To date, there is not a single scientific paper which proves the alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 (SC2) and its alleged variants have been isolated/purified and that they cause the alleged disease Covid-19 (C19). Proof of SC2 and C19 are as elusive as the Loch Ness monster and BigFoot!

This web site encourages any person to submit a research paper(s) which claims to have isolated SC2. If you think you have found one then please send it as an email attachment to info@VirusFraud.org. Please read the Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI) before submitting your paper. The paper you submit must include a detailed description of how the virus is isolated/purified. In addition, please explain how the techniques and/or methodology are different from those criticized in SOVI and how this difference substantiates the claim of virus isolation/purification.

The total number of research papers submitted to this website is shown below along with references to the actual research papers. This is a challenge to all those who unquestioningly believe in SC2 and C19. Go where the data leads!

Total number of submissions: 0

References to submissions: NONE