and I want to.  Because the people I expected to be fighting alongside with, against this tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism, are too busy fighting amongst themselves, stuck in their petty turf wars and echo chambers.   

Our fight is against the most powerful institutions, businesses, families, people and secret societies in this world.  If you are serious about winning this war then you understand Google, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Blackrock and Vanguard along with the Vatican State, the London State and the Washington DC state must all fall and be eliminated.  This is a winner-take-all war where we, the little people, are literally fighting for the right to have a future. Either we eliminate them or they eliminate us. This is the scale and scope of this war, our fight against Technocracy and Transhumanism.

We, the little people from the street, are out-gunned, out-resourced and out-classed in every way except possibly one – our numbers.  Our only strength is our large-scale numbers and our only hope for winning this war is to play to that strength.   We can only hope to win this war if all our resistance groups, across Canada and across the world, come together to fight as one with a common vision and direction.  Anything less and we are guaranteed to lose this war. 

We are losing this war and losing it badly. Our current resistance leaders are keeping us divided and disorganized.  They are stuck in their petty turf wars and echo chambers, with more than a few held hostage by their egos.  This includes Tanya Gaw at Action4Canada, Ted Kuntz at Vaccine Choice Canada, Ryan Penn & Tony Bolla at Freedom Rising, Alan Brough at Canada Health Alliance, Christopher James at A Warrior Calls, David Cheyne at Awake Canada, George Sammans at Unite Fait La Force, Amalega Francois, Chris Sky, Veterans 4 Freedom and Police On Guard and the list goes on.   There is little more than token communication between most of our resistance groups. Chis Sky along with several groups (e.g. Veterans 4 Freedom) are trying to bolster their own images by attacking and sabotaging the Marcus Ray/Christopher James initiative. The right thing to do would have been to resolve their differences in private and then come out in public with a show of unity. But that is not how turf wars work. Over 400 Canadian websites/groups are registered at Freedom Rising, most have nothing to do with each other.  I attended weekly meeting at Freedom Rising for two months.  What I observed is the very definition of turf wars and echo chambers. Initiatives there come and go by the dozen, with poorly defined objectives, strategies, metrics and/or actual results. Aside from those permitted to speak about their initiatives, most discussion is monopolized by the few core members of Freedom Rising and dissent is not tolerated. It is clear that building the unity we require to win this war is definitely not on their agenda and they offer nothing even faintly resembling a common vision and direction. Hmmmmm, how do they expect to win this war? They can’t tell you because that is not their objective.

There is a big problem to unifying our resistance groups. Once that happens then it means most of our resistance groups become redundant and irrelevant.  Therein lies the crux of the problem; egos.  These groups and people cannot afford to build unity because most would then lose their sliver of the spotlight.

Unity is not about getting people to join under your own banner, which is what our resistance leaders practice today (hint, hint, Tanya Gaw and Ryan Penn).   Instead, unity is about getting all of us to fight as one with a common vision and direction – regardless of which banner we fight under.   It is a rhetorical question to ask why our current resistant leaders are only intent on promoting themselves and their own group(s). 

We have a number of feckless resistance leaders droning on with the mind-numbing mantra that building our army is only about violence.  These village idiots seem incapable of understanding an army is about building organization and discipline, something we are desperately lacking in the resistance.   An army is about building centralized command, information and communication channels/infrastructure, also things we are desperately lacking in the resistance.  An army is about establishing priorities, issuing orders and working as one to achieve those priorities, more things we are desperately lacking in the resistance.   An army is about simultaneously coordinating actions in Canada with actions in many other countries of the world, something we cannot even think about doing right now.  An army is about mobilizing our large-scale numbers to literally overwhelm our enemy worldwide; something that requires we build a vast organizational infrastructure.  An army from the street is about creating the only organization that can protect us, the little people from the street, against the relentless onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism.   So ask yourself, why do such feckless resistance leaders only equate an army to violence but never equate it to all those other critical things (e.g. organization, discipline, infrastructure, common vision) we need to win this war?

I am amused by our resistance leaders who are worried that building our army will get us on Trudeau’s radar. If we are not on his radar then we are not a threat to this tyranny. If we are not prepared to build an army then all we have to offer is our defeat.  We face the global army of Technocracy and Transhumanism. If our leaders have a better idea of how to defeat our enemy’s global army then speak up, otherwise shut up and commit to building our own army from the street. Uniting the street and building our army is our only hope of defeating this tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism.

Uniting the street is like riding a bicycle; you are either doing it or you are not.   Try finding a single group in Canada that is riding this bicycle, that is, trying to unite the street to build our army along with a common vision of how we can defeat this behemoth of Technocracy and Transhumanism.  You will not find such a group.  Indeed, over the past year, I have gotten nothing but resistance from our resistance groups to the idea of uniting the street and building our army.   

The covid fraud stole and destroyed the only three things that were of value to me.  I have no dependents.  I am estranged from all family; they are covid zombies and sheep.  I am 64 this month and feel the creep of old age.  My resources are bare and limited.  I am still fighting alone after two years of this tyranny.  In Quebec, we expect the hammer will fall after the elections in October.   Things are going to get much worse.  I am now asking why I should stand against this tyranny alone, as all of us in the resistance have been doing and seem intent on continuing to do. What is the point of the coming struggle and sacrifice if it means doing so alone and in vain?  The only thing that would keep me from leaving is a united front from our resistance groups, knowing we stand together, fighting as one.   To repeat, this is not happening and we remain heavily fragmented and disorganized.  For me, this is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back and what beckons me to leave. I will not wish our resistance groups good luck.   If they are not prepared to build our army then there is no amount of luck that will win this war for them.

Catch you on the flip side,