It is official, medical segregation has come to Quebec

The Quebec “Re-opening Plan” is an Orwellian slogan that does no such thing.  What it does do is to officially legitimize the segregation of the vaxxed from the unvaxxed.   Pay close attention to the last paragraph on the government web site:

Reduced requirements for masks and distancing in public places or events for people vaccinated with 2 doses and depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.  

This is, officially, the start of segregating the vaxxed from the unvaxxed.  If you have any doubts then this will definitely erase them. Quebec will impose the vaccine passports on us. With segregation and the vaccine passports Legault has made clear his intentions, those who do not comply with his dictates are to be ostracized from society. Legault is a puppet of the elite criminals.

Recall how 2-3 weeks of lockdowns to “flatten the curb” was slowly transformed into 16 months of lockdowns, curfews and 24/7 omnipresent coercive covid propaganda to get vaxxed?   In the same way, segregation starts small and then will quickly increment.  What Legault is officially stating is that, as of now, it is official policy that the unvaxxed are to be treated differently from the vaxxed.   This is the start of segregation, a medically based apartheid.

Quebec is not “re-opening” and anyone who believes this is an abject idiot, a covid zombie.  Legault and his cronies are offering nothing more than a temporary and mild relaxation of oppressive and fraudulent covid restrictions.  Legault is taking a lot of heat for destroying the middle class, small business and the Quebec economy.  Legault knows the common man/woman is getting really pissed off and are now actively challenging the covid fraud.   Legault needs some time to recoup and to try to regain the initiative.  Relaxing the fraudulent covid measures is designed to give him that time, time to prepare for even more severe lockdowns and oppressive measures.   We can be absolutely certain they are coming this winter.

Quebec has just dropped a bombshell.  If you are not already listening then you had better start now.  Quebec will NOT lift the fraudulent emergency health measures.  It has just made it official policy that the segregation of the vaxxed from the unvaxxed has begun.