So tell me, what are you going to do?

You recognize the covid fraud but you have no one to turn to and talk with.  You are inundated with government covid propaganda everywhere you go.  Billboard signs everywhere mendaciously proclaim utter nonsense such as “We are all in this together”.  Even a walk in the park becomes an ordeal with covid signs mocking you every quarter of a kilometer and covid enforcement cadets on bicycles regularly passing you by.  You feel alone and isolated.  Your job, livelihood and family are now being threatened because you refuse the dangerous experimental injections.  Each day becomes a dreaded ordeal as you try to hide this from your employer, your colleagues, coercive family doctors and all others who would force the dangerous jabs and other fraudulent emergency health measures on you.  You are now in constant conflict with family members who have been brainwashed into parroting, amongst so many other falsehoods, the false and perverse idea that a healthy person is somehow a danger to society.  You see the walls are rapidly closing in on you and you know in your heart you will not be able to continue hiding for much longer. 

A virus does not discriminate between the mouth, nose and eyes.  Your frustration mounts because you cannot reason with the covid zealots who willingly wear the face diaper in public places while leaving their eyes completely unprotected.  You now hear there is a small but growing chorus that the unvaxxed, those who refuse to take the dangerous experimental injections, have been treated to leniently so more forceful measures must be used to coerce them into getting the dangerous experimental injections. No vax, no food, is what you read and hear. The people chanting this chorus will vehemently argue they are against slavery, the apartheid that was South Africa and the apartheid that is now Palestine.  Hypocritically, they have no remorse about enforcing comparable segregationist policies of apartheid on the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. 

The vaxxed, those who have receive the dangerous experimental injections, have begun dying and suffering debilitating injuries in increasingly large numbers, all caused by the jabs.  In their fear, stupidity and ignorance, they are beginning to lash out at you, the unvaxxed, as being the cause of their plight. Government has implicitly, and in some cases explicitly, encouraged this despicable way of thinking. 

You were initially told you could return to normal if people consented to one experimental injection.  Then you were told it had to be two injections. Are you one of those who acquiesced, without even a whimper, to prove you were a good citizen?  If so then the reward for your servile compliance is you are told annual injections and “boosters” will likely be required, along with more lockdowns and restrictions.  The fiction of pathogenic virus variants means all your servile compliance has been for naught. 

Are you one of the vaxxed? If so then there is a more ominous concern you face, one that will continue to grow and gnaw at the darkness of your fears.  As more is learned about the technology in the experimental injections, you are finally coming to acknowledge they contain dangerous toxins and technology that can slowly injure and/or kill you, the assurance that more injections increases the probability of this happening sooner than later.  The somber realization finally begins to sink in that you are a human guinea pig and you are being experimented on.  Government and pharmaceuticals deny the dangers, much like government and industry denied smoking and leaded gasoline were dangerous. But the death and injury numbers amongst the vaxxed are leaking out and you cannot quell that sinking, nauseous gut feeling that something is very, very wrong.  The insult on top of all of this is that you will be forced to continue abiding with most if not all fraudulent emergency health measures, along with all the dirty unvaxxed.  Sure, you might get a temporary exemption to a vaxxed only restaurant, a vaxxed only gym or vaxxed only movie theatre.  But once the full force of lockdowns and restrictions are imposed again this winter, they will also apply to you.  If you refuse the new jabs and boosters coming down the road then you will be back to square one, at par and segregated along with the dirty unvaxxed.  It is only a matter of when you will finally recognize your government and leaders have been lying to you.  This is your new normal and you have been complicit in allowing it happen. 

If you are an adult then you are not the target of the elite criminals. Whether you live or die is of no consequence to them. All that is demanded from you, until you die, is abject servile compliance. Your children are the targets, the real prey the elite criminals are hunting. Your children will be the transhumanist slaves of tomorrow, at least those that are deemed fit to live. You are your children’s role model. When you cower in submission and compliance before the dictates of the elite criminals, this is what your children see. When you fall to your knees and submit without a fight, this is your message to your children. Cowering the adult cowers the child. If you allow your child to get the experimental injections then you have failed your child.

Alberta and New Brunswick have just lifted all covid restrictions…for now.  Legault in Quebec is supposed to lift restrictions by the end of August.  You hope you will get a little breathing room, perhaps for a month, maybe two, before the omnipresent pressure to get vaxxed, conform and comply clamps down again, with all of its destructive impact on our lives and economy.  It will continue into next summer, into next winter, into the year after that and so on and so on. If you want to know what is coming to Canada this winter then look to Australia and New Zealand right now, with Australia experiencing its most severe lockdown.

The walls are closing in and you feel the suffocation.  Your fundamental freedoms, rights and liberties are trampled on and you know they are close to disappearing altogether.  You cannot hide, you cannot find refuge in another country because the same events are occurring all around the world.  

There are no knights in shining armor to rescue you from this nightmarish tyranny. There is no politician that will rise above our corrupt political system to restore your freedoms.  Your back is to the wall and you have nowhere to run or hide.  A solution to this tyranny will only come from you.  So tell me, what are you going to do?